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If you are still using old apps for your business, it is time for up gradation. If you are using the old iOS apps, they may not give the effects as the modern iOS 8 app extensions framework. You can enjoy great features that will make your app more acceptable to your customers. This is a great opportunity for you. You should grab this and improve upon the apps that you use.

You will be able to stay ahead of your rivals through the enticing features of the apps through ios 8 application development that can be availed by embracing iOS 8 developers services offered by us. We have been serving the industry for more than 5 years and have already designed more than 500 applications.


to Go for ios 8 Apps

When you go for the Apple iOS 8 apps development, you will get to enjoy many amazing features that you could not have thought of before. These additional features which are of a new level will help you to reach greater heights of your business.

The biggest advantage of this version is that using Apple OS 8 helps you to share data seamlessly with other applications and also establish a free flowing communication channel with them.

All the probable barriers that had been present that had hindered scalability of operations have been removed to create a strong and sturdy application.

We are rated among the most

preferred iOS 8 developers

We at AIS Technolabs will design the mobile applications in Apple OS 8. We are rated among the most preferred iOS 8 developers .With the advent of the current technology, we have been able to bring in greater high end graphics with superb audio features that are packaged with the games. There are quite a few additional features in this version that would be quite encouraging for the game developers.

iOS 8 Developers

Our iOS 8 developers have great expertise on this modern iOS framework. You will not be able to imagine the power of captivation of the apps developed by them. They have already created hundreds of apps for our different clients who are constantly getting benefitted through their creations. It is not only their technical knowledge that matters. They are also highly creative persons that give them the capability of conceptualizing these eye-catchy applications. Most of them have been serving us since we had started our journey. They are our core strength in the business. This is why we always strive to retain them so that we can give better services to you.

iOS 8 App Extensions

There are different ways in which we can create the iOS 8 app extensions for you. They may appear as widgets. New buttons can be added on to the Action sheet. These will allow the creation of photo filters within the photo apps. The keyboard can be customized with the implementation of this feature. We can help you use the power of the app wherever you need it the most.

What Type Of
Experience Do We Offer

We are offering the following types of unique experience through our Apple IOS app developments:

  • Our clients can use the application extensions such as Share, Photo Editing Etc.
  • Applications become more secure with the usage of touch ID
  • It is integrated with Healthkit for rendering health services
  • The language offers Swift programming which is progressive for developments
  • There are additional features incorporated with regards to games such as Scenekit
  • These apps are compatible with older versions of the Apple OS like the versions of Apple OS and other below options

Services of iOS 8 app development

  • iOS 8 web development
  • Customized Apple IOS 8 app developments
  • Game development through Apple IOS 8
  • Customized marketing applications that are very effective
  • Upgradation of lower version apps to the Apple IOS 8 level
  • Presently existing Apple OS apps can be redesigned with this version
  • Conversion of Android platform into Apple OS 8
  • App development for the enterprise
  • Rebuilding of the existing applications in Swift

These Apps Will Have The
Following Special Features

In case you are still using the older versions of Apple OS,
it is time to upgrade your apps to the iOS 8 platform. You can boost up your business revenues quite easily.

  • You Can Control The Camera Manually
  • Homekit
  • TouchID
  • Cloudkit
  • Photokit
  • Healthkit
  • Handoff

Enjoyed By Clients

There Are Several Benefits That Will Be Enjoyed By The Clients Through The Usage Of IOS 8

  • These apps are all modern having certain features that will help you meet all the immediate business needs in a most cost-effective manner.
  • The new futures of this version will enable you in new client acquisition. These clients may be inclined to go for a newer business segment.
  • The pricing will be dependent on the methods that are to be implemented. This is fixed with the discussion of the business objectives with the customers.
  • We will take up full responsibility for the functioning of the apps smoothly for our clients.

Reason For
Popularity Of This
Version Of Apple OS

Following are the major reasons for the popularity of the current iOS 8 version’s popularity:

  • The services that are offered are greatly enhanced.
  • The tracking methods and the data collection features stand improved.
  • The features offered by this version helps in the promotion of the business to a great extent.
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