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The smartphone and the internet has completely revolutionized the way we talk, communicate, interact and transact with others. These modern marvels of technology have made our lives easier, with information and communication at our fingertips and in our pockets. Modern communication on through the smartphone is popular through texting and chatting apps, with major ones having installation bases of over one billion, and growing at an ever-faster rate; as more and more people are opening up and accepting the smartphone not just as a technological device but as a way of life. Unfortunately, these apps are a dime a dozen in the app marketplaces such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. AIS Technolabs allows you to create customized apps like Pop Messenger, with complete access to the source code. AIS Technolabs does not clone these apps, but develops the source code from scratch, tailor-made to your exacting requirements.

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Pop Messenger App Clone Script Source Code

Why Should You Get the

Pop Messenger Clone App?

Almost all messaging apps in the market is dependent on some form of internet connectivity to communicate with each other. However, the internet is made of small ‘blocks’ of computing devices within a network, connected either through a local area network or a city-wide area network; usually provided by the ISP. The Pop Messenger Clone App is designed to use the local and wide area network connectivity to send messages to friends and colleagues over this network. The primary benefit of such a system is that it does not clog up the internet traffic at the ISP point, allowing users to use their internet connectivity at its optimal speed, while also being connected to their peers. In addition, the app has multiple other features such as the ability to send and receive images, videos, audio files, drawings and doodles, and the ability to not only chat through a textual medium, but also face-to-face utilizing the inbuilt cameras of modern-day smartphones. Apart from these aforementioned features, AIS Technolabs can develop myriad features for the app to satiate your needs completely.

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What are the Benefits
of a Pop Messenger Clone App?

The Pop Messenger Clone Script has various important features as the standard feature set. These features include:


Graphical Chat

The Pop Messenger App allows for a unique and graphical way to chat and communicate with friends, family, colleagues and peers. The system allows your ideas to be converted to background images, patterns and text that can be sent directly using the app. In addition, to ensure that the chat messages are lively, it also has the option to integrate images with text, giving a fresh dimension to chatting and interacting with people.


Multiple Message Broadcasting

Almost all chat apps are built for one-on-one communication, with singular and private conversation being the mainstay of the apps. However, in certain situations, it is necessary to send the same information to a wide group of people. This is particularly helpful for businesses and other organizations who want to send messages and updates to their customers at the same time. The Pop Messenger Clone App allows for multiple broadcasting of the same message, allowing for improved user interaction through a single interface.


Group Chatting

Group chat has always been the mainstay of online communication systems. The oldest forms of the social networks such as dial-up bulletin board systems and newsgroups allowed for group chatting, with people naturally forming groups based on their fields of interest like music, games, sports, computers and so on. Even the precursors to modern-day messaging apps, the Internet Relay Chat, was primarily a real-time group-chatting solution. With the proliferation of modern social networks, one-to-one chatting has become the mainstay, but more and more people are looking for group-chatting solutions to communicate. The Pop Messenger App not only allows you to join and create groups based on interests, but also create groups with friends, colleagues, alumni, family members and other like-minded individuals easily.


Message Broadcast without App

The Pop Messenger Clone App is built using open tools that can interact with third-party chatting apps even if friends and family members do not have the app installed on their smartphones, the Pop Messenger Clone App can deliver messages to those smartphones directly as well.

With the world moving closer and closer, it is imperative for businesses to build customized solutions for their customers and consumers, facilitating communication and interaction between them, The Pop Messenger Clone App from AIS Technolabs lets your business take the benefits of this modern way of life and improve interaction not only between the business and its consumers, but among the consumers themselves.

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Local Network Chat

The Pop Messenger Clone App uses the local area network or wide area network to communicate, and can also work without a working internet connection. Even today, large parts of the world do not have high quality internet infrastructure, and the Pop Messenger App is a boon for these locations, since it does not interfere with internet traffic; thereby keeping network congestion low, as well as lowering the total network traffic costs.