Best Affiliate Tracking Software to Keep Driving Sales and Earn High Income Online

Our affiliate tracking software solution is the easiest solution to add an affiliate program to your store. Our software comes with easy to use interface and is a viable solution for organizations, both big and large to increase conversions and traffic to your store to a great extent.

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With the best affiliate tracking software, you can create a customized and promising affiliate program for your business. At the same time, it enables you to work with a large number of online marketers who will promote your business and bring customers to your site. It is an excellent affiliate tracking platform for both beginners and proficient as it offers lots of features and unmatched functionality. From templates, payout structures, to a lot more, you can customize all of it with this software. If you are looking out for an automated affiliate tracking system that can boost your business capabilities and enhance your affiliate campaigns, we offer you the best solution. Try our software to increase your sales and grow your online business to unbeatable levels.

Track, Manage and Optimize Your Affiliate Campaigns with Feature-Rich Affiliate Tracking Software

Affiliate marketing is a reliable and promising way to increase your income or promote your products. By utilizing the right sort of affiliate tracking software, you can track, manage, and push your services accurately and efficaciously. The best part is that you can use the software adhering to best practices to maximize your success to great levels. Using the best affiliate tracking software, you can track, assess, control, and optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns. Whether you are a big organization or a small company, our affiliate marketing software can cater to all your requirements and offer you the best-customized solutions.

Our affiliate tracking platform is a robust tool to monitor and optimize affiliate networks. From checking the overall performance of your network to managing contacts while reviewing results, our software comes with rich features that can cater to all your requirements.

daily bonus system
Fraud Protection
mega bonus system
Pixel Management
earn rewards and points
Targeted Campaign by Device Location
mega wins
Individual Portals for Clients and Affiliates
social media integration
Real-time Metrics
daily goals
24×7 Support
daily goals
Referral Rewards
daily goals
Customizable Templates
daily bonus system
Unlimited Affiliates
mega bonus system
Social Media Sharing
earn rewards and points
Add Infinite New Campaigns
mega wins
Monitor Each Factor

Our affiliate tracking software let clients to efficaciously attribute the various factors of their online marketing endeavors. It offers easy evaluation and smart customer engagements. Designed with a user-friendly interface, it is a productive and fast solution to enable affiliate tracking in real-time.

Our Affiliate Tracking Software Offers Everything You Need to Drive Sales

Our affiliate tracking software offer tools required to efficiently measure and manages your affiliate marketing program, optimize performance, and practice solutions to avail the highest profitability and attract valuable partners. Our software includes all the features that you will require to operate and maintain a lucrative affiliate marketing program.

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    Sign up fast so that our experts can help to establish an affiliate website for your business so that you can start bringing new affiliates on board.

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    Get in front of influencers and affiliates who are searching for products like yours. Our experts can even help to list your affiliate program in top directories.

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    Offer each new affiliate its own affiliate dashboard. It is unique and contains everything that is required to promote your products and business.

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    Bring your dashboard onto the phones. Use a white-label affiliate dashboard to do it conveniently.

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    Avail non-stop buzz on social media from the affiliates using shortcuts. Preload content and easily share the affiliate links on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

affiliate tracking software

Maximize Sales and Boost Traffic with Customizable Affiliate Tracking Software

We offer you the best affiliate tracking software to track affiliate programs as well as generate leads. It is designed to track and optimize performance campaigns while offering real-time reports. It renders analytical reports that could provide you insights needed to make important business decisions.

Convert Your Customers, Affiliates, and Influencers into Top Promoters

Conveniently Create, Track, and Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Programs by Seamlessly Integrating Robust Affiliate Tracking Software into Your Business

Our powerful affiliate tracking software can bring clarity to all your marketing campaigns and empower it with the insights to let you make intelligent marketing decisions. Check here how our affiliate tracking platform works.

Seamless Setup: Conveniently integrate our affiliate tracking software in minutes using guides or simply install manually. Integrate it with other platforms like WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

Recruit Affiliates:Incorporate affiliates with an invite URL, through SSO, manually, or using API. Send emails with the software and create affiliate campaigns while integrating your existing marketing tools.

Get Promoted – Our affiliate marketing platform: comes with numerous features and functionalities. It lets you add text links, banners, social posts, and videos to share. It is easy to use and provides you complete control over your brand thereby letting you promote your brand to a great extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, we offer a versatile affiliate tracking software that can work efficiently with a single product or brand as well as multiple products and brands. Even when you have multiple product suppliers, our software allows effective management, optimization, and tracking of the product wide performance marketing from a single platform.

A. Yes, you can customize our platforms with color and logo scheme of your business. You can customize the platform exactly as per your requirements.

A. The volume of sales growth differs depending on numerous factors. Some of our clients achieve 10% sales growth in the initial month and with the launch of our affiliate program. Other businesses do not scale up so fast. But in a span of half-year, most of our clients expected around 40% increase in their gross sales. Our experts will work to the best of their potentials to maximize profits or sales.

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