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Affiliate marketing is a program that enables two or more parties to work together to provide benefits to each other. Offering an efficient affiliate program to people is a best and cost-effective method of promoting your brand and growing your business. These programs help you expand your reach and make more connections than ever. Having an Affiliate Marketing Software right into your CRM solution means that your team won’t be facing any problem and can focus on their respective works. AIS Technolabs is one of the leading providers of Affiliate Marketing Software which caters to your requirements in setting up your unique organizations. We have a team of skilled professionals with sound technical skills who make the things done at ease for you.

Our Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software is uniquely designed under the strict vision of our super affiliates, marketing network specialists and highly experienced designers to provide our esteemed clients the advanced generation performance marketing software that helps you to develop manage and grow your marketing business. We have immense experience in dealing with several clients in helping them to meet their exact business requirements. We can maintain a good rank among our competitors in providing the best and cost-effective affiliate management software and Marketing Software. Our offered software comes in with several features, some of them are:

  • AI-based Smartlinks : With the help of machine learning technology, we include Smart links to our software which helps in maximizing your profit on specific traffic
  • Unique Automation Tools : This feature of our software enables you to leverage scalable and customizable system that reduces the risk of human errors, which in turns maximize your KPI
  • Real-time Statistics : Real-time statistics with various slices that provide you the reliable data
  • Advanced Caps : Setting budgetary limits and conversions for your affiliates prevents you from losing traffic and gives you full control over the investments.
  • Smart Targeting : Smart Targeting is integrated with the software that helps you to streamline your campaign according to device, carrier, ISP, browser or OS. This helps you tap into specific markets and improves CR
  • Fraud Protection : This enables you to score fraud activity in real time and protect your campaigns from fraudulent traffic

The team at AIS Technolabs is comprised of marketing and management personnel from all around the world and is highly acclaimed by the clients to power some of the high volume affiliate programs on the net. They build software to provide you with a full-service solution; reliable hosting, software upgrades, data management, integrated content delivery network and professional support services. Our affiliate marketing software provides you with various options, where you can choose an affiliate marketing plan and control his network to make the promoter rich. The customized option is the best part of our offered software. Have a look at how our affiliate marketing software works:

  • Research on the current trend of the market
  • Create an idea and manage to implement the idea into a plan
  • Contact us with your plan
  • We build up a platform and assist you with a new affiliate program
  • Making use of best affiliate marketing software to control, manage, and organize the business
  • Your program keep promoting your products and brand
  • Affiliate programs create the best platform for network expansion
  • Business achieves a desired position in the online market.

We provide you the complete Affiliate Marketing Software Solution with real-time statistics that enables you to create, track and analyze your affiliate marketing programs efficiently. It is well programmed to provide your users with different kinds of affiliate marketing strategies like text links, banners, light boxes, and page peels. You can add all promotional methods that you to be available to your affiliate users. There is a link in the format that is provided to the affiliate users when you set up your affiliate program software. Your each affiliate programs an unlimited amount and type of promotional method. Our offered software provides you with several benefits and helps you convert your customers into your brand ambassadors. Some of the benefits are:

  • With our Affiliate Marketing Software, you don’t have to pay any extra cost, once you select a paid plan, and that is enough. In other products, you are asked for a fee per transaction, but with our software, this is not the case.
  • Our software is based on a cloud platform, which makes it very easy to install, store the data, operate and transfer it if required.
  • Supports various languages and thus gives you and marketer, a whole new world of opportunities. There are no restrictions for you can go around and tap markets around the world.
  • The software is integrated with several platforms right from Word Press to PayPal, Squarespace, Wix, FastSpring, Teachable, It takes care of all.
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