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What is PhoneGap App Development Company?

Future of Mobile App Development

AIS Technolabs is known as one of the best Phonegap app development companies. We have a team of highly professional and dedicated Phonegap app developers, who believe to understand all our client’s business requirements and integrate advanced functionalities into the cross platform based solutions that includes GPS, navigation, and chat server integration. We choose the right strategies and tools as well technologies, that allow us to deliver the high functional secure Phonegap app solutions for different platforms that ensure you to stay ahead of the competitive edge.

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Why to Choose Phonegap Mobile App Development?

With the right strategies, PhoneGap Mobile app development services allow you to deliver the robust, high performance,and secure solutions in the market. Mid to Large enterprises prefer to opt for this technology as it helps to save the huge amount of time and efforts of the developers. The PhoneGap Application development allows you to deliver the applications with one source code on different platforms and with its supported modern technologies – it offers several benefits such as better access to the Native API’s, cost effectiveness, support of large community base as well as flexible web technologies, and robust backend support.

With our PhoneGap developers, design the applications that run smoothly and also deliver high performance to the users that increase user satisfaction. We have delivered a wide range of enterprise mobility solutions that are based on scalable and secure attributes. In order to deliver top notch solutions, we focus to integrate advanced functionalities that allows you to stay ahead in the market competition.

How does PhoneGap Mobile App Development Serve my Purpose?

With PhoneGap application development, entities can leverage the extensive number of benefits as it is cross platform compatible and they don’t have to build solutions for distinct platforms such as Android, iOS, and web. It helps to save a huge amount of time and efforts of the developers. Phonegap framework supports full compatibility with the different solutions and provides smooth native experience to the users.

Saves time and efforts

PhoneGap development allows you to save a huge amount of time and efforts of the developers as it allows them to launch and build one code for different platforms. It is highly compatible for different devices.

Open Source Attribute

This technology is based on the open source that allows programmers to leverage the benefits of the open source technology. Due to open source, it used to be updated with the latest trends as well as coders can modify it as per their project requirement.

Strong Backend Development

PhoneGap technology supports strong backend development. It is built with the trending web technologies that includes CSS, Javascript, and HTML that allows them to build strong backend functionalities that delivers high performance.

Supports Plugins

PhoneGap app development supports multiple plugin integration that allows to integrate different features easily and boost productivity.

Easy to Maintain

PhoneGap solutions are easy to maintain and can be easily updated without much effort. They are easy to read as well as maintain as per the latest market trends.

Native App Experience

PhoneGap offers a native app experience to the users that allow them to browse the applications as per the Android and iOS developed solutions. It provides a similar experience in terms of performance and functionalities.

Easy Development

The PhoneGap technology supports easy development processes. Applications are developed with the basic programming languages such as HTML,CSS, and Javascript. Developers are already proficient with this process that allows them to build solutions easily without any extra efforts.

Supports End to end Development

PhoneGap applications work similar as native platforms and also need maintenance, and include all attributes such as development, designing, testing, and maintenance. But for multiple platforms one code can be supported.

Supports Library

Phonegap supports tons of libraries that makes the development process far easier and also boost the productivity of the programmers that allows them to save huge amounts of time and integrate multiple features that enhance user experience.

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PhoneGap App Development Services offered by AIS Technolabs

From custom development to migration as well as maintenance, we focus to meet all your business objectives. We are known to deliver robust and secure solutions with the best industry practices that ensures us to build strong relationships with our clients. With decades of experience and proper consultation, we deliver high performance and quality based solutions that meet your customer’s expectations.

Custom PhoneGap App Development

Our PhoneGap app programmers have decades of experience of developing custom and high functional hybrid applications that allows you to launch applications on different devices with single source code that run smoothly and meet industry standards.

PhoneGap Migration App Services

We allow you to migrate your solution from one PhonGap to another and from another to PhoneGap as per your choice and business strategies. With experts, we deliver data from one platform to another easily and without losing any data in the process.

PhoneGap App Programming

The AIS Technolabs team have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on the different supported PhoneGap app programming languages that includes basic HTML,CSS, Javascript in order to deliver the advanced functionality based experience.

We also keep us updated with the latest technologies and frameworks that help us to boost productivity.

PhoneGap Plugins Development

We allow you to leverage the benefits of the PhoneGap plugin development that allows you to enhance app functionalities easily and with less effort that helps to save huge amounts of time and allow you to launch successful solutions in the market.

PhoneGap API Development

Our PhoneGap development team is specialised with the third party API integration services that allows them to add functionalities via API and reduce efforts to build the specific feature from scratch.

PhoneGap App Testing Services

In order to launch the successful solutions in the market, we test different solutions with several stages that includes manual to unit testing as it allows us to detect and fix the errors at the early stage in aspects of functional as well as testing attributes.

PhoneGap Support and Maintenance

In order to meet the latest trends and customer needs, we provide you the full support and maintenance services that allows you to maintain the applications for the longer run.

PhoneGap UI/UX Solutions

With the right designing strategies, we create interactive and intuitive designs with the trending marketing strategies such as 3D animations and typography. Our designers are highly proficient in delivering easy to use and integrate advanced designing trends.

Prototype and Wireframe Development

To launch the successful and robust PhoneGap solutions, our team offers prototype and Wireframe development services that allows you to identify the idea of your business project and you can figure out the major challenges to overcome.

Server Side API Integration

We allow you to integrate server side API to the solutions, that allows you to match all your enterprises needs and also make the system more secure, strong, and robust that ensures you integrate advanced features to meet different demands.

PhoneGap Consultation Services

For delivering the successful PhoneGap app solutions, we offer you effective PhoneGap Consultation services that help entities to strategize future business goals and choose the right technologies for the development process that delivers high performance and leverages the advanced technological benefits.

Hire PhoneGap Developers

Our PhoneGap app development team offers flexible hiring models to opt for the best developers as per your choice on the basis of part time, full time, and hourly basis. We have designed the hiring model in such a way that allows you to hire best industry developers, as per your project requirement.

Why Choose AIS as your Phonegap App Development Company?

We are renowned as the best Phonegap app development company across the world as we deliver effective PhoneGap apps with the collaborative approach and right selection of the tools and technologies that helps you to streamline the development process that avoid future failures and also allow you to meet different business goals.

Our team of experts have proven their track record of delivering end to end Phonegap solutions that offer high performance, high quality, and interactive user interface that satisfy our customer’s needs. We build solutions with the motive that increase your productivity as well as profit margins,and also offer native based experience to the users.

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