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Our Development Methodology

Select The Best Development Methodology For Your Best Results
At AIS Technolabs, we are constantly striving to supply the best IT-based solutions for our clients. We try to understand the requirement of our clients and prepare the solutions as per the defined objectives within the time frame and allowed budget provisions.
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This entire processing of getting to know your business requirement, planning, formulating and the execution of the project to get the desired targets is done by us through a development method that is in line with your requirement. Though there are many of Our development methodology, we choose the one which is the aptest to your business requirements.
Development Methodologies in Practice
Agile Model
In this method , the activities are divided based on time frames. The entire job is broken down into individual parts. Each of these parts is individually set up as modules. This is a methodical approach as when all the individual parts are put together in sequence; the final result is achieved. The objective is reached through the constant interaction among the single points of communication, both from our side and the client’s end. In this streamlined approach, when there is a prefixed path of work, this is the most suitable choice.The whole package is rendered with increased flexibility.
Scrum Development Model
In this model, the pace of working in teams is much faster when there is need of working with certain programming languages and technologies. This is one of the best approaches if the project is a complex one. Here roles are very specific in this model. As per requirement of the situation, the team takes required decisions and no fixed time frame is adhered to. It is a very useful methodology where the approach is flexible yet focused. All persons work as a single team having the common objective in mind. This methodology creates better business results, and targets are achieved quickly.
Test Driven Model
This development model is like the repetition of the short development sequences. It is very helpful for the improvement of the verification results. There are frequent tests that are to be conducted during the entire process of development. The information which flows from us will be following a loop back system. The clients can make alterations in the applications with ease. There will be no need to break these applications and stop the daily operations. In the case of the rise of business requirements, you can upgrade your application so very easily.
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Waterfall Model
This is a very popular development model. The method implied in this model is a straight line path in a sequential format. A single phase is completed in totality and then moves on to the next sequence. Every sequence has individual deadlines that are to be met. This model is suitable for both the small and the large scale industries. Once the steps are met, there are no changes of going back for making changes. This method helps to create a specific documentation which is very useful during the implementation of the software. The customers can easily calculate the project costs and is very useful for testing purposes.
Spiral Model
This model has huge popularity in the development field. It is very useful for the larger and high budgeted projects. There are 4 stages to this model. They are the planning stage followed by risk analysis. The last 2 stages are engineering followed by customer valuation. AIS Technolabs provides the maximum benefit to its clients through this method. It is very supportive of the continual up gradation depending on newer challenges that are to be met. In the case of any alteration, the same can be included during any stage. The clients are made to be involved in individual steps. They get more of ownership and control of the project.