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AIS Technolabs is a product innovation custom application development company dedicated and focused on design, strategy, and development of intelligent and immersive app experiences that address business critical issues and drive growth outcomes. With enhanced design and development practices, we offer custom application development services that will improve your end user experience.

We offer Custom Application Development and consulting solutions to help our clients pull off their next project with less cost and less stress. We are experts in harnessing the technology to power you at every step of software development. From strategizing, discovery, to ongoing post-launch enhancement, we refine our expertise across multiple platforms and verticals successfully drive success and reduce risks no matter what are your project specifications.

Custom Application Development Company

Exceptionally Performing and Reliable

Custom Application Development Services

We are a custom app development company offering solutions that deliver exceptional performance and unmatched functionality without compromising on time and quality. We hold the potential to offer rich custom application design experiences and technical expertise to give your business know how a strong presence and success in the market.

Cloud Application Development

Working in the cloud implies always keeping your hands on pulse. Presently, the pace of life is fast like never before. Hence, we always have to be ready to react, wherever we are. We are a custom application design & development company in usa specializing in web application development for Cloud as well as Cloud migration. Our team of experts deploys web products to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Desktop and Web Application Development

Our expert web application developers partner with your entity to transform your business on the web. We offer you the best custom application development services that will always keep you a step ahead of your competitors. We employ the latest software development tools and platforms to achieve this. Also, we employ the latest project management techniques and engineering practices to offer you the best results.

Web and User Interface Design

We deliver great user experience, which is critical to the success of your project. Whether you have business software or web-based software, our UI team will create a mobile-friendly, professional, and responsive design for you. Our custom application development solutions are targeted to your audience, easy to use, highly effective, and responsive.

Scrum Software Development

We use incremental and iterative, Scrum software development technology to build efficient and fast projects. We use short time-boxed development cycles known as sprints to potentially ship functionality delivered. We ensure that our projects based on Scrum technology are able to successfully adapt to the constantly changing market conditions.

Waterfall Software Development

We are a reputed company renowned for using agile methodologies, but one size does not fit all models. Hence, we also practice using traditional waterfall model that works best for them. This methodology is an excellent way to successfully manage the projects, which are relatively small in duration or scope, with all non-functional and functional requirements defined in detail before the writing of the code.

Mobile Application Development

We are a custom app development company that exceeds the expectations of your mobile users. We create impactful mobile apps, which run flawlessly on different operating systems. Our mobile app development solutions come with rock-solid performance, stellar security, excellent usability, and next-gen functionality to deliver a thrilling experience to the users and add tangible value to your business.

Software Development Outsourcing

We are a trusted brand by numerous reputed entities, which has earned us a reputation as a reliable outsourcing partner with more than 450 software projects under the belt. You can hire our dedicated development team holding cross-domain expertise or boost your internal resources with the high skilled talent to develop a custom software product and combat the competition.

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Our Impeccable

Custom Application Development


With a resource of highly talented software developers and programmers, we offer cutting-edge and a high-quality development process that is tested thoroughly on multiple areas of software application development. Our custom software development process involves a series of steps including using suitable technologies, system planning, designing prototype, system implementation, multiple testing, after-sales support, product documentation, and more.

Some of the highlights of our custom application development company are:

Research and Development

Our research and development and software programming experts work with your business model to avoid unplanned expenditures and maximize the return on investments at every stage of software development. We offer complete support to validate the concept, define realistic expectations, and identify bottlenecks within the process.

  • We perform a competitive market analysis
  • We conduct feasibility studies and proof of concept
  • We find new business opportunities and monetization models
  • We drive business and technology innovations
  • We develop a multi-platform strategy
  • We craft secured and scalable roadmaps
  • We select the best-suited technology for your exclusive project

UI and UX Design

The interface design is extremely important to the success of any business or website. Our team delivers technologies that drive user adoption and satisfaction for your software with a vision to grow in the future. We perform in-depth user-centric analysis to augment the overall experience with your user needs and business goals. Also, it helps you make well-informed decisions for your offerings.

  • We map the user journey
  • We identify technical, business, or usability issues
  • We wireframe, mock-up, and practice prototype design
  • We set usability metrics
  • We deliver consistent user experience across numerous platforms
  • We offer a pixel-perfect and lightning fast user interface

We can help you win over the competition and boost revenue with
custom software app development solutions. Our solution expert would like to discuss your business needs and requirements to offer you the best outcome.

and Final Testing

We are engineering and quality experts that can reduce your costs and build custom software application development solutions, which are secure, scalable, and functional. We stay on board to help you roll out to new integrations and features that will increase your user volume.

  • We offer a flexible and robust back-end
  • We offer enterprise-grade information security
  • We develop powered continuous delivery process
  • We provide a full-fledged automation framework for mobile, API, and web testing
  • We practice end-to-end manual testing for functional derivatives, UI, and integration

Custom Application Design

FAQs – Your Queries Answered!

AIS –A custom software development solution can increase your business efficiency through automation of the process. With automated business processes, there is a minimum waste of time and resources. The software can help you modify the process to meet your business capabilities.

AIS –We rely on the best custom software development technologies to deliver solutions that are the best fit for your business. We can efficiently handle different projects and management styles and offer you solutions that are within your budget and exceed your expectations..

AIS –Yes, we practice open and transparent communication, which is a cornerstone of all our software projects. You will always be able to know what is happening on your project. We will stay in constant contact with the team and will move ahead once only you accept and approve our work at each step. We can provide you daily, weekly, or monthly updates based on your requirements.

AIS –A. The time taken to complete a project depends on your requirements, approval time, and other important details. Our process usually involves discovery, designing, planning, development, testing, and final delivery. Before we begin with a project we first evaluate and then define the delivery time accordingly.

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