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Affiliate software is a solution that helps in reporting and tracking of commission-triggering actions from affiliate links. It helps you to increase your sales, profit, and build your solid customer base when you are selling a product or service online. AIS Technolabs is the pioneer in the software development industry, actively committed to providing feature-rich Affiliate software to the clients so that they can manage various affiliate programs from one interface. We aim to make sure that our clients are happy and successful with their affiliate programs because their success is our success.

As per the feedback we get from the clients about other solutions, we come to know that people are facing the problems of complexity and difficulty in using other solutions. After doing research, we noted that people managing these affiliate programs are not technical professional; thus they require a user-friendly solution that includes plenty of documentation. From these basic requirements, we built the Affiliate software for you. The best thing about our Affiliate marketing software is that it lets you create sales representatives and all of them have their platforms to promote your brand.

Affiliate Program Software

Our Affiliate Program Software is specially designed for organizations of different sizes and to help a startup to expert marketers. It helps organizations to understand the potential of their existing customers. The offered software gives you everything you would require to control and manage your affiliate program and run it smoothly. You can invite a customer to join your affiliate program, they need to give their email address, and they would be receiving an email with their special link. The Software will help you to track every successful sale from an affiliate partner and show the progress on the dashboard in the real time.

With the help of our Affiliate program software, you will be able to promote the services or products to customers via text links, email, banners ads, pop-out banners and even flash ads. Our software tracks the number of times each link is showed, the visitors who use the link to find you or your website and the amount that is paid to each referred customer. It will also monitor the commissions payable to each affiliate and manage commission payments. It lets both merchants and affiliates to make money online, and thus it is truly the best method for online businesses.

affiliate program software

Affiliate Network Software

We, at AIS Technolabs, believe in developing powerful software with the help of ultra-modern tools and technologies that reflect your business style. We plan carefully and ensure that every feature of the product connects with your customers. Our affiliate network software helps you to set up your affiliate network. It incorporates high performance, accurate tracking with the help of affiliate tracking system, advanced affiliate marketing features and is fully scalable to fulfill the requirements of both large and small enterprises to create and manage successful affiliate networks. With our software, network owners can allow entry into their network for numerous merchants. With each merchant, the owner can define their rules and fees for using the affiliates’ power. The Affiliate Network Software helps you in many ways with its innovative features:

  • Social widget : This makes it easy to refer various customers to your company. It is a simple method as customers and visitors can sign up just by putting their email address and start promoting you. In addition to this, customers and visitors can promote your brand via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Increase your sales conversions: Provide incentives to the customers in the form of coupon or discount codes and allow them to use the code at checkout. This, in turn, increases overall referrals and sales.
  • Auto Signup: This feature of our software helps in converting the customers into your affiliates quickly. With this, each customer that buys something can become your brand promoter.
  • Make it easy to reward your strongest supporters : This is one of the methods to reward your supporters through various avenues like commissions, coupons, gift cards, discounts, or any other method you both discuss.
  • Contest Manager : An ideal contest will encourage interest and engagement in your referral program. It will motivate advocates to keep tabs on peers and encourage them to promote more.
  • Customizable Thank You Pages : It makes your brand more viral as each customer or visitors that access this page can promote your brand. This makes it easy to run various campaigns contests, referrals, or even polls.
  • Email templates: The software includes email template feature to help your partners promote you by sending them out to their family and friends.
  • Popups & Forms : This feature increases the interest and conversion rate by enabling users to see exit intent and timed popups. It helps you increase your conversion rates, reduces bounce rates, build a stronger email list.
  • Feedback Survey: Feedback survey helps you find the customers that recommend your brand. It is a perfect way to turn customers into supporters who will promote your business. If you are not getting give positive feedback from the customers, you can improve weak points in your business.
  • Partnership Automation: Our offered software is simple and easy to use to gain more partnerships for your business. In turns, your partner promotes your brand to various demographic and improves your bottom line.
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