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Turning Excel Spreadsheet into Software Application

Are you not happy with the level of security of your worksheet? Are you keen on avoiding minor Excel errors? Are you interested to use your worksheet as a reusable template? Or are you looking to have your spreadsheet on your device to work as you travel? For these and many more reasons, you can choose to turn excel spreadsheet into software application. If you’re on the hunt to do this, then we at AIS Technolabs have a team of highly resourceful software developers, who can turn excel into app in no time.

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In our day-to-day operations and interactions with top brands such as yours, we strive to achieve the 3Ts


With our team of expert AR consultants, we can provide you adequate platform and technologies to convert your brand into a mass recognition in the competitive market.


At the core of our values lies transparency. Our starting point always begins by identifying where you are now, where you want your business or product to go, and how you will get there. For this reason, we are able to set up realistic expectations.


We make it our commitment to deliver our products and services on time. Since we believe this is the key to build mutual trust with all our clients. Our efforts and operations are rooted in these fundamental principles.

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We have outlined few of the noteworthy features you can get

Hassle-Free Customization

We begin by identifying your business needs, based on them we then proceed to integrate features that are most suitable to your business. However, as and when you need to customize or integrate additional features, we are here to guide you and extend a range of powerful features such as charts, reports, GPS and workflows etc in order to create a tailor-made app for you.

Work Offline

Losing or waiting for a connection is frustrating. For this reason, we give you the option of choosing to work offline functionality wherein your information can be stored locally on any number of devices and connect to the internet at a later period, which will help you sync your work easily. With this feature, consolidating your work is also easier than ever before.

Mobile Friendly

Once we turn spreadsheet into app, you can simply sync and carry your work on any device using any web browser. By treating this spreadsheet as a shared database, we can also integrate sharing functionality so that multiple people can view and edit at the same time. Therefore, you can work on any device and share your work or a portion of your work with anyone you want.

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Turn Spreadsheet into Web App

While there is an endless list of reasons that convince you to turn excel spreadsheet into app, either web or mobile app.There are few noteworthy ones, which cannot be simply overlooked. Read on to find out the reasons to turn excel sheet into app:

Even with so many options such as Google Spreadsheets, Office online and OneDrive and many third-party apps which give you the option to share, edit, modify and add data to your worksheet with your colleagues at the same time, it might not be helpful since the lag is unavoidable. This is especially true when you work with complex calculations and huge bulks of data. One way to tackle this problem of turning excel spreadsheet into software application is to exclusively function for a specific purpose.

In everyday business situations, as much as data and accuracy are crucial so are the design, presentation and layout. In fact, they might be the key to landing your first big deal. You’d be surprised how much of a difference your presentation can create and, in turn, add value to your work with a simple re-working of design. We turn excel into web app keeping this intent in mind and offering you the best design experience possible.

You may find your Excel worksheet, Google sheets or Office online restricted when you want to share only a portion of the worksheet with your team while leaving the original worksheet untouched instead of having to create a new one altogether or make a copy, the app turned spreadsheet could be your rescue. No other application gives you such freedom yet. Since we have been helping clients do just that and make their work simpler and easier than before, you’ve got the expert help to make this app work on your terms.

Another important need is to have the information you collected on a single source instead of multiple mobile devices. Therefore, we can easily help in consolidating all your work into a single source. You can be in full control and need not carry so many devices when you’re travelling or on-the-go. Working offline and storing your work on your device can be made possible as well.

In a dynamic business situation, relying on Excel solely to carry out your daily business operations may not be sustainable for long-term growth. The time, effort and the resources needed to maintain the spreadsheets can be utilized effectively elsewhere.

There may be various other reasons in addition to these, to set out on a journey to turn spreadsheet into web app instead of building a new app from scratch. In fact, many businesses these days, embrace this idea of having an app instead of a mobile website to avoid monitoring whether the site is mobile friendly or not. Since an app works uniformly on most platforms, this is a smart move to simplify your approach. So, this is all the more convincing to turn excel spreadsheet into web application.

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