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Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for AIS Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. by 11362 clients on over 17,600+ projects.
Windows Mobile Game Development
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As one of the leading names in the game designing arena, we at AIS Technolabs claim to be your highly efficient and skilled game designing partners. With in-depth knowledge of the Windows platform, our experts will successfully deliver highly scalable, functional, and feature-rich applications.

Our advanced proficiency in handling multiple projects has resulted in a highly successful client portfolio. Irrespective of the size of the business venture, we can create attractive and scalable websites for each of them. From large enterprises to small-scale organizations, we have what it takes to create distinctive identities for each of them.

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At AIS Technolabs, we aim to reach out to a diverse clientele. From individual clients to big gaming companies, our services will enthrall and satisfy all of them. With hardcore professionalism and passionate approaches, we claim to be highly reliable windows mobile game developers India.

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As leaders in the Windows app development arena, AIS Technolabs will do all that’s required to ensure optimum client satisfaction. Come to us with your project, and have the best game designing and creation experience! When it comes to creating splendid applications on the Windows platform, professional help is a crucial necessity and not just a choice.

Take a look at our service packages and see what works for you the most.

Educational game designing

Engaging and entertaining gaming apps on your phone can be a great way of imparting education. With a highly efficient and proficient team of Windows experts, you will receive amazing educational games. .

Sports games

Sports enthusiasts have great news awaiting their attention. We have come up with unique sports games capable of providing them with an adrenaline-gushing experience.

Adventure and Action gaming apps

If you love to soak your spirits into some high-octane action, our adventure and action games are all that you need.

Quizzes and Puzzle games

We take pride in driving innovation. Our puzzle and quizzing applications generate user interest and excitement like never before!

Gambling apps

If you wish to enjoy enthralling sessions of exciting gambles, AIS Technolabs will offer the perfect opportunity to do so. As the pioneering Windows mobile game development company, we have what it takes to design advanced gambling games.

Entertaining games

We also render valuable support in creating highly entertaining gaming apps. Our phone games will inevitably satisfy customers to the tee.

Enjoy games on the go

Emerging technologies and mobile innovations have led to the unsurpassed popularity of mobile games. Thanks to the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and Smartphones, for helping users gain access to their favorite apps. With powerful APIs, audio support, and excellent displays, Windows devices are the best options for creating highly functional gaming apps.

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Windows Mobile Game Development
Why associate with us?

While embarking on the app development project, you will inevitably have quite a few requisites in mind. From knowing about the technologies used in the process to the manner in which they are incorporated, there are numerous factors worth considering. While the average service providers operating in the tech arena will not share their work procedures, it is we at AIS Technolabs ever-ready to show how we work.

The flexibility, scalability, and easy functionality of various app development platforms provide the best opportunities for successful app designing and creation. Especially, when it boils down to conceptualizing gaming applications, the platform and interface have vital roles to play.

With unique interface and dynamic features, the Windows platform supports high-end game development. Avid gamers have the golden chance to immerse into a thrilling experience while spending hours on their favorite games.

If you are planning to create stunning gaming apps for Windows, here are the reasons to choose us.

Cutting-edge tech resources

The appropriate technology will always help you design highly functional, feature-rich, and attractive gaming apps. Experts working with us enjoy uninhibited access to some of the best tech resources.These approaches help us acquire the leading spot in the tech world. Whether it is a simple project requirement or complex needs, we have what it takes to offer the best solutions.

Highly qualified team

At AIS Technolabs, we believe in coordination and collaboration. Windows phone games design and creation is a complex project that requires profound skills, in-depth knowledge, and unmatched technical expertise. Being the frontrunners, we have a talented and competent team of app designers, graphic experts, animators, and app marketers working with us.

Maintenance and tech support

AIS Technolabs also offers the best tech support to clients. We help you overcome all kinds of operational glitches faced while enjoying gaming sessions. From the start to finish, we are known to offer comprehensive assistance. With the most competent and qualified windows mobile game developers by your side, you have precious little to worry.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

We have 80% client retention rate means most of our revenue comes from regular clients. It's possible because of total work satisfaction.


Our team is ready to serve you. You can even hire a team of developers within your budget with no compromise on quality.


Technology has never been a barrier to us. We have skilled iPhone game app developers as our team.


For us, quality is of formost importance. We ensure that the product meets your business objectives and delivers best results.

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Get Windows Mobile Game Development Services at up to 15% affordable prices.
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