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Casino related gaming sites and apps have huge revenue generating potential provided they get their fundamentals right. We at AIS Technolabs help casino companies build highly interactive casino gaming websites and apps. Blackjack switch is a popular variant of Blackjack casino game. Blackjack switch involves two hands instead of one compared to regular blackjack and player is allowed to swap or switch top two cards between hands. Websites and apps promoting blackjack switch casino game would need right technology partner like AIS Technolab to help reach wider audience.

We at AIS Technolabs take care of conceptualization, design, development, testing, rollout and maintenance of your gaming website and app. Our work is always unique, meets international standards and can comply with any local and international regulations. Our clients enjoy complete peace of mind as we take care of technical implementation and execution, allowing our clients to focus fully on the business.

blackjack switch game

We build really Interactive

blackjack switch game

sites and apps Having right technology partner on your side makes immense difference.

We at AIS Technolabs specialize in building online casino games while factoring different age groups, operating systems, device sizes, country wise regulations, security standards and data privacy guidelines. Our gaming apps are best in the industry in terms of interactivity, user retention, ease of use and overall user experience.

Here’s why we are unique in what we offer:

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Blackjack Switch Casinos

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Our engineers and designers are best in the industry with both casino gaming domain knowledge and proven technical expertise.

  • We get the fundamentals right: AIS Technolab’s experts will work with you to understand your site/app’s business model and target audience. We will help you from early stages in getting the right top level domain, optimized website/app design, avoiding various costly mistakes. A strong top level domain, well designed site map and content strategy puts blackjack switching game apps on fast foot forward.
  • Edge over competition: At AIS Technolab we understand how important it is for our clients to maintain an edge over their immediate competition. Our expert SEO teams are always on top of their game, regularly ideating, innovating and collaborating with our clients for continuous improvements and competitive advantage. SEO for blackjack switch gaming sites and app is never a one time activity but a continuous process evolving with time, technology and business practices. Having a right SEO partner takes the technology and implementation burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on the core business.
  • Full suite of services: AIS Technolab can own and execute complete suite of web/app development, SEO, marketing and promotional activities for your blackjack switch gaming site and app. We handle everything ranging from domain name registration, site/app development, content writing, extensive high quality link building, search engine submissions, analytics, optimization, competition analysis, online promotions and site maintenance. This makes us different from other service providers who only cater to a small subset of services, leaving their clients having to deal with multiple vendors which is often a coordination nightmare.

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Design that inspire confidence : An individual playing blackjack switch is often worried in the back of his/her mind about losing his/her money. For successful conversion, potential players need confidence inspiring content and design. Our design experts know this well. AIS Technolab’s design strategy for blackjack switch gaming sites and apps involve good volume of carefully curated gaming elements about the blackjack switch games, related industry news, strategies to win and so on. These meaningful content and design elements factor psychology of a gamer and appeals to them in a way encouraging them to try their luck at blackjack switch gaming. Contents are fully optimized for search engines as well, giving our clients a competitive edge over their competition sites and apps.

Help visitors learn the game : Most essential component of attracting new users to blackjack switch casino site or app is to educate interested users about the game- how it is played, what qualifies as a win, how blackjack switch is different from regular blackjack or other casino games and so on. By helping a visitor understand the blackjack switch game, by allowing him/her to play trial games, by enticing them to try bigger bets our carefully executed user acquisition strategy helps visitors spend more time on the site and play more games. Acquiring, converting and retaining a user is paramount for the success of blackjack switch gaming sites and apps. For successful implementation of such a strategy for your blackjack switch casino site and app, get in touch with AIS Technolab today.

Caters to both offline and online blackjack switch casinos : Your casino may be physical or virtual. It is imperative to have a fully functional, optimized website and app if you are in the business of casinos. AIS Technolab is your trusted partner to take care of entire website and app development and maintenance activities so that you can focus on your core strength of operating the casino business. Give us a call today so that we can begin a mutually rewarding association.

Targeted promotions : AIS Technolab will provide focused promotional strategy and digital marketing tips for blackjack switch gaming apps and sites to help them reach out to most probable gamers.


AIS Technolabs has expertise building both single player and multiplayer casino games. Gamers can participate as a team, compete with each other or other players.


We build casino games in 2D, 3R and VR (Virtual Reality), that work seamlessly in mobile, desktop or with VR headsets.


Gamers can pay using bitcoins, credit/debit cards, netbanking and several other modes of payment.


Instead of computer simulator games, casino gamers can play with a live dealer. This increases excitement for the gamer.

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Yes, we can integrate a chatbot into a casino gaming site or app. English language is supported.

Yes, you can either allow us to build the entire site and app or only hire our developers and have them work with you directly.

Proven Expertise, Effective Strategy, End to End Implementation Experience developing sites, apps, SEO for casino businesses.

Please give us a call. We would like to understand your requirements and give best possible quote for the app and site. Be assured that our quotes will be most competitive in the industry.