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The mobile application industry depends on constant innovation, and iOS development lies at the front. As iPhone and iPad users keep increasing worldwide, Apple looks forward to adding value to its workforce and thus aims to hire iOS developers who are skilled and experienced. But what makes an iOS developer successful? This blog will help you understand the seven essential skills you need to become an excellent iOS developer and transform your app ideas into reality.

7 Important Skills for iOS Developers

Proficiency in Swift Programming Language

Swift programming is the language used to create apps for the iOS platform. When you hire iOS developers, it is important to analyze their understanding of coding languages. This includes knowledge about Swift's syntax, data structures, and object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts. It also demands expertise in fields like closures, optionals, error handling, and memory management. An efficient iOS developer should be able to write clean and effective Swift codes that act as the base for an adaptive iOS application.

Expertise in Xcode Development Environment

Xcode serves as a major controlling centre for all requirements in iOS development. This is Apple's integrated development environment (IDE), an all-in-one centre for designing, coding, testing, and exporting iOS apps. An expert iPhone app developer must be familiar with Xcode's interface. They should be able to utilise its built-in tools, such as the interface builder, to build interactive user interfaces (UIs). Moreover, a deep understanding of Xcode's debug functions is highly recommended for identifying and sorting out issues easily.

Knowledge about Apple's HIG

Functions play a major role but do not make an application great. Excellence is defined through a visually appealing and smooth user experience (UX). When hiring iOS developers, sticking to the HIG policies is very important. Strict implementation of the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) ensures a familiar UX for every person who is accessing your application across the iOS platforms. This not only makes the experience easier for users but also provides a sense of quality and professionalism within your application.
Key HIG Focus Areas:
  • Visual Design: Consistent use of fonts, colours, and icons
  • Interaction Design: Intuitive gestures, button placements, and animations
  • Information Architecture: Clear organisation of content and navigation

Strong command in Version Control with Git

Version control systems like Git are one of the most important aspects of managing your codebase. This is quite helpful while working on larger projects or collaborating with a team. The iPhone application developers familiar with Git commands can easily track the changes made, revert to their previous versions, and collaborate effectively with fellow developers. Git also offers a smoother development process and protects your project's history. This results in easier identification and correction of errors that arise. 

Building high-performing apps while valuing efficiency

Even the best application idea can go to waste if it is sluggish or filled with bugs. When hiring iOS developers, you should choose developers who can write clean, efficient codes and smoothly utilise device resources. An iOS developer experienced in optimising performance can ensure that your app runs smoothly. The application support, even on older devices, contributes to a positive user experience and sorts out feelings of frustration or negative reviews.

The Art of Testing and Debugging

No app is free from errors; new errors can always appear during development. A comprehensive test plan succeeds in covering various functions and user experiences using simulators and real devices. When you hire iOS developers, you should make sure that they are skilled in carrying out demo tests for their apps. Furthermore, proficiency in debugging tools is also essential for identifying and fixing errors. The ability to identify and resolve bugs regularly provides consistent development and ensures a high-quality application.
Testing Best Practices:
  • Unit testing: Identifies individual components of the code for testing
  • UI testing: Ensures the user interface functions as intended
  • Integration testing: Verifies how different parts of the app work together

Effective Communication and Collaboration

While technical skills are essential, an iOS developer's communication skills are equally important. Effective communication includes clear communication with clients, designers, and the team. The ability to present technical concepts understandably ensures a smooth development process and everybody's presence on the same level. Moreover, strong collaboration skills are also important for working effectively as a team.
Communication Skills for iOS Developers:
  • Active listening: Understanding project requirements and user needs
  • Clear technical writing: Documenting code and functionalities
  • Collaboration tools: Utilizing platforms like Slack or Jira for effective communication

Why choose AIS Technolabs to Hire iOS Developers?

At AIS Technolabs, we offer you a team of highly skilled and experienced iPhone app developers possessing all the core skills listed above. We completely understand the importance of building high-quality and user-friendly iOS apps. Moreover, we provide a risk-free 15-day trial period for your peace of mind. 

AIS Technolabs also offer a money-back guarantee for dedicated projects if you are unsatisfied with the work delivered.  We also understand that project requirements can evolve and thus ensure flexibility in providing changes in developers assigned to you throughout the project.


By gaining command over the important skills listed in this blog, you can easily start your journey as an iOS app developer. Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends is equally important, as it can help you succeed in this field. 

Whether you are willing to build the next ultimate application or to be a part of a top-notch development team, understanding these core skills would arm you with the ability to deliver outstanding work to your clients. 


Ans. There are a lot of ways to find a great iOS app developer. You can hire freelance developers or experienced developers from agencies like AIS Technolabs. You can also use online hiring platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed. While hiring potential developers, make sure to consider they fulfil your project’s requirements.

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