iOS 10 App Development

The latest software development of Apple is the ios 10 app development feature. With the ios 10 dev, you can get more control over the use of your iPhone and iPad. At AIS Technolabs, we take pride in proclaiming us as an ios 10 developer which has started its services among a very few such providers in using this technology for our customers. We will create a whole lot of new categories of creations with the help of iOS 10. There are totally new features which are extremely exciting to use. As an ios 10 app developer, we will integrate these features for building rich experiences for our clients.

Major features that you will enjoy

For getting all the updated features of this software, we are open to serve our clients with our acquired expertise. Just contact us for your customized requirements.

iOS 10 App Developer services by typing with Siri

With the help of the Siri features, the interactive part with another user is further improved. Your present location will be shown to your friend when he uses the messages of Apple. Your number will also be displayed to your friend, when he wants to see it. It helps the users about the person with who is interacting. You can also get the options in a different language while you are typing in a different language in the midst of typing in a particular language.

Music Design through iOS 10 App Development

This feature will allow you to bring in more clarity to the experience of the music. The overall experience will be aesthetic. There has been a change in the design of the tabs which will allow you to have greater control. The downloading process has been improved and the streaming can be differentiated.

iOS 10 App Development
ios 10 app developer

App-hiding feature

There are many apps that arte provided by default by Apple. With the advent of iOS 10, you can remove or delete these apps if you feel so. I they are require again, they can be reloaded through App Store. The screen can become free with the deletion of the icons which are relieving to many users. A few of the apps which are the basic ones for using the device are the ones that cannot be deleted.

Help to generate smart home

Using the advanced features of iOS 10, we can create apps for you that will help you to connect with the security system of your home. There will be direct connectivity with the CCTV cameras, locks, doorbell, etc. Other hardware will not be required to do this.

iOS 10 App Development
iOS 10 App Development

Control-Center improvement

The look of e Control Center has been bettered further. Some of the features have been kept on the main screen. Others have been moved to the other screens. AirPlay has been shifted to a new page in the Music Control section. It has been renamed as Airplay Screen. The activation of the Night-Control has become much easier than before. They have larger buttons that help in the activation process in the front. The section for the Music control can be reached by a single swipe towards the left. If you swipe for a second time, you will reach the HomeKit Control Center. This will help you to reach to the accessories at one go.

Responsive notifications

The readability of the notifications has been improved greatly. You will be able to see the notifications and the updates without the unlocking of the phones. Just pressing the notifications will let you read the previews. Another new feature has been added. Once you take the device in your hands, immediately the content on the display will become visible.

ios 10 app developer
OS 10 App Development

Voicemail transcription

This is another new feature that iOS 10 has brought for the users. Whenever a person calls, the devices will transcript it into the form of text. This will enable to get the information without unlocking the phone. There are developer hooks that will allow other apps such as Whats App for showing the incoming calls and the standard options such as the Reminders and Messaging.

Creation of news sections

This will help you to get sorted news. This also helps in getting the subscriptions for these news items. There is also instant display of the Breaking News items. Any call that would be coming in would be automatically checked to see whether the call is a spam call or not.

iOS 10 App Development
iOS 10 App Development

Music Renovation

There has been a large benefit for music lovers. There are increased options for the users in the library menu. This can also be customized as per choice. Weekly updates are also available on the New Music list as per the taste of the user.

Facial recognition in the Photo Apps

The Photo apps that get generated for you will be having the feature for facial recognition. With the help of this feature, the device recognizes all the common elements such as scenes, mountains, animals, faces, etc. Whenever a photo is taken, it is identified if a similar photo has been taken recently. Automatically a slide show is generated with these photos and accompanying background music.

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