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What is React native mobile app development?

React Native is capable of formulating a rich mobile user interface from its declarative components. Thus, businesses have intuitive cross-platform mobile apps. In React Native mobile app development, a single code is used between several platforms that allow faster time to develop the mobile app.

We at AIS Technolabs always leverage all the outstanding features of React Native that helps to build intuitive cross-platform mobile applications. Our Company always offers high-quality services to make long-term relationships with the clients, starting from scratch to support and maintain. Our React Native developers are capable of creating React Native Mobile apps for diverse industries. Hence, they produce extraordinary React Native Mobile App across different domains and deliver incredible products to our clients.

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react native mobile app development

How to find the best React Native mobile app development for Android and iOS in 3 simple steps?

1. Inquire about React native mobile app development at AIS

You can inquire at AIS Technolabs about React native mobile app development. You can contact us on phone calls at +1(917)746 0700, emails and 24/7 available chatbots on our websites.

2. Get more information about React native mobile app development

You can get complete information about React native mobile app development at AIS Technolabs. You can get any of your queries and doubts solved while having expert sessions with ourReact native mobile app developers.

3. Enjoy React native mobile app development services

The React native mobile app developers are skilled and experienced in providing React native mobile app development services. You need not worry about any project related toReact native mobile app development as it can be easily handled by our developers.

Beginning Mobile App Development with React Native

The React Native Mobile development is an extremely popular mobile app development platform with its remarkable attributes. Our expert developers always focus on proper communication, quality assurance, and transparency services. Moreover, our React Native Mobile development process offers dominant features of this framework for creating faster, rich, extensive, resilient, simpler, and robust solutions that match the needs of the clients.

The developers of our company are expert in technical knowledge and capable of fulfilling all business requirements that put forth to them for producing services that follow as:

react native android development

Booking Mobile App Development

react native android development

CRM Development

react native android

Interactive and Engaging Dashboards

react native android

E-Commerce Development

react native for android

Finance Apps

react native for android

Portal App Development

react native for android

Educational and Learning Platforms Apps

react native for android

Dating App Development

Hence, AIS Technolabs is one of the best React Native Mobile App Development Company that works dynamically on React Native technology. We assure you to deliver mobile apps in a given time frame.

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Establish Digital
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Development Solutions

If you want to develop a mobile application for your business, then choose to React Native. Because it is an open-source framework for mobile applications development and use of JavaScript to write cross-platform native mobile applications for iOS and Android by using declarative components. And when it comes to mobile app development, AIS Technolabs must be the first choice because of the following reasons.

  • Our company always focus on the client’s business goals while working on cutting-edge technologies as per client’s business requisites.
  • We also provide the ultimate security to the client’s ideas, data, and software, and source code.
  • The clients of our company always enjoy enhanced productivity with end-to-end SEO app development services.
  • Our expertise developers reduce the stress level of the client’s business with unusual technology practice that provides extra dominance to their business.
  • Our company helps to maximize return on investment with our powerful and result oriented strategy as well as increase the business sales figures.
  • Our developers always value customer based engagement models and accommodate the needs of their clients in every direction.
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What Makes Clients rely on Our
Company for their React Native Mobile App
Development Needs

AIS Technolabs provides experienced, skilled, and dedicated development team to React Native Mobile to the clients. We offer full-time support to our clients via different modes of communication, such as phone, email, chat, video call, Skype, etc. Our developers ensure that they always stay updated to the latest technologies, tools, and development framework.

Leverage the React Native Features and Build
Stunning Mobile App for your Business


Updating the older versions of OS are a time-consuming and troublesome process in the case of native mobile apps. But in the case of mobile apps developed in React Native, maintenance of the app is less demanding and cost-effective.


The applications built in React Native work with all kinds of digital ecosystems and also optimized to oblige the maximum number of devices. Thus, it spares the time of app development as well as saving overall expense.


React Native helps to transfer the entire code base or parts in between numerous mobile platforms. Once develop an application for Android, and then compile it onto iOS in a short timeframe and vice versa. Developers can share the amount of code between platforms will rely upon native modules that want to utilize. So, React Native less time to develop mobile apps natively.


React Native allows the developers to build blocks that are made of reusable “Native Components.” It is because of that these blocks tend to compile straight to native app developments. Hence, the developers can maintain each platform with React Native that empowers developers to create applications with agile methodology.


React Native incorporates in-built elements of device like GPS, Bluetooth, etc. in the mobile application development. It also reduces high memory utilization and load speed issues.

Impressive Benefits of React Native Mobile App Development
that can Impact on the Enterprises of any Verticals

In this modern era, the demand for mobile applications is increasing day by day. So, big and small organizations are exploring their industries with the potential of mobile apps. Our developer’s research for the needed requirements and goals and also find the right solutions for creating mobile apps before beginning the actual process.

Excellent Mobile Performance : Mobile apps built with React Native are standalone native apps. It means that React Native framework is used to create mobile apps which are no different to iOS or Android apps in terms of performance. It includes many things such as working in the offline mode, using the device’s hardware, mobile user interface, and third-party plug-in support, etc.

Community-Driven : The technology of React Native is community-driven. Therefore, clients can quickly find solutions to a potential problem. Sometimes, developers upload their codes online that can be modified and used in different cases. So, these codes are beneficial like inspire new solutions, speed up development significantly, and also solve severe issues and many more.

Create Faster Mobile Apps : The components of React Native are used to create mobile UI. Also, the JavaScript framework helps to develop mobile apps with its native counterpart. With the help of Objective C, Java, and Swift, developers can build a mobile app for both iOS and Android platform that delivers apps to the clients in less time.

Still, Use Native Code : When the developers create complete native mobile apps with the help of React Native, then they can always use other platform-specific languages, including Objective C, Swift, or Java. Moreover, they can add third-party services in the mobile app that is written in different languages, and this technique is called bridging.

Trustworthy Framework : The framework of React Native proved to offer many features such as scalability, enhanced performance, and maintainability. So, users can successfully implement this framework to build mobile apps reaching vast audiences with a variety of purposes.

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Yes, most of our developed mobile apps support both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Commonly, people want to process their applications across the web as well as mobile devices. So, the developers of our company use React Native framework to support both platforms quickly.

Our Company is working on making a genuinely seamless navigation library that uses the GPU for stateful transitions on Android, iOS, and even on the web along with a single common code base. Also, we introduce the concept of navigation and routing library to React Native so that it can easily handle by the users.

The languages that compile to JavaScript are automatically compatible with React Native. React Native uses Babel to transform JavaScript into a form that is used by the native Operating System’s JavaScript runtime by using the Babel plug-in. So, when JavaScript is compiled by Babel, then it will not depend on others, and it will start running in React Native.