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Software Security Consulting Firm

A security breach in any company’s database, no matter how small, can be exploited in many ways. At AIS Technolabs, the primary concern we have for all our clients is security. Our services extend to shoring up our clients’ digital defenses. We are the best Software security consulting firm with several years of experience. The AIS Technolabs team comprises only seasoned veterans in digital security. Data breaches can cause loss of money, credibility, and clientele and it is our solemn duty to prevent that from happening to your firm. A single consultation is sure to put your mind at ease.

Software security is a serious issue and our experts at AIS Technolabs take it as such. A Software Security Consulting Firm with our knowledge can prevent a lot of malicious events from unraveling. The primary duty of our software security experts is to analyze the system and try to find an exploit. Once we find the hacks that can cause damage, we strike preemptively against malicious intent. The best thing is that we constantly upgrade our systems so that you never have to do anything from your end. Finding solutions is what we do best and here are the different solutions that we offer:

Source Code Audit
Sometimes a small oversight on the part of the coding team can lead to disastrous unintended consequences. The worst kind of security threat is a lax attitude towards internal code. A thorough source code audit can spot apparent weaknesses and deal with them appropriately. This is a delicate thing, though, and should be handled by professional security experts and auditors only to prevent any accidental damage.
Black Box Testing
Black boxes are complex structures with known inputs and outputs but with no clarity towards the functioning of the structure. Any database storage facility for the exclusive use of company data can be treated as a black box. Black box testing makes certain that no data breaches are possible from any hack outside the system.
PCI Compliance
Companies of any size that accepts an online payment has to go through the PCI or Payment Card Industry. In simple terms, PCI standards need to be met for an e-commerce website or app. As such, the PCI compliance is a huge deal in terms of security. When the credit card information of all visitors come into jeopardy, the brand image of the company suffers a great deal. The PCI DSS is needed to transmit cardholder data.
On-Site Training
Every time there is a lot of speculation that goes into creating a new piece of software, an equal amount of effort has to be placed on the go. This requires on-site training. This brings in heavy recurring costs in hiring a training staff. However, a proper security firm will create software solutions that are meant for easy and simple use.
Thinking Ahead

There are lots of security breaches that require the brand to rebuild itself from scratch. Thinking ahead of the situation is one of the biggest perks of hiring a professional. This allows for proper planning, execution, and implementation. The best security consultancy firms can also predict future threats and advise on the situation too.

Quite unlike the average native app designing companies, AIS Technolabs offers comprehensive assistance. Our professional expertise about the Xamarin platform, Forms, and portable class libraries are the prime reasons for our unmatched popularity.
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Why AIS Technolabs is the Best Software Security Consulting Firm

The software security consulting firm, AIS Technolabs is a brand with a reputation and we did not earn the reputation by being hypocrites. Everything that our clients use is vetted thoroughly and debugged and beta tested on multiple occasions. We can promise you an early launch date with minimal costing. AIS Technolabs cares for the many employers that we work for. The best part is that we can ask our clients to judge us based on failure instead of success. The fact of the matter is that we have very few failures to date and that speaks more about our capabilities than a hundred testimonials.

AIS Technolabs is always expanding to include like-minded people with a knack for software security. This way, we acquire new employees, and at the same time we bring in more experience to the team. As a software security consulting firm, our reputation is quite golden and we intend to keep it that way. It is always easy to fine-tune the technology and integrate the best technology architectures with our software products. Using our advanced software security framework, we can save development costs for you by a great deal. Join the AIS Technolabs club today for a remarkable experience that is bound to be fruitful.