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Affiliate tracking is a method of tracking and managing marketing activities with the help of affiliate tracking software and various plugins installed on affiliate websites. The sales, lead, conversions, and clicks from affiliate websites are tracked to measure the performance of affiliates. This helps the manager of affiliate networks to monitor the performance and to understand which ones are driving traffic and revenue. AIS Technolabs is one of the leading software development companies that offer world-class affiliate tracking software to several clients so that they can track and manage their publisher relationships. The software we provide also enables clients to manage creative, campaigns, invoices, and payouts in real time.

We have a skilled team of software developers that are highly dedicated to providing you cost-effective custom affiliate solutions for your exact business requirement. Our software will help you to create new efficient sales channel and start offering affiliate programs at your store. It will provide a unique link to your chosen landing page, and track any sales that come through each link. The offered product will enable your affiliate partners to promote your store by emailing, uploading banners, placing links and other media on their websites and any social networks profiles. You will be able to accept or decline transaction one by one, once the customer referred to your store will complete order

Features of our Affiliate Tracking Software

We have steadily grown year on year to establish as the market leader and have become widely recognized as the provider of trusted affiliate marketing software. We provide you with access to every heartbeat of your marketing techniques running in real time. We are highly dedicated to utilizing each penny you invest in optimizing and tracking your network’s performance. Our tracking software is designed to keep you informed about each affiliate affair and have a list of standards and features. It includes basic and advanced features that allow you to manage your affiliates in a more organized and dynamic fashion. Have a look at some features of our affiliate tracking software that will enable you to draw maximum benefits from your affiliates.

affiliate tracking system
  • Affiliate Sign up Forms : The software can create affiliate sign up forms that collect information regarding the affiliate, create affiliate accounts and assign them a commission plan. It carries out all of the signup processes and then generates emails with guides on getting started to the new affiliates.
  • Affiliate Management Center : This feature of our software allows affiliates to log on and view relevant data.
  • Flexible Commission : The software enables you personalized and defines different commission plans. Nobody wants to pay the same rate of commission to all your affiliates, even for the same item. With this feature, you can design your commission plan as per your need.
  • Customized Landing Page : When it is about converting visitors into customers, the landing page can make a lot of difference. You can check out which page is working best for which affiliates over time and then set those pages accordingly. This feature helps you to configure which affiliate will lead to which page
  • Promotional Tools : Our software helps you add promotional tools that will be used by your affiliates. The software allows the tool selected by the affiliate to be modified, i.e. the name, landing page, affiliate links, etc. is allocated accordingly.


We offer best affiliate tracking software that is an easy-to-use and reliable tool to help you grow your business and make you money. It will help you rank higher, and thus boost your traffic, helping you earn more money. If you are looking for the best affiliate tracking software, consider AIS Technolabs, we provide you with optimized means allow efficient monitoring of leads, customers, visitors, and payments. For us, the security of our clients is on priority, which is why our software is designed with protective measures. The owner can benefit a great deal from our affiliate software within their plan. Here are a few benefits of our affiliate tracking software:

  • Monitoring and Reporting : Our affiliate tracking software enables you to track and access data in real time, without any delay. This data then can be used to make changes in marketing strategy as per the business requirements. This certainly helps you to focus on key areas where you are experiencing maximum traffic.
  • Effective Analysis : This benefit of our software helps you to generate the commission amounts for affiliates concerning analyzing leads, customers, and visitors. You will get a perfect report of the commissions generated by each of the affiliates, enabling you to pay them without any problem or error.
  • Protection against Fraudulent Clicks : Some affiliates make commissions using fraudulent tricks through fraud clicks. Our affiliate tracking software can track systems’ ID, traffic sources and IP address. This security feature ensures that no one feeds on your assets. Additionally, this technique is a helpful tool for hiring new affiliates as it makes your business seem more trustworthy.
  • Easy Control : Our affiliate tracking system will help you to manage and control affiliates and observe which affiliates are making a maximum commission. In addition to this, if you make a change in your campaign; it will not be a tough task to inform all one by one.
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