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YII (Yes It Is) is a PHP5-based open source programme designed to handle the simplest to most complicated web developments having wide range of applicability. Its ease of use is increasingly promoting its use among web developers world over.

AIS Technolabs offers YII development as one of its services for various web development requirements screaming for solutions. Using this technology, our developers have the competence to offer something that would meet all your web development requirements. Right from development to deployment, we see to it that our valued clients have no reason to complain about our services in spite of the fact that detailed documentation types are required for sites built with this programme.

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Yii Web Development

Web developments based on YII hold out many sterling advantages, enabling the programmers to create UIs that sync perfectly well with the end users. Hence, the existence of so many web development companies offering to build web solutions based on this particular framework. It greatly enables to produce a variety of responsive themes featuring theme-specific controls of web pages. No less in importance is the advantage of reusing the same codes for different functions. There are many other PHP frameworks out there but the above given reasons explain why YII has emerged as one of the most preferred ones available to programmers.

Benefits Of Using YII

  • Designs created with it are clean and fast
  • Makes the process of streamlining your software quite easy
  • The resultant product is extremely efficient
  • Its functionality can be altered as per the requirement
  • Maintenance becomes easy
  • Suits all types of business models
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It offers you complete control over your web pages or apps – certain inbuilt tools provided by it can greatly help developers in testing the product they have developed – documentation guidelines supplied with it are very lucid and easy to implement.

Yii Web Development Company

The team of YII developers that AIS Technolabs has, is having thorough knowledge of the newest version of YII that is available to programmers now. And they can put it to best use for your sake. They are not only proficient, they are also efficient. The contest websites they build will fully satisfy your yearning for something that sets online representation of your business on an altogether different level from others.

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Yii Development Services

to Avail You

These will let you make the right decision – the decision to use this framework for your web development needs:

  • Because it is easy, for immediate solution it is desirable to use it for building it
  • The sites and apps built with it are easy to maintain
  • It allows you to build pages of varying complexities and also enables you to configure your apps easily
  • Codes can be modified as per your business needs
  • SEO technique can be incorporated in the development in order to increase traffic on your site
  • It allows you to scale your business operations up or down. It’s utterly flexible
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YII Application Development
for High Level Performance

YII application development can fairly be compared to building a staircase. That’s what it does for your business. It renders most intricate designs quite easy if used by programmers who end where their ambitions end. Also, products designed with it ensures superior performance compared to those designed with other PHP frameworks available to the developers. That’s what visitors are looking for. Where they see it, there they flock. This increases transactional opportunities and the chances of increased profit.

YII performs better with regard to RPS (request per second), denoting the number of apps that can be processed with it in a second. The higher it is, the greater is the effect of the framework. What’s more, if it is used with APC extension, the performance of YII gets even better.

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AIS Technolabs is among the foremost YII web development companies around the globe, having already made a significant contribution to the growth of a large number of businesses. We have so far worked on a wide range of projects, and have accomplished many projects of most sophisticated nature marked by a host of useful features. What helps us do our work better is close cooperation with our clients that enables us to know and include all that they want in our product design.

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