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to Build Feature-Rich Poker Game

Nowadays, the online gambling market has grown significantly, and people are searching for new quick ways of entertainment. Thus, our poker developers have been working hard to make the best poker games to the animated virtual world. AIS Technolabs brings you the most effective and advanced poker script to boost your online poker business. Our online poker script is easy to use for you and the players. We provide you the best white label poker solution added with numerous benefits so that players can play a lot and get new experiences.

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Build Feature-Rich Poker Script

Features Of Our PHP Poker Script For Successful Poker Site

Our PHP poker script is available for Android, iOS, and web platforms. It consists of essential features for admin and end users. Player session data, Notification, Chat, private room for players, Store for buying chips, multi-table tournaments, and many more. All these features come at an affordable price with a real online gambling license.

Features for the Admin Panel

Administration Control Panel
Admin Dashboard
Manage User
Game Management
Payment System
Deposit and Withdrawal
Chips Management
Game Setting
Private Table
Rake / Admin Commission
All Chips Report
Rake Limit

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Features for the Players

Profile Management

Players can manage the details like name, profile picture, language, and many other things related to personal information under profile management features.

Chat Room

Players can talk with other players during the gameplay using text or emojis.

Add Friends

Adding friends to the friend list adds a bonus to player accounts and gives them access to create a lobby or room to play with friends.

Money Deposit and Withdraw

Our poker script comes with an anti-fraud detection system, which creates a secure environment to deposit and withdraw money for the players.

Get Help

the players can get help from the application support team related to application issues.

Game History

It allows players to check their data related to previous games like the number of games played, the number of times a player won or lose, money invested or won and others.

Additional Features of Our Poker Script

Club Management

Using the club management feature, admin can have club managers create clubs and then add or remove members from the Club/groups. And also able to customize lobby, game tables, set the club session’s time duration, and many more.

Authorized Poker Script

Our poker script has a global serving ability with rich compatibility and features. The script is passed by many other game testing certified bodies.

Random Number Generator

We follow the globally accepted RNG algorithm that is certified by the top gaming licence and RNG certification provider.

Host Unlimited Tables and Players

With the Poker Game Source Code’s help, the clients can easily create unlimited tournament tables and have unlimited players within the setup.

Live Video

Features allow synchronized video chat with players who are currently playing on the table. Players are also able to enable/disable their video chat mode.

Multi-language Support

Our script supports multi-language, which gives the player the freedom to use the application in their preferred language.

In-Built Game Engine

Our poker script comes with an inbuilt game engine that handles all the game logic and other data sets. You don’t need to pay money for any third party game engine.

Progressive Web App

We have huge expertise in building web apps having fast loading pages. Our Poker script comes with an option of PWA so users can have an app in their phones without going through hassles of the app stores.

Omaha Hi-Lo

We provide you the Omaha Hi-Lo, a popular variation of Omaha poker game, which is one of the most popular game variations across the globe.

Agent Module

Admin can create four-module of agent which are Super Admin, Agent (Master), Sub Agent, child agent, rake commission is shared between agents and admin and further between agent and sub agent and so on. Rake sharing percentage is decided by the admin.

100% Browser-Based

Our 100% Browser-Based Poker PHP Script is fully compatible with almost hosting platforms like PHP 5.4/5.6 + 1 and MySQL DB and works on all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. including tablets and mobile phones.

Full Statistics Tracking

Like any other professional poker site, our dedicated poker engine helps the client’s players track their statistics, allies, wins, biggest wins, folds, and so much more. It also helps to analyze and improve their skills with ease.

Professional Poker Engine

We already know that the engine of Poker Game Script is powered by PHP Poker. It is because of that the Poker PHP Script has become a standard in creating and hosting “for fun” poker websites in the market since 2008.

Advantages of Our Poker Source Code

Our Poker Source Code plays a vital role while making changes in the game. So AIS Technolabs poker script developers provide the privilege of accessing the Poker Source Code to the clients. By getting full details of our Poker Game Source Code, the clients can easily control their poker gaming platform. AIS Technolabs poker script comes with multiple advantages: saving your time and money and making it the right option for your startup or small and large enterprises. Below are the advantages of our solution.

Save Your Time
Own Your Code
Pay in Installment
Pure HTML 5
Built With Unity 3D

Our Poker Gaming Solutions

Poker Gaming Solutions

Buy Poker Script
With Upgradation & Customized Features

When the clients purchase our Poker Source Code, then they will get instant access to their copy and license. Clients have to download their copy, upload it to their hosting and install it all in just 5 minutes. We also provide upgradation and customization services to our buyers across USA, Canada, UK, European countries and other. Under these services, buyers can upgrade, add, or remove features from the application. We apply CI/CD process for further enhancements and upgradation of the poker script.

  • Under Upgradation, We Do : Theme Upgrade, Sound upgrade, Animation Upgrade, Graphics Upgrade, Visual Upgrade.
  • Under Customization, We Do : The script is 100% customizable. So you can change the script according to your needs at an affordable cost. We also provide you facilities like custom design, technical support whenever you want and updates for the poker Script.

Why Choose

Our Multiplayer Poker Script?

Our multiplayer Poker Script is a ready to rollout solution for beginning your online poker business in a brief span.The platform offers a full suite of tools, high quality design, sounds, animation and highlights to pull in new players. We applied docker at the server side to provide better security, scalability, and easy portability. Our poker script back-end system is created using Node.js, socket.io and MongoDB for the fast and better calculation of data. We are one of the most trusted poke script providers to offer world-class solutions to our customers with reliable and latest applications. Connect with our team today and share your requirements.