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In this perpetual fierce online betting market, only the best triumph. We, at AIS TechnoLabs strive to create the best sports betting software because we aspire to build enduring business associations.You can find all the help you need to build strong and secure online betting software with our team of expert sports software application developers along with extremely reliable Sportsbook. We support all sales channels be it live, retail, online and mobile.

Platform Independent

We can help you build the betting software as platform independent that your customers can use on any OS be it Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or Mac OS or even on their Android devices. You can bet anywhere anytime on any platform.

No limitations to the region

Nothing can be more frustrating than being restricted due to region or inaccessibility. Hence, we are here to solve that by providing you with web portals that offer a wide range of options to participate in betting games in any region, be it national or international, big or small. So you can keep your customers happy and committed for a long-term camaraderie.

Customizable features

You can add or delete your features according to your preference as you go along. We’d help you embedding your choices and transforming your betting software. Our expert software developers can help suggest better options for your product. For example, you can choose to add a feature of automatically translating your web content depending on your customer’s preference. Our focus is to provide you with quality experience which starts a long-term association with you. Therefore, we’d be happy to provide tailor-made solutions as per your requirement.

Simple user interface

We provide strong, secure and most importantly a simple user interface for your betting software so that even a novice player or bettor can find his or her way around on your betting software. At the same time, we can create your product with up-to-date sports information so that your customers can find everything in one place.

The most accurate betting tips can be produced when you have every piece of information available about the game, players, events that change the course of the game. We can also help you maintain such huge information on your gambling software if need be. We can assure you to provide the best gaming experience with your product.

Some of the noteworthy features we suggest

• Day-to-day updated database
• Multiple languages
• Tips for the day, week, region etc
• Live tips
• Match analysis after the match

Why choose us?


Strong Customer support is our strength and we’d like to help our customers in every way possible. We would like to help you with our expert customer relationship management team.


We provide end to end business solutions with better risk handling. Our expert team helps you with better risk management tools and solutions. You can also get all-round support with our back-office team.

Best-in-class experience

We have strong experience of building sports betting software and we’re consistently challenging ourselves to do more. We don’t like to boast but rather give you the best experience and your customers the rich gaming experience.


We will remain connected and do our best to help you with maintenance or any support needed for your team.

Strong quality check

Quality is everything. Our focus on quality has lead to most of our projects running smoothly. From time-to-time, we strive to maintain strong quality checks to ensure we deliver a great product.

Special focus on player retention

In the world of online betting, we understand how pivotal it is to not only acquire new players but also retain the existing ones. That’s why; we offer our suggestions for building your product with a special focus on player retention with attractive packages, bonus, and tips etc.

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