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5 things to consider for android app development creation

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Transforming a brilliant idea into a promising mobile app, may sound a doddle. However, it is not. While some successful apps today evolved from a eureka moment, a greater number end up dead in the water because the journey from a promising idea to a successful masterpiece can be a long and arduous one. Here are 5 things you'll need to consider as you aspire to bring your bright idea in Android App Development process.

Statistics to work with

  • 4.77 billion mobile users in 2017
  • Over 2 billion android monthly users
  • 3.3 million mobile apps on Google play store

1.Small and Easy

Start Android app development with a small amount of target users, it is helpful. More often than not, apps fail to make a mark because they try to do too much for too many people. Keeping things small and easy will enable you to meet and beat the needs and expectations of your target users.

Before Starting Android App Development, know your Target users WELL

Choosing a specific target audience, it is necessary to know them thoroughly. Use polls, surveys, market research, friendly questions to draw out their needs, their wishes, their expectations and what they are prepared to compromise. Use such information as a road map through the project.

When coding, keep it Different yet simple: your app will be ignored if it doesn't solve an existing problem or offer anything new. It is best to adopt the mindset of a user and not a developer when you code your app, often times a procedure that seems easy for you as a developer to create may be unappealing and stressful for your users. So keep things simple, light and fast for your users remembering that there is room for updates and updates excites users.

2. Business vs Users

Balance is key. Free apps attract users but free apps earn nothing. However, Apps that are focused on making money off advertisements and in-app purchases irritates users and will be uninstalled eventually. Losing users means losing money, wherefore balance is needed.

Before coding for Android app development Learn, unlearn and relearn: The technique of generating revenue from android apps is sophisticated and require time and effort to master. Learn what revenue- generating options are available, learn from your competitors, learn your users; how much scares them off? You will need to unlearn and relearn because this is a dynamic enterprise with new and better methods springing up regularly.

During coding Focus on efficiency not money making: Users readily recommend apps that they like and appreciate because it satisfies them, this is the best type of marketing. So focusing on creating an efficient app, avoid irrelevant processes that drains data or battery life. Make compromises if need be.

3. Timing

A brilliant idea today can become obsolete and pointless tomorrow. Moreover, users barely Zuninstall apps they have become familiar with because of the ease it affords them. However, they will not keep two apps of the same kind due to limited storage. To illustrate; Microsoft Kaizala is great, but very few persons will uninstall WhatsApp for kaizala.

Before coding prepare, plan, practice: Every successful project starts with a meticulous plan, avoid leaving even the tiny details to chance. Leverage enough resources, have a definite and realistic starting and completion date, set milestones, anticipate hurdles and device workable solutions, be reasonable and practice.

During coding keep it simple: Regularly visit your target user’s primary preference information, it is easy to be side tracked into adding unnecessary features that will slow down the project. Remember, one published app is better than two apps waiting to be launched.

4. Testing Academy

Testing is king coding is next. Testing your app will be one of the most draining, time consuming yet crucial task you do throughout your project and it never stops. Most firms outsource their testing activity because the process is cumbersome. Before coding set up a testing lab: It helps to arrange for 10 to 15 persons with different orientation or background but within your target user circle. These should be persons you trust to keep your apps unique features confidential and be available to try out every APK file you develop.

During Android app development process test regularly: testing should not only be limited to available mobile devices, one advantage of setting up a testing network is the availability of a variety of mobile devices with different versions of the android operating system. Do not cut corners, make corrections when necessary.

5. Security and Maintenance

Unlike IOS that is restrictive and thus better secured the android ecosystem is ubiquitous and not as secured. It is important to think of security before, during and after launching your app.

Before coding plan for security and maintenance: Most mobile apps are hooked up to a server and networked with APIs that gets stuffs done at runtime. Every module requires a level of security. Keep your users interested with planned updates.

During coding implement the safest methods: It is a wise practice to avoid copying readymade plugins and snippets found on the internet. For one, they sometimes contain bots that could cause you serious problems. Secondly, it is best to abstain from needless legal battles when your mobile app becomes successful. If you must copy, make sure you read the terms and conditions properly.
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