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Accounting Scholarship Program For Australia, USA & Canada Students

One of the most important functions of a business is the accounting. Without accounting information, it is impossible for management to take decisions. To run a business successfully, you need information about the profitability of the business, which only the accounts department maintains and imparts. The financial position of the business can be judged from the statistics and records prepared and maintained by accountants in the firm.

If you have thought of taking up accounting as your career, this scholarship program might be for you.

Scholarship Program for Accounting Students by AIS Technolabs

Participate in this scholarship program and win $5000 reward which you can use for your tuition fees and other expenses incurred during the accounting course. Whether you are pursuing undergraduate or graduate course in accounting, you can win this scholarship, provided if you fulfill the below-mentioned eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria
  • You must have completed high school / secondary school education
  • You must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, USA or Canada
  • You must have enrolled for or planning to enroll for an undergraduate or postgraduate course in accounting (for eg. BS in finance, Graduate certification in Government Accounting, Master of Science in Accounting, etc.) with an accredited university/college/institution in the Australia, USA or Canada
  • You must have completed at least one term of course in the accounting field
  • You must not be a college dropout
  • There must be no gap between the bachelor’s and master’s degree
Application Process

If you find yourself to be eligible for this scholarship, just go through the Application Process below :

  • To apply, you need to submit a project on Online Fundraising Software which would include the requisites and flow of the software. Just mention in 1500-2000 words about the specifications required in the software to be useful for accountants and financial analysts.
  • You need to email this project on [email protected] before 15th May of every year.
  • Our panel of judges would check the project and verify the details submitted by all the students, and if your project is up to the standards we expect, you would be winning this scholarship.
  • The names of the winners would be announced on our website https://www.aistechnolabs.com by 31st May of every year.
Also, email us the below-mentioned details to consider your application
  • Name
  • Contact Details
  • Address
  • Student ID Number
  • Name of the College/University
Applications submitted after 15th May 2020-21 would not be entertained.
Important Note

Your application can have a negative impact if you try to contact any other phone numbers or email ids given on our website regarding this scholarship. Just email your queries on [email protected].

Terms & Conditions
  • AIS Technolabs has a complete right over verifying the details submitted by you like – Student ID number, course you are opting for, name of the college/university, etc.
  • The scholarship amount of $5000 is a one-time reward
  • If the project submitted is found to be plagiarised or any details found to be false, the application would be rejected without any notification
  • AIS Technolabs can change the rules & regulations at any time of the scholarship process, except the reward amount
  • AIS Technolabs would never share the students’ projects or details with any third-party company or person
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Scholarship Notice Update
Launching SEO Scholarship Program for Australia, USA and Canada Students
Recently lots of student in India get benefited from our SEO Services in India scholarship program. So we are planning to launch the same program for Australia, Canada and USA students who are planning to start their career in SEO or Digital Marketing as well. Soon we will update you with all the necessary details.