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Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for AIS Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. by 11362 clients on over 17,600+ projects.


AIS Technolabs has evolved into a veritable leader in RoR development. We value our clients, and understand their requirements thoroughly, frame them in technological perspective. Next, their technical expertise applies absolutely pragmatic approach in designing our product.

They are swift in executing the design once the concept is clear. We never relax our stiff-and-studying posture until we accomplish our task. That attitude enables us to deliver our goods in timely manner. Not just that, before dispatching our product to our clients, we test them in our lab and deliver it with a video of the testing process accompanying it.

Ruby On Rails Web Development


AIS Technolabs has the competence and also confidence to meet all possible challenges as we are on our way to execute our plan towards meeting all possible project requirements. RoR consultation services form a distinct service offering, and is best of its kind. Investing in either of the services has its own rewards.


RoR framework enables us to optimize sites through optimization of codes. That’s the way to leverage the unique advantage that this technology offers.


Best in the class, our team of experts see to it that their end-result is scalable and easy to update.


One of the significant feature of our Ruby on Rails web developments is integrated email that helps you send multipart messages.

ROR Application Development
ROR Application Development

Stunning, robust and scalable...These are the attributes that define our RoR application development when our programmers do the necessary headwork for you. And these are also the things that keep you ahead of your competitors. GET OUR SERVICES NOW.

Ruby On Rails Web Development Contact Us

The services we render to our valued clients are many and bespoke. Being a leading RoR developers, we are able to build an impressive portfolio of RoR projects that we have successfully completed for many of our clients. We very much recommend that you go through our portfolio. It is an indicator of the level of services we are capable of rendering. We have the experience of having worked in following areas:

Web portal creation

Whether you want to have a news portal or an entertainment site set up for you, we can provide you with a measurable solution, marked off by best distribution and content management features.

Layout designs

This has to do both with functional facility and looks of an app or a site. We make our layouts so fine, they would fit not just the screens of your devices, they would fit all practical purposes as well for which they are designed.

Custom ROR application and web development

These will efficiently advance the purposes they are designed for. They will be delivered within the stipulated time and define what we call quality. It cannot be that they fail to boost your business.

ROR 2.0 development

Simple, interactive and effective - solutions based on RoR 2.0 demonstrate the benefits of UIs having these qualities.

Maintenance and support

Whenever you face operational glitches, you will find our RoR support team standing by your side at all times.

Perfect ROR installations

We offer totally hassle-free Ruby on Rails installation process so that in no time our solution starts working wonders for you.


We do this regularly without any inconvenience. We have extraordinary sweeper functionality that will perform this task in a single sweep.

Your Project

Unparalleled customer service

We are a committed body of professionals, a part of which we have dedicated especially for making full use of social media marketing for your sake. It is a proven method that has enabled us to serve our customers better, reverting to them with quick answer to their queries.

We welcome both the returning and prospective to avail themselves of best RoR developments from us.


There are few things which make us special, and these are…

Targeted project analysis

Before embarking on your project, we always perform targeted project analysis. It enables us to come up with viable project design and estimate of costs involved in carrying out the entire project cycle.

Specialized touch

Having served thousands of clients in past years has inevitably helped us amass enormous experience. It goes without saying that every client business has its own distinctive demands and, therefore, we take it by its own merits. It means offering them custom solutions for all their needs.

Get in touch with us today

At AIS Technolabs, we offer our valued customers enlarged vision for their business with highly scalable RoR apps and websites. These will align your business operations with your business goals.

Get Ruby on Rails Development Services at up to 15% affordable prices.
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