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Affiliate marketing is an online marketing strategy based on the performance metric. In this strategy, business rewards publishers websites, also known as ‘affiliates’ for every customer, lead, sale, or click received for their website or online business.

It is a great idea to incorporate affiliate marketing tracking software into your website’s online marketing strategy. It is because this can offer you many gains and a drastic increase in sales without much monetary investment. Almost all big companies run affiliate marketing software to boost their sales and revenue. To let your business achieve the same level of success and glory, we at AIS Technolabs offer you the best affiliate marketing software. With precise execution and appropriate use, an affiliate program can reap you lots of gains. This way, affiliate marketing software can increase sales, potential leads, and traffic to your website. At the same time, it renders additional SEO benefit from backlinks created from affiliate marketers.

affiliate marketing tracking software
Build a Leading Affiliate Network

with Robust and Feature-Rich Affiliate Marketing Software

Online webmasters signup to the affiliate program designed for you. Once they log into the dashboard, they will gain access to unique tracking links and creative banners, which they can incorporate on their websites. When a customer or lead is generated as a result of their marketing efforts, they earn a commission set by the advertiser.

We are a leading affiliate marketer possessing years of experience in the industry. We can integrate the best affiliate marketing software with your online business as well as assist in establishing a strong affiliate network for your online business. For this, we offer robust and high-performing affiliate marketing software, which is incorporated with numerous features and functionalities. Here glance at some of the features in-built in affiliate software designed by us:

Affiliate Management
Affiliate Tracking
Contest Management
Banner Management
Coupon Management
Commission Management
Newsletter/Email Communication
Fraud Detection
Multi-Level Marketing
Centralized Monitoring

We offer the cloud-based affiliate marketing software, which enables you to track, create, and optimize numerous affiliate programs. Our affiliate software can play an instrumental role in establishing and growing your affiliate network. Even if you are a first-time user, you will never experience any issue as we design our software with a simple user interface.

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If you are all prepared to drive and enhance your affiliate program, your ultimate aim is to find affiliates who will reach untapped markets and webmasters who are looking out for the resources you offer. AIS Technolabs supports you to build the right connections and introduces you the best affiliate marketing software suitable to grab the attention of the prospects and extend your business reach.

  • Affiliate marketing is a promising way to increase traffic to your website. By continuously monitoring the traffic and taking desired actions at the correct time, you can gain increased revenue for your business.
  • It is quite challenging to generate and manage quality leads. But with affiliate tracking software, everything becomes easy and streamlined.
  • Integrating the power of affiliate software to your business will not just extend the reach of your business brand but will also improve Search Engine Optimization to a great extent.
  • We offer the best affiliate marketing software that makes it easy for you to manage your ads and affiliates all in one place.
  • Using our software, you can create a superior viral marketing strategy. At the same time, you can retain most of the profits, while sharing only a small percentage with the affiliates.
best affiliate marketing software

We Make Affiliate Marketing Simple
and Beneficiary to Your Business
to Let You Count Gains Only

Performing a streamlined and consistently beneficiary affiliate marketing process can be time-consuming. Things can become complicated, mainly when there is a considerable affiliate network to manage. However, our experts carefully choose and streamline your contacts to offer you long-lasting ease and relationship success. Using our affiliate management software, you can avail extension of your sales force and strongly showcase your online brand.

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with the Best Affiliate Marketing Software


Our affiliate marketing software lets you have a centralized control for all your affiliates. No matter how many affiliates you have, you can expect easy management and streamlined operations with our software.


Our affiliate software is designed with numerous features. The good thing is that you can customize most of them as per your own needs to develop software that precisely caters your requirements.


Now easily maintain a flexible commission structure for your affiliates. Manage everything easily while retaining most of the profit margin for you.


Our software comes with a simple and easy-to-use accounting mechanism. Even if you are a newbie, you can conveniently manage the accounting process.


With the use of our best affiliate marketing software, you can optimize the affiliate program for search engines. This way, you can gain search engine benefits too.

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Marketing Software Can Serve To You

Excellent User Interface – We offer a robust and wonderfully laid out user interface, which is convenient to understand and adapt to. Our users love our software’s interface.

Easy Setup and Integration –  Using our software, you can conveniently establish your affiliate program. It is easy to implement the tracking code to your site.

No Hidden Charges Unlike other software, we don’t charge any hidden prices. We render simple pricing modules based on the number of affiliates you have, impressions, clicks, conversions, and more.

Give Rewards to Your Affiliates Our software is a versatile tool that lets you maintain multiple affiliates at a time. Moreover, you can also offer rewards to your affiliates through our affiliate social sharing feature.

We offer immaculate, robust, and superior performing Affiliate Marketing Software to let you Stand above Your Competitors as a True Winner!


You can send users to the website of advertisers by placing a banner on your site or write an article that contains text links, post an update on social media profile, and more. Practicing all these ways can help you become an affiliate. If you receive actions like registrations, sales, or conversions, then you will earn a commission for such actions. The more you practice these ways, the more will be your earnings.

To seek approval for your website by the affiliate network, it must meet the necessary requirements. In addition to this, there are no other specifications or technical details that a site must match to host affiliate links. You can contact us to know about the basic requirements a website must have to join the affiliate network.