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What is a Tutoring App Like Uber?

Want a school that is like no other and just yours? A tutoring app like Uber is the solution!

Tutoring is one of the oldest professions for teachers and students, with numerous challenges. The biggest challenge is the ratio of students to teachers. Earlier, the number of students per batch used to be less, and so each student used to get the personal attention of the tutors. However, the number of students has increased thereby increasing the burden on teachers.

  • Every student has a different learning pace and needs
  • The number of students in a classroom has increased, resulting in a lack of attention from teachers
  • Difficult to find reliable private tutors
  • More working parents resulting in less parental guidance
  • Increased pressure on students to score well

Not addressing these issues is not a solution. Hence, most entrepreneurs introduced the best solution – Tutoring apps like Uber!

How can you develop your own Tutoring app like Uber using our Tutoring app like Uber script in 3 simple ways?

1. Get your own ready-made Tutoring app like Uber

You can get your own ready-made Tutoring app like Uber from us. You can buy it and install it on your server to start your tutoring services instantly. You can even add your company’s logo to it.

2. Customize your own Tutoring app like Uber

You can get your Tutoring app like Uber customized as the way you want it to be. The tutoring app is 100% customizable as per your requirements.

3. Hire dedicated developers

You can hire a team of dedicated developers to develop your own Tutoring app like Uber from scratch. Our developers are professionally skilled in developing such Uber apps.

What is Tutoring App like Uber?

The on-demand tutoring apps like Uber is a solution for parents and students to meet long-term educational goals by connecting students with tutors on the app. The solution is as easy as getting an Uber!

After Uber gaining success in the laundry, trucking, and food, it is all set to make a mark in the education sector with its tutor app. This app will make finding tutors easy on a click for every class, subject, and course.

Is investing in a Tutoring App like Uber a Good Solution?

Yes, it is!

Over the decade, there have been multiple failed startups ideas. But at the same time, there are fresh minds that have been successful to bridge the gap between tutors and students. A tutoring app like Uber is one such solution that is making all the difference.

An Uber for tutors app will offer the facility for tutors to help students in person and offer online tutoring solutions through the technologies integrated in the app.

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How Can AIS Technolabs Help Develop Your Uber For Tutors App?

The tutor app development professionals at AIS Technolabs can help you meet the demands and needs of students all over the world by providing you with the best tutoring app like Uber. Our app solution will help you to meet the growing demand for education, which is increasing day by day.We can provide you with a custom Uber for tutors app solution that you can start in your hometown and begin earning in just two days.

AIS Technolabs offers a tutoring app like Uber that allows not just to do teaching, but also to earn. Night or day, you can work as per your comfort and keep on earning more.

In all, we can provide you with a successful and unique tutoring app like uber.

Features of Tutoring App like Uber for You
The Uber for tutors solution developed exclusively for you by AIS Technolabs will come along with some attractive features that differ from your competitors.
Profile Setup
The tutor, as well as students can set up their profile with ease through the Uber for tutors app. The app includes an update regarding contact details, updates availability slots, changes in the password, and more.
Multiple Categories
Let students choose tutors from the list of multiple available options like Music Tutor, Physics Tutor, English Tutor, Mathematics Tutor, and more.
Social Login
Tutors as well as the students will have the facility to login to the Uber for tutors app through social media accounts such as Facebook, and more, rather by using password or name.
Cashless and Convenient
It is easy to make payment by going completely cashless mode by using pay by cash or wallet money or using the credit card through the custom payment gateway that will be integrated in your Uber for tutors application.
Loyalty Programs
With the help of our expert tutor app development services, we can develop and integrate a loyalty program into your Uber for tutors app that can invite your friends to sign up to the application using unique referral code through social media platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and Mail.
Schedule Booking
This feature allows the student to schedule his/her booking for a tutor. This way, the booking will automatically begin at the scheduled time.
Why Choose AIS Technolabs for Your Tutoring App like Uber?
Apart from developing a cutting-edge Uber for tutor s app, AIS Technolabs is happy to provide you with some complementary features that others are charging for:
Apps Installation
From installation, upload, to the configuration of the Code, Web services and database on the online web server, Android/Google play store, and Apple/iOS Appstore, our tutor app development services will handle them for free.
Apps Approval on Play Stores
We take the entire responsibility for our Apps. We follow ethical methods to develop apps and avoid shortcuts. For this reason, all our apps get approved instantly on the Google Play Store and Apple.
Advanced Analytics
Keep an eye on service providers and customer’s activities, commission earned, number of services booked, know how customers are willing to pay, by credit or cash card, which location has most customers, and more.
White Labeling
We will white label apps and web panels on your brand or company name. You don’t have to pay any additional price for this.
This feature will allow customers to top up money into their wallet account inside the app.
Advanced Reports
With our advanced reports, you can track your earnings.
Tutoring industry is noteworthy to enter. But you can succeed only if you have the best tutoring app like Uber which only AIS Technolabs can provide to you. Schedule a free consultation with our tutor app development team to explore more about our offerings.
Frequently Asked Questions

Uber for tutoring Script helps create web pages and serves as a control system for the programming applications to manage all the operations smoothly. Simultaneously, it is an essential element required to build any application or website.

Uber for tutoring Source Code is a fundamental element in the website and mobile application building process. It is one of the reasons behind the working of the tasks. It is available in a readymade version, and if anyone is looking for a development service, AIS Technolabs provides that.

If you are going to start your own online business through a website or tutoring app like Uber, you need a programming application that will help you execute the operations. This programming application required for the tutor app development or website development is called the Uber for tutoring Software.

It is a readymade solution for those who require an Uber for tutoring software at the earliest to build a Uber for tutors app or website. Since these are pre-built, it requires significantly less time to customize the end-product. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution too.

As the popularity of the online tutoring apps enhances, so does the need for pupils. The Uber for tutoring app development helps students to connect tutors and students online, regardless of their region or location. Uber for tutoring app development helps and assists the students to learn and gain information while also allowing tutors to earn money.

Uber for tutoring website development is the service provided to offer you a compatible site that can run on any operating system and be mobile-friendly. Ranging from script development to writing content, every service is included in it. Though it takes some time to develop the website, it is a good investment if you expand your business.

Uber for tutoring software development is a service provided to you on hiring a developer from us to create a robust base for establishing your tutoring app like Uber or a website. It is a crucial element in creating an online platform and supports and controls the entire system of functioning.

If you are planning to buy an Uber for tutoring Script, all you need to do is contact our support group. We will help you get your desired product within less time and from our best developers. Before placing an order, discuss all the requirements you wish to see in your Script.

With years of experience, AIS Technolabs has created a strong base in the field of script development. So if you are looking for a good quality Uber tutoring Script, you can contact us to get it done by our specialized team of developers.

If you have any plans to start your own business, then Uber for tutoring Script can help. It will act as a foundation upon which you can build your website. This is an essential component if you wish to expand your business using the digital world.

To hire one of the industry’s best Uber tutoring Script developers, you need to contact us. We will schedule a meeting with one of our specialized developers to discuss all the details of the product.

Place an order of the product you wish to have for your business. After that, discuss all the specifications that you require in your Uber for tutoring script. Based on those needs, developers will customize the product accordingly and offer you files that you can easily download without any issue.

Among the long list of company names, AIS Technolabs is the one who has gained quite a popularity through their efficient and trustworthy services. Through their hard work and dedication, they have completed all their services with flying colours. Thus, if you are looking for a readymade solution for Uber tutoring Script, AIS Technolabs is the ultimate stop to your reach.

Many companies and independent developers are there in the industry providing readymade Uber for tutoring Source Code. However, among them AIS Technolabs is the most efficient one providing quality assistance at competitive rates.

You can decide from our effective packages, which range from multi-vendor to single-vendor, whereby the cost is decided upon your preferences and needs.

We at AIS Technolabs, offers a variety of packages, but the exact costs for building an Uber for tutoring a mobile application can be predicted only after understanding your demands and requirements.

To be true, there are plenty of companies offering these services. But at AIS Technolabs, we take extreme care of your requirements as we acquire a skilled team of developers, experienced in creating Uber for tutoring websites/mobile applications. We build the Uber for tutoring Script at the first step, that includes an user app, and a panel(for admin, tutors, and students), thereby offering the greatest on-demand website/app that includes all of the features needed to operate in real-time.

Tutoring apps are the latest innovations that the tech world is dealing with these days. For that, various companies have emerged in the market, providing specialized services in the same. Hence, hiring Uber for tutoring Script developers is no more a complex task for the clients. But to be precise, AIS Technolabs is considered the best company dealing with these services, thereby helping the clients to satisfy their needs.

Uber for tutoring website can be built in two ways:

  • Firstly, the website can be built from scratch
  • Other, using a readymade solution to talir to your specific business needs

Both these strategies are viable for building an Uber for tutoring website. However, the former requires more time and money than the latter.

To download a readymade Uber for tutoring Script, schedule an appointment with one of our specialized developers and explain all the specifications you need to have in the Script. After noting all the details, our developers will work on your requirements. The final product will be delivered to you that can be easily downloaded and installed into the server.

It takes more or less 3 months to build an Uber for tutoring Script. The creation of a Script from scratch takes more time, whereas, the tailored solution, commonly known as the readymade package can reduce cost and time of development.

The rough approximation for Uber for tutoring Script development will be in the range of $2999-$50,000.

The Uber for tutoring Script bridges the gap, while acting as a point of connection between the tutors and the students. Every parent wishes to offer their children the best possible and safest education, right at their doorstep, via an Uber for tutoring mobile application.

Hence, the script is worthy enough, as it is used to build the app, as well as the website, thereby helping students to find the best tutors across the globe.

You should undeniably start your Uber for tutoring website/mobile application, as it has launched new into the market, and is more trendy these days. This website/mobile application also holds a lot of benefits, like, it allows students to interact with professionals in their field of study to gain more knowledge and insights.

Yes, it is a great idea.
Uber for tutoring website/mobile application is in huge demand nowadays, since it assists students in achieving their academic obligations. The majority of businesses these days are investing in the development of Uber for tutoring websites/mobile applications. Further these websites/mobile applications serve not only the students, but also the private tutors, thereby bridging the gap between the tutors and the students.

The Uber for tutoring app is presently used by more than 1.3 million people in Asia. The app is built using Uber for tutoring Script, and is able to raise 2,50,000 tutors among various countries. Using this, one can easily become a billionaire by providing premium services and can earn commission from that. Apart from this, charges also depend upon add-ons like tutoring for a particular niche and topic, by using the Uber for tutoring app.

If you want to start your marketplace or want to become an entrepreneur in the Uber for tutoring On-Demand industry, then, you’ll need to introduce a great product at the core of the business strategy. This industry serves as a great venue for students and parents to find experienced tutors for their children. However, before becoming an entrepreneur in this industry, an individual must follow certain points:

  • Obtain a registration certificate
  • Prepare a business plan
  • Introduce effective strategies
  • Obtain access to various tutors
  • Enhance your reach
  • Allow only verified leads to register in your website/mobile application
  • Introduce unique filters comprising of, age, background, experience and ratings

All these will help you to become a recognized entrepreneur in the Uber for tutoring On-demand industry.