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PhoneGap is an open source application development framework that builds cross-platform development for mobile apps using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. Moreover, PhoneGap Development helps in building apps for devices such as Android, iPhone, window phone and they usually require different languages as well as frameworks.

PhoneGap is the solution for uses standard based web technology to link between mobile devices and web applications. AIS Technolabs, with its expert team of PhoneGap developers and experience of PhoneGap technology, has a firm grip over transforming your mobile apps into the app that works flawlessly on all mobile devices. With the passing years of experience, we have gained vast popularity amongst prospective clients. They will develop PhoneGap for your mobile apps so that they can be able to run on phone app platforms such as Viziapps, Convertigo, appMobi, and Worklight, etc. To avail the assistance of PhoneGap app development, we are the best option for you.

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We work on web technologies with full potential in order to develop vigorous mobile apps on PhoneGap for cross platforms. With our experienced technical experts, we develop extremely cutthroat apps.

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PhoneGap Mobile Application Development

PhoneGap Plugin Development

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Cross platform development

At AIS Technolabs, our team has advanced knowledge and broad experience. There is a need for cross-platform app development so that apps become compatible with other platforms as well. With our passionate Cross Platform developer’s team, we claim to be the immortal in the professional domain. AIS Technolabs is one of the leading company in PhoneGap application development. We, at AIS Technolabs, render the most powerful support and maintenance to our clients. Given below are the outstanding reasons why you choose us for PhoneGap development:

PhoneGap Developers

We have skilled developers that have a firm hold over their expert areas. You can easily trust our experienced developers without any doubts. The apps created by us are totally free from bugs and provides profits in your business. We commit providing you the best quality apps.

Multiple platform Apps

As different mobile devices includes different operating systems, the apps must be flexible enough to function on all frameworks. So, in order to get rid out of this problem, we build apps that will run on multiple platforms.

Nominal downtime

Nominal downtime is necessary for the achievement of online business. Our skilled developers aim to execute their target projects within a given deadline. Moreover, we add value to the whole project without being delayed.

Client’s Significance

Being leading in the PhoneGap development area, we make use of best approaches. Nothing is more important for us than fulfilling the requirements of the client.

Persuasive Applications

Whether the project is small or large, we take care of every aspect from scratch. Basically, we develop apps that are quite influential and persuasive.

Inexpensive solutions

For building strong and long term relations with our clients, we build affordable solutions. Our rates are very reasonable and numerous.

Matchless proficiency

AIS Technolabs, as one of the top PhoneGap development company, has proud of its proficient team of skilled professionals. They are also expert in building highly functional applications on a large scale.

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AIS Technolabs through its services of PhoneGap development with high skilled developers aims to offer feature-rich and high performing PhoneGap solutions along with the best user experience to the industry. If you are searching a high proficient PhoneGap developer, then contact us as we provide the best services. AIS Technolabs prides on its group of devoted PhoneGap developers along with its services. In this competitive web industry, developing cross-platform applications has become a necessity. We provide the best experience to our end users. PhoneGap development is beneficial in many ways.

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Scalable PhoneGap Apps

We are PhoneGap Development Company, which have designed and developed various applications across the assorted business arena. Our Company aims to offer feature-rich and high performing PhoneGap solutions along with the best user experience to the industry. The whole process of development is mentioned step by step

  • Project Understanding

    First of all, we gather the requirement, discuss it in detail and also clarify if any doubt occurs regarding the project. The whole process is done for understanding the concept of the project.

  • Planning & Prototyping

    In this step, we perform feasibility analysis by making a prototype of the requirements and then, proper planning is done before proceeding to the development or design phase.

  • UI & Graphic designing

    During this step, various design strategies, screens and PSDs are crafted.

  • Optimization & Development

    After designing UI, our developers help in creating algorithms, backend modules and functional elements required for the development work.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance is performed after making the first draft. It is mandatory for assuring the draft to be free from bugs.

  • Launch the project

    Then, at last, the first draft is being revealed to the client. After approval and other requirement changes, we launch the whole project and give the final delivery to the client.

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The various services provided by us are as follows:

  • 1. Our company provides an entire mobile solution for your
  • 2. Using PhoneGap, we can be able to develop plugins.
  • 3. We help in creating a mobile edition of your existing online
  • 4. Our skilled developers help in creating customized apps in order to
    meet the requirement of your business.
  • 5. Our esteemed developers also help in redesigning the existing
    mobile apps.

PhoneGap is a framework for software development by Adobe system that is used for developing mobile apps. For developing apps using PhoneGap, the developer needs to have knowledge about web development languages such as CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript.

PHP is a server-side scripting language whereas PhoneGap is a mobile application development framework. You can use PHP on the server side by making PHP file and connecting it with PhoneGap using Ajax call in JavaScript file.

  • 1. For iPhone users, the native programming language used is Objective C and Swift.
  • 2.For Android users, the native programming language used is Java.
  • 3.Hybrid apps are developed using CSS, HTML5 & JavaScript.

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