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B2B e-commerce involves the direct exchange of goods and services over the internet between companies. In contrast to retail e-commerce websites, B2B platforms operate in large quantities at various points of price. It is projected that global e-commerce B2B will rise to $1.2 billion by 2021. There is a strong demand for fresh, reliable, and diversified options. Many established businesses and startups are venturing into the B2B eCommerce platform for easy and quick returns.

Setting up your own online company today is simple, using the revolutionary Alibaba clone app services provided by AIS Technolabs. AIS Technolabs is a trusted app development solution developer that provides completely white-labeled solutions. Our advanced solutions can be easily modified to fit your specifications and requirements. Our team is full of experienced professionals and skilled developers who provide your company with scalable and user-friendly solutions.


The Alibaba clone B2B multi-vendor marketplace script from AIS Technolabs is an economical and efficient way to launch your online b2b marketplace. We use modern tools and technologies to launch your B2B eCommerce platform. Our design and development team always ensures that our delivered solutions are matching with your exact requirements. We also conduct detailed testing of our solutions before the launch so that the user experience remains satisfactory, and you get the maximum seller as well as customer participation.

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Core Features Of Our Alibaba Clone Script

AIS Technolabs The Most Trusted E-commerce Development Partner

As a mobile application development company, AIS Technolabs links your business with your customers directly so that they can always access your services. We design and develop a mobile app that will help you to increase the online presence of your business as well as increasing revenue from your venture.

We, as a trusted mobile app development company, can provide you the Alibaba script solutions which will make an impact on the market immediately after launch. Our mobile application developers can help create a Alibaba script that reflects your brand visually and engages your audience. We create a mobile app with a captivating yet intuitive navigation thanks to our innovative design and development technologies.

We do detailed research about your market and competitors to provide you the optimum solution for your target market. Our experienced mobile app developers will help you launch the best B2B eCommerce platform with a user-friendly interface. As a leading design and development company for mobile applications, we also ensure the best investment return with our Alibaba script. Contact us for an integrated app solution for your B2B eCommerce platform.


Why Select Us For Your Alibaba Clone App Development

Turnkey Solutions

Our Alibaba clone app solutions are robust solutions that can be launched in the shortest amount of time; we develop our Alibaba clone script in such a way that any new feature can be integrated easily. Our Alibaba clone, open-source script, helps you to save both your time and money.


White-label solution

We provide you complete ownership of Alibaba clone open-source software. Our white-label solutions are user-friendly, unique, and developed with long term perspective in mind. You will get the complete authority to change any feature in your Alibaba clone app post-launch. This will help you to customize the Alibaba script even after the launch.


After-sales Support

We provide you complete after-sales service for your Alibaba clone app. Our experienced technical support team provides quick resolution to any of your problems and make sure your application like Alibaba is always up to date.

We provide 24×7 technical support for all our developed solutions for our Alibaba clone open source. So you can always reach out to us irrespective of your time zone.



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How long will it take to develop and launch my own app like Alibaba?

Our Alibaba clone open source software can be adapted easily to any layout as required within shortest period of time. We can launch your own app like Alibaba very quickly after receiving all requirements from your end.

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Is it possible to integrate additional features in your Alibaba clone app?

Yes, our Alibaba clone scripts are easy to modify, and we can customize the features as per your requirement. We design our Alibaba clone open source in such a way that any new feature can be easily integrated.

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What is the cost involved in developing the Alibaba clone app?

The cost of developing the Alibaba clone app depends upon your exact requirement. Once we receive your requirement, we will share the detailed cost sheet for your Alibaba clone open source development project.

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Which are the security features incorporated by you to protect the information of the users?

We incorporate all modern technologies to provide a secure solution to our customers with our app like Alibaba. Our Alibaba clone script has got many security features like HTTPS and SSL protections, OTP login, and social media login. All of these helps to protect the information of the users in our app like Alibaba.

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