With the increasing demand for online casino, people look out for the advanced and feature-rich software. Bringing Las Vegas to the user’s computer, AIS Technolabs is active in designing and developing Blackjack Software for lending an exciting experience. A software, which is easily operated and transforming the trend of online casino games, it tends to create vibes.

Our exceptionally skilled developers have the knack of creating the best Blackjack Game Software for online gamblers. In addition to it, our Blackjack script functional capability is to channelize the flow of the game.

Our complete package of Best Blackjack Software developed using CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript code along with extensive documentation. Our Online Blackjack Software is laced with technical advancements that work well on any platform. When it comes to creating Blackjack Software for the users or people willing to have an online casino business, our expert developers create options to help people in every possible manner. For us, quality matters the most, and our quality analysts make sure that the software does not gets hanged in due course of time.

Features of Our

Blackjack Script

for Solid Game Play

Our Blackjack Script helps us to develop Blackjack Game Software with all the advanced features. The players are required to login with their registered id for the easy start of the game. With the assistance of facilities like the lower, middle, and higher limit tables, the scripting enables us to explain the game in a much better manner. Some essential features are discussed below:

Fully Responsive Design

100% HTML and JavaScript Code

Smooth jQuery Animation

Compatible with Every Browser

Extremely Flexible Deck

Dealer’s Shoe Configuration

Cheat Prevention Measures

Avoid Getting Fraudulent
Complaints from Users

Fully Customizable Script

Modify Sounds, Images,
and Animations

Enormous Profits

Table Formats

Change the Payouts
System and Rules

Challenge Card Counter

The Blackjack software developed by our team of experts is intended to generate charts, test the betting system, and even to count of cards. Certainly, we understand the general liking for playing blackjack in the casinos.

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Blackjack Game Software

Development Services

With an ability to enhance casino gaming standards, the Blackjack Software allows the users to configure specified obscure rules. It is active in setting gaming rules for playing varied forms of casino games. The best thing about our software is that it has the aptitude to conduct great shuffling of cards as a part of the real-time casinos. However, many people do not get enough time to visit physical casinos, so as an entrepreneur, this is the best chance to target such people with online Blackjack Game Software.

  • Our proficient engineers develop web, native, and hybrid Blackjack Game Software applications along with cross-browser functionality for the tablets as well as for mobile phones.
  • Our highly-skilled developers make appealing 2D and 3D Blackjack Software skins using jQuery, .NET, SQL Server, HTML5, Flash, and MVC.
  • Our Company develop auto play opponents and autoplay strategies that are easily customized by the players.
  • We build chat and messaging features for providing the best gaming experience to the players.
  • Our professional team utilizes a multi-deck blackjack game strategy.
  • Our programmers develop management portals for admin who can easily modify the rules of the game, disable the game, and make configurations in real-time.

Advantages of Our
Blackjack Software Script


Our developers always use the latest trends of technology to develop Blackjack Game Software. Our Blackjack Software is fully supported by Windows, Vista, macOS, and many more.


With the help of amazing facility betting strategies of our Blackjack Software, users can define the strategy to verify their betting. Strategies can vary from simple to extremely complex cover betting per count.


The players can increase realism with our blackjack game. It is because of that the players can play with natural casino hand movements instead of using buttons. Also, the users can buy other player’s Double Downs and Splits.


Our developed Blackjack Software comes with in-built calculators. With it, the users select the rules according to their wish, and the software will start to calculate the different number of decks.


Our developing Blackjack Software is fully capable of testing the long-term progress as well as identify the weak spots in the user’s skills. The players or teams can also create their own standardized tests and distribute them between.

Understanding the World of
Blackjack Game and Software

Blackjack is the most famous and widely played casino-based games in the world; we have developed software in the most elegant way. The purpose of the game is to beat the dealer or reach a final score more than the dealer itself. Through our Blackjack Software, one gets to know that players have to deal with two cards at a time, facing up or down. There are different tables to be played upon, and the players can select the limit as per their capability. The best part of our Online Blackjack Software is that it gives detailed information on the way of playing the game. Also, it assists beginners at every step to understand the game and make the most of it by earning well.

Why Hire Us for the
Development of Blackjack Software

We design and develop a Blackjack Software in such a way that it can be used by a novice as well as professional. Being powerful in nature, it offers high-quality information about the game and directs to play it well for earning big money. The game is highly customized and enables us to create our own computer players, betting options, customizing cards, and other blackjack varieties for a better gaming environment.

Effective Dashboard : The effective dashboard of our Blackjack Software allows the admin to control the overall performance of the software such as Player Management, User Management, Finance Management, Game Management, etc. as per their needs and requirements.

Useful Modules: Our developers build a risk management module and tracking technology module for providing detailed reports and summaries of the game. With the help of these reports and summaries, the admin can easily be integrated into CRM loyalty and rewards modules.

Innovative Designs: Our highly scalable developers develop custom Class II and III games along with exciting User Experience (UX) and interactive User-Interface (UI) for popular casino game types such as bingo, poker, slots, blackjack, and so on.

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