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In this technological era, almost all the websites, desktop applications, utility software, and system software, etc. are developed with the help of high-level programming languages like C, C++, etc. But these programs need compilers or interpreters to translate source code to machine language. It takes lots of time for converting the source code so that it slows the process of software development.

These programming languages are generally less memory efficient and not able to communicate directly with the hardware. So, the Golang has become the preferred language for the developers to build software. Go Programming Language is a procedural and open-source language that is helpful to build reliable, simple, and efficient software. In this, programs are assembled with the help of packages that is for efficient management of dependencies. Go Language also supports environment adopting patterns alike to dynamic languages. There are numerous online IDEs like repl.

It, The Go Playground, etc that can be used to run the Go Programwithout installing.

Why Businesses Choose Go Program for Custom Software Development?

Go Language has impressive benefits that accelerate the development process. Also, it makes software development more enjoyable for programmers. Nowadays, it has become a popular language among the developers because it represents enormous advantages while comparing with other fast programming languages. Some essential benefits are discussed below:

#1 Go Program is Fast

Go Language has a simple syntax and structure. golang web programming Languageis devoid of classes and type inheritance. This language is based on functions. Thus, it is simple, reliable, and fast to learn. It is also easily compiled so that it gives a shorter time to market, faster feedback, and saves money. Even, software development is cheaper with Golang.

#2 Go Language is Open-Source by Nature

Golang is an open-source programming language so that it makes easy for the programmers to build a cleaner, reliable, simple, better, incredible, and more efficient software. Go Program is the product of the innovation and evolution of the more conservative languages like C and C++. Sometimes, the programming code of Golang contains any defects, then Gophers (the Golang Developers) will detect the problems and eliminate them.

#3 Go Program has a Garbage Collector

Go Programming Language is capable of controlling automatic memory management, which has a significant influence on performance as well as helps to make concurrency more efficient.

#4 Go Programming Language has Good Credentials

This programming language is financed by Google, and its creators – Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson are geniuses. They devoted to making many programming languages such as C, UNIX, B, JVM, and others. But, Go Program was developed as a future-proof programming language which helps to fulfill all the challenges of the present and anticipate the challenges of the future.

#5 Go Language is Cross-Platform

The Go Language was designed as a system language. Thus, Go Program is usable across multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows, UNIX, and BSD versions as well as mobile devices. In addition to it, this programming language compiles well on numerous Operating Systems. It is available in the standard library and capable of dealing with many actions such as threading, file input/output, networking, concurrency, etc.

#6 Companies that Have Already Embraced Go Language

  • Microsoft 
  • Apple 
  • The Economist 
  • YouTube 
  • Docker 
  • Facebook 
  • IBM 
  • Dropbox 
  • Google 
  • Twitter 
  • The New York Times

#7 Go Programming Language Keeps the Bugs Away

Golang is a compiled type language along with very strict stabilization. Also, Go Program is statically typed so that Go Developer has to be more attentive and accurate. Thus, the code is safer and neater.

#8 Go Program is Concurrent

In this modern era, the concurrency concept is essential for software development. This programming language allows Go Developer to run multiple processes effectively and simultaneously. Moreover, Golang has efficient and scalable concurrency like C++, C, and Java due to its channels, go-routines, and garbage collection.

Top Golang Frameworks, IDEs & Tools

Go Language ranks highest among the programming languages in terms of preference and expertise. It can attract many developers or programmers from various disciplines as well as from software development outsourcing professionals. There is a list of top Golang Frameworks, IDEs, and Tools that are discussed below:

Frameworks for Go Language

The web frameworks of Golang help the programmers to build applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. Go Program is still relatively new. Thus, it is essential to use frameworks with sufficient documentation. Here are some of the best frameworks for Go Language.


This framework is extremely lightweight but sturdy. It was developed for writing modular web applications and services in Go Language. The design of this framework is Non-Intrusive so that the developers can easily use it and includes a wide range of middleware and handlers. It can perform exception handling, necessary routing, and default document serving for the Angular JS apps in HTML5 mode.


It is considered as the high productivity framework for Golang. It consists of Hot Code Reload tool that allows developers to rebuild the software on every file change. It also contains various comprehensive and high-performance features so that programmers do not require to find external libraries to integrate into the framework.


This framework is popular among developers due to its modularity. The programmers can select variables from various libraries and includes into their project. It also allows the developers to build reusable modules of HTTP functionality and compiles a set of applications and middleware into a single HTTP Server Object that keeps the code self-contained.

Tiger Tonic

This framework is used to develop JSON web services and build high-performance REST APIs. The main feature of Tiger Tonic framework is Orthogonal.


It is full-fledged MVC framework along with its web frameworks, logging library, and ORM. The programmers do not require to search and install third-party libraries. It has an in-built tool called Bee Tool that looks after for the code changes and runs the tasks whenever the changes are detected. Even, it is also helpful to save a lot of time, especially at the beginning of a project when the developers are figuring out the application structure or logging framework.


The Buffalo framework already has everything set up for the new project – from front-end to back-end development. Therefore, developing modern web applications of Go Language is quick and straightforward. It also contains the feature of Hot Reloading. Thus, the dev command will automatically see the .go and .html files and rebuild and restart the binary for the web application.

Gin Gonic

Gin Gonic framework is a minimalistic framework that contains the essential features and libraries that makes it perfect for building high-performance REST APIs. With the help of this framework, the programmers can ass nested groups, middleware, JSON validation, and rendering. It also stills maintains its optimum performance overall software development. It also uses HTTP router which is the fastest HTTP router for Golang.

IDEs for Go Language

Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) for Go Language is gaining popularity because it helps to organize the programming code and navigate it with ease. Also, it helps to test the code and edit it accordingly. Let’s have a look at the best IDEs that work better with the Go Program.

Visual Studio Code

It is open-source and full-featured IDE and code editor that is compatible with numerous programming languages. It has many features such as debugging using breakpoints, smart completion with IntelliSense, built-in Git Integration, an interactive console, file explorer, and hierarchical folder. With it, the developers of Golang can extend the functionalities with an array of available plug-ins.


It is a web-based IDE for Go Language developers. It is designed for collaborative development. Wide IDE consists of many features including debugging, code highlight, Git integration, and much more.

Eclipse with GoClipse

Eclipse of a popular IDE and various plug-ins have been created for it. But GoClipse is an Eclipse plug-in for Go Language that provides Go source code editing with automatic indentation, configurable syntax highlighting, and brace completion. Even, it serves as a project builder and wizard that reports build and syntax instantly.


It is reliable IDE for Golang. It is a commercial IDE that gives a robust, ergonomic environment for Go programmers. It contains many features like debugger, coding assistance, and an integrated terminal along with an extensive IntelliJ plug-in ecosystem that helps to get additional tools.


It is a full-featured Go Program IDE that is also compatible with other programming languages like Ruby, Node.JS, Perl, Python, etc. This IDE allows programmers to write clean code easily with many features such as intelligent code, advanced code editor, unit testing, syntax checking, and version control, etc. Komodo IDE works better for team collaboration so that multiple developers can edit the document simultaneously.

Sublime Text with GoSublime

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor with a large community of developers and contributors. It contains a wide variety of plug-ins. On the other hand, GoSublime is a Golang plug-in that provides code completion from Go code, removal of package imports, automatic addition, and verify syntax or lint while developers are writing code and so on.


It is an open-source and Golang-centric IDE. It offers numerous features to the developers for software development such as configurable build commands, cod management, auto-completion, gdb and Delve debugger, MIME type-based system, theming with WordApi, and much more.

Tools for Go Language

The tools of Golang can be used for a wide variety of web applications and projects. The programmers can write the code and build applications as easily as quickly as possible with the help of Golang’s tools. Here is a list of top Go Language tools that are the following


It is a useful Golang tool that helps the web developers visualize and retrieve Go source code dependency trees. Depth tool can also be used as a standalone command-line application or as a particular package with the development of software. The programmers can easily add customizations by simply setting the appropriate flags on the Tree before getting resolved.


It is a new kind of Go Program tool that is useful for the developers to detect incompatible changes, backward, and exported declarations. With it, the programmers can also avoid false positives.

Go Meta Linter

It is intended to be used with an IDE integration or a text editor that are Atom go-plus package, Sublime Linter plug-in, Vim/Neovim, Emacs Flycheck checker, and Go for Visual Studio Code. Even, this tool supports numerous linters and configuration files like JSON.


This tool is mainly focused on simplifying Go source code. It always targets the latest Go version and suggests the simplest and easiest methods to avoid complicated constructs.


This tool is used for Golang prints out coding style suggestions. It also allows the developers to check function/file line and param/line number that can be configured by the user.


It is a web-based development tool that lets the programmers visualize the call graph of the Go Program along with Graphviz’s dot format. It is especially useful while developing large projects with complex codebases. With this tool, programmers can focus on the group functions, specific packages, methods type, custom path prefixes, and so on.


This tool contains a wide variety of functions and features. It is an implementation of Swagger 2.0 and can serialize and deserialize the specifications of the swagger. It consists of various features such as spec document generation based on the code, code generation, extended string formats, API generation based in swagger specs, and many more.

Our Go Program Excellency

As a Golang Development Company, our Golang developers are the real pioneers of software development in Go Language. We already have realized its significant features, among which one of the most important is the high processing speed. Our proficient developers have started practicing Go Program before it becomes mainstream in the field of software development. Our primary focus is on the latest Go Project that is DueFocus Platform that represents a sophisticated app for budget and time planning. Even, it manages up to 10000 concurrent requests per second.
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