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Auction software is a digital platform that helps users to manage, organize conduct live auctions. Organizations are using this software to conduct various live auctions for business practices and a fundraising event. It provides various tools like inventory, time and sale management to keep track of inventory and pricing before an auction. People are using auction software for buying and selling items from years. And now these are the part of everyday life. We, at AIS Technolabs, are a leading software development company providing you with auction software to make your business run auctions smoothly and efficiently. Our offered Auction software comes with several features, all of which help you build and run a variety of auctions.

  • Bidder profiles or registration
  • Bidding styles
  • Payment
  • Inventory management
  • Photo galleries
  • Event planning and organizing

Auction Bidding Software

We provide you the Auction bidding software that helps the user to set a bid at the beginning of an auction. All the information regarding the bid is then filtered through these rules to get an outcome. Our offered software enables you to participate online in real time as if you were there. For auction, you need a computer system, internet connection, and our bidding software, which is free to download and simple to install. Have a look at how our software works:

  • Register yourself to create an Online Bidding account with a username and password
  • Download our bidding Software from the link on the Installation Page
  • Before you plan to participate in the auction, visit the Preview Page to preview the units that will be available for online bidding.
  • Login to the Login Page on the day of the auction and then click bid access and watch the units you wish to bid on. Then click the Bid button whenever you are willing to bid the asking price.
  • You will come to know about the bid status whenever the auctioneer closes the sale for each unit.
  • Upon successful completion of registration, dealers can use the dealer portal to access their invoices on the My Account Page.

Auto Auction Software

An auto Auction software is a solution that has effectively reduced labor-intensive tasks to minutes or even seconds. The software we provide you will run smoother, and ultimately, be more profitable to you. The simple check-in procedure and the quick sales check-out systems our software will streamline your auction while pleasing your customers. Our auction software is developed for both the buyer and sellers customer experience. The Auction Simplified™ platform is filled with useful and innovative features to make your lane style auction a success. Our systems will help you in the following manner:

  • It enables the buyer to place a bid to worry-free. Our software places the bids when the live auction starts, keeping speed with the lane.
  • It helps them manage bidding sources at once, Online, Internet Proxy and Live in the lane
  • Our software keeps the block attendant informed of what up next
  • Bidders get invoices emailed to them; they can manage their invoices online or print them out.
  • Bidders get into a bidding battle on-site and online which upsurges the number of bids.
  • Help you to set credit limits, block bad buyers control cashiering, and track payments and floor-plan.

Car Auction Software

AIS Technolabs is pleased to provide you comprehensive car auction software that leaves no stone unturned. Designed with advanced techniques and technologies; our software is an ideal combination of the latest design and high performance and is perfect for you to start your online car auction website. Our highly experienced and passionate developers have precisely built the offered software with the help of powerful tools and techniques.

With our car auction software, you can evaluate more vehicles in less time and participate in more auctions. The Car Listing dashboard in our system makes it easy for car sale owners start and manage their car auction. Whenever a customer sends an inquiry, you will get the notification. There are use and advanced search features to ease your search for specific manufactures, body type, etc.

Real Estate Auction Software

We provide you real estate auction software that uses advanced technology to simplify bidding and exploit the price you get for your listings. As we offer you Software as a Service, you don’t need to get worried about any of the technical details. If you are seeking for the best auction software that can help you run real estate auctions, we are here to help you run your successful auctions all over the world. With our immense experience in creating success for many businesses, we’re often referred to as the auctioneer’s preferred choice.

Our action software is highly scalable and easy to set up. And you can run your first sale in just a few hours straight from your own website. With our software, your bidders will enjoy a wide range of features including rotating picture galleries, detailed house and floor-plan brochures attachable in PDF form, in-system notifications, etc.

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