Mastering Laravel Developer Tools: A Comprehensive Guide

11 laravel developer tools

A popular PHP system for developing web-based applications is Laravel which is well-known for having a robust ecosystem, information, and object-oriented architectural design. This blog post has everything you need, including tools for managing your code base, testing, debugging, and data management.

Numerous new tools and resources are available due to the popularity of the open-source PHP framework. One such PHP framework with the fastest growth is Laravel. For coding your desired app, you can easily hire laravel developer and build an app to perfection.

The top 11 Laravel developer tools that you should be on the lookout for in 2023 are covered in this blog post. But before exploring them, let's grab a brief overview of Laravel.

Laravel - A Brief Overview

The free PHP framework Laravel is made for creating a wide range of web apps. Being one of the most popular PHP frameworks, it has a straightforward user interface and a wide range of functionality.

Laravel is a wise choice to hop on if someone is beginning their developer career in web development. Laravel offers a robust, eye-catching, effective framework for creating online apps.

Developed by Taylor Otwell and made available in 2011, Laravel was created to assist developers in creating online apps more efficiently. The architectural elegance, expressive syntax, and emphasis on efficiency and productivity make Laravel one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Moreover, it offers a stable, fast, and effective foundation for creating a wide range of web applications.

11 Laravel Developer Tools To Look For In 2023

Here are some of the most robust tools that can help Laravel developers extensively. Let's take a look at them!

1. PHPStorm

For creating Laravel applications, PHPStorm is a potent IDE. Debugging, testing, refactoring, code navigation, and code analysis are just a few of its many features. It also works well with additional tools like the Laravel debugs bar and the Laravel outage detector.

Features Of PHPStorm

  • If you are a Laravel developer, PHPStorm is an excellent tool. You may effortlessly complete your complex coding projects with the help of its intelligent code editor capabilities. There are several languages and other features available for this functionality.
  • Quality analysis is considered one of the PHPStorm tool's most important features. With this, you can easily fix every bug in your app.

2. Bitbucket

Bitbucket would be an excellent choice for small firms that require collaborative code review. You may use this Laravel development tool to distribute code repositories, allowing developers to collaborate while inspecting and debugging code. Nevertheless, you can only choose a restricted number of code collaborators hassle-free.

Features Of Bitbucket

  • Even remotely, you can collaborate and work with others using this technology. You can easily create pull requests, build the application, and deploy them.
  • This plug-and-play tool allows you to automate the CI/CD pipeline. To assist you in better managing the code, it also displays the state of the code.
  • You oversee the project from a distance and keep tabs on its status and development.

3. Laravel Blade

Laravel Blade is one of the most popular web PHP template engines since it is highly user-friendly and offers various features. This includes database transfer, CSS pre-processing, and template inheritance.

Features Of Blade

  • Being a robust tool, Laravel developers can use it to create straightforward and unique applications.
  • It makes it a mere cakewalk for you to begin coding while using a templating engine, along with facilitating syntactic writing.
  • Blade also offers developers its dedicated coding tool structure as templates.

4. Laravel Debugbar

The PHP framework Laravel debugbar is used to create web apps. It offers many functionalities like authentication, sessions, and caching and is incredibly simple to use. It also features a fantastic debugger that makes it simple to troubleshoot problems that are challenging to overcome.

Features Of Laravel Debugbar

  • The Laravel debugbar helps you check all the utilized templates as part of the debugging process.
  • This tool allows you to build and use many requests without any hassle. Moreover, it helps you easily create various queries and release multiple requests.
  • This tool also plays a crucial role in gathering various types of data for their use in developing apps.

5. Laravel Entrust

This tool is among the better alternatives for implementing authentication and authorization in Laravel. The main features of this tool are automatic database backup, SSL certificates, and SSH keys.

When it comes to creating secure-first online applications, websites, and software for a variety of sectors, it offers huge flexibility and scalability.

Features Of Laravel Entrust

  • Serves huge flexibility when it comes down to developing web applications.
  • This developer tool assigns multiple roles along with permissions to users to ensure your web app’s security.

6. Laravel Socialite

This Laravel development tool primarily provides an OAuth interaction with various social media platforms. Moreover, it connects your specific web app to a variety of platforms, including GitHub and GitLab.

This one-of-a-kind developer tool allows you to handle multiple logins and sign-ups easily. It also displays the default authentication code required for various social channels.

Features Of Laravel Socialite

  • Allows for secure login or sign-up to the online application via social media platforms, ensuring maximum data privacy.
  • This developer tool handles all the essential codes for seamless social channel integrations.

7. Laravel Dusk

Laravel Dusk is a potent and user-friendly Laravel development tool that provides extensive support in code debugging, application profiling, and code optimization.

Features Of Laravel Dusk

  • It offers an end-to-end test for web applications built with Laravel.
  • Dusk helps all developers examine client-side features that have been tested in practice and how users will interact with them once they are released.

8. Laravel Vapor

This is another fantastic Laravel deployment tool that you should utilize to manage and develop your Laravel web apps effectively. This type of developer tool efficiently handles various tasks, including DNS administration and asset uploads.

Features of Laravel Vapor

  • Laravel Vapor assists your web apps to load more quickly.
  • With the help of this tool, you can quickly scale your cache, which will help your web apps run faster.

9. Laravel Mix

Mix is a powerful developer tool that facilitates the development, testing, and deployment of Laravel apps. Basic typescript and view support are also included with Laravel Mix.

Features Of Laravel Mix

  • Using Laravel Mix, you can easily define your asset pipeline because of its unique scripting and chaining techniques.
  • It contains a function called browser sync that automatically checks all your files for updates and injects any changes into the browser without needing a manual refresh.
  • Laravel Mix offers the simultaneous merging of several files.

10. Laravel Forge

You can easily manage your resources for Laravel apps with the help of this strong, reliable management tool. The Forge tool ensures that coding and maintenance are always simple for developers. As a result, it's simple to create PHP web apps for various platforms, including Amazon, Hetzner, and others.

Features Of Laravel Forge

  • This tool offers you the most recent version of the Laravel tool so you can design and build the greatest PHP web application.
  • Laravel Forge makes it a mere cakewalk to collaborate with others while working on a PHP web application.

11. Laravel Console

Thanks to Console, you can run sophisticated tasks without ever leaving your development environment. It is a robust command-line interface for Laravel applications.

Features Of Laravel Console

  • There are built-in, pre-installed sample features for popular layout designs in this Laravel Console tool.
  • The best authentication options for a secure working environment are found in this tool.
  • A library is also an add-on benefit of this tool.

Wrapping Up

So, this was all you needed to know about the dedicated Laravel developer tools. With the highly competitive online market, you must hire Laravel programmers, build the best apps, and take your business to the next level.

In this blog, we've highlighted the top eleven technologies you must look for in 2023. AIS Technolabs ensures our readers have acquired essential information about efficient Laravel developer tools.

Stay tuned to AIS Technolabs for more insightful content.


Q 1. Can you explain Laravel Packages?

Ans - Laravel Packages are the collection or codes of controllers, routes, or views that broaden the laravel applicaiton functionality. It facilitates seamless performance even with heavy server loads.

Q 2. Other than Sublime and Atom, which IDE Laravel uses?

Ans - Along with Sublime and Atom, laravel uses Visual Studie Code, and Codelobster is the most famous laravel code editor and IDE. With these code editors and IDEs, you can seamlessly avail web app solutions for your business requirements.

Q 3. Can you explain the Bundle in Laravel?

Ans - A bundle is a collection of codes developers can utilize with Laravel Applicaiton developments. Laravel Bundle saves application development time since developers can avoid building an application from scratch.


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