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Bike booking apps have become synonymous with on-demand travel. Particularly in urban areas, Bike booking apps are also known as a bike taxi booking app and have gained international attention for its easy and cost-effective transit services. We can use a bike taxi app and order a bike ride to the destination just like we call an Uber. Bike-sharing is not as fresh as a concept. What’s special is how you can navigate those rides today. It is a much smarter approach to aggregate bikes on a single bike taxi management software platform and makes them available upon demand.

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AIS Technolabs provides feature-packed, custom bike taxi app development solution that can deliver the same customized ride experiences as Ola Bike, Rapido, and uberMOTO. We help the businesses to tap into this massive market opportunity. By using our custom bike taxi software solutions, you can join and thrive in this lucrative market. Our bike taxi app development solutions cost a small fraction in comparison with existing cab mobility services.

We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities provided by on-demand bike taxi apps. Our in-house team of on-demand software development specialists provides the right technology advice to you for customized bike taxi app development. It can effectively execute your project on time. We offer you the best solution in the market at the optimum price.

Bike Taxi Management Software

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AIS Technolabs Take
Your Business To A New High With Our Solutions

AIS Technolabs provides a fully professional software development solution with a robust technology platform and configuration options to help the business model fulfill its specific needs. With a dedicated design and development team, we strive to help you to achieve the maximum ROI for your business. We provide a completely white label solution that can be integrated with your corporate logo, branding, and desired functionality.

We are working to reinvent transportation through technological power for established companies as well as start-ups. AIS Technolabs-the pioneer in all things relating to the creation of the Bike Taxi app- helps grow your business using advanced solutions. We offer startups and business owners a unique connectivity solution that can create their own bike taxi booking platform.

In your bike taxi business, we assist you in bringing operational efficiency and automation, which helps you to grow up to new heights. We will deploy our developed solution on your private servers to thoroughly monitor the valuable data generated by users.

A range of cloning solutions for common on-demand applications and platforms are also provided by us. With our digital solutions and services, speed up your business growth, and achieve desired results.

your business to a new high with our solutions

Efficient Bike Taxi Management Software
For Your Business

Complete Management Platform

Manage and effectively track all of your bike taxi business with a comprehensive overview of vehicles, drivers, and customers in real-time.

We ensure that all aspects of the bike taxi businesses are present in our solutions. Our designers also create a user-friendly layout.

So, even though our bike taxi management software is loaded with features, you can easily find them and efficiently manage your business.

complete management platform
complete management platform

Advance Dispatch Management

With our exclusive on-demand bike taxi app, it is easy to track bike shipments, reservations, funds transfer, user inquiries, and related reports.

The business operators can easily manage the existing and upcoming fleets using our uniquely developed bike taxi app.

Easy Accessibility

Our developed bike taxi app provides a personalized application for bikers and passengers.

Using our bike taxi software booking for the rides can be done in real-time wherever and whenever possible.

The software is tailor-made for iOS and Android users. Also, our software can be integrated with multiple languages as per customer demand. We ensure our bike taxi app is easily accessible for all kinds of users.

easy accessibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The users will be able to directly access or sign in to the bike taxi app via social media like Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. This helps to save a lot of time for the user. We make sure that the users’ data is completely safe and secure in all our solutions.

Yes. Our bike taxi software helps users to view and easily manage previously used trips and upcoming trips. We load our bike taxi management software with user-friendly features so that users come back to your app again and again.

Our bike taxi management software has multiple payment gateways and popular payment methods that include credit/debit cards, digital in-app, and others. The business operator can choose their desired payment mode while developing the bike taxi management software.

On our bike cab app, passengers can talk to the customer care and support team of the service provider directly through the app. We integrate a comprehensive customer care module in our bike taxi app for easy resolution of customer queries.

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