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CEO at AIS Technolabs
Sunny Chawla

CEO at AIS Technolabs

Sunny Chawla is a CEO at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App Design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He is having expertise in Digital Marketing, Game Development & Product Development.

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Many experts and business owners choose to work with .Net technology to build first-rate enterprise-level software. Building feature-rich .Net software is more expensive than having it built by Indian .Net developers. India is one the most reliable country to outsource the .Net software development projects since India has a number of skilled developers with extensive experience.

India has abundant talent in software development. This talent is always on the hunt to find better opportunities to get more exposure. Hiring .Net developers from India improves business efficiency and processes at a pocket-friendly cost. With the minimum investment, you get the maximum revenue. Most European countries and US businesses prefer to outsource their software development projects to India.
Hiring .Net Developers From India

Primary Benefits Of Hiring .Net Developers From India

According to PPI, India will be a large talent pool with the world's biggest developer base in 2024, with a growth rate of 39%. India is blessed with many IT professionals with a good grasp of their specialization areas. It is the primary reason most companies hire .Net developers from India. Hiring .Net developers from India significantly reduces the development time and creates content-driven applications and websites.

Here are some of the primary reasons you should consider hiring .Net developers for the app, software, and web application from India.


Businesses aspiring to hire .Net developers from India can leverage flexibility since Indian developers work in different time zones. Business owners can seamlessly upscale and descale .NET developers from the outsourced team. Once you achieve a particular milestone, you can easily downgrade the team size in a hassle-free process.


You can work with Indian .Net developers without overhead costs like payroll, office rent, insurance benefits, vacation or sick leaves, etc. When you hire a .Net development company, they help you manage the daily task efficiently at a reasonable cost. There is no need to hire an employee on loge term in your company. They help you achieve your targeted result in no time.

Large Talent Pool:

India’s cost of living index is low; therefore, offshoring allows you to access talented developers that are not limited to your home county. Indian developers have expertise in their field. You can hire talented .Net developers at a minimal cost. They ensure the utmost precision while working on your development project.

Balances Workload:

Allow your in-house team to look after the essential duties such as monitoring network faults, data security, etc. Hire .Net developers from India, they help you share the responsibility and can bring more transparency to every stage of software development. They will allow your team focuses on various key roles to improve the daily operation and software development process.

Real-Time Support & Maintenance:

You can resolve your project queries in real time since hiring competent and experienced developers work according to your time zone and remain accessible according to your wish. Their support and maintenance extend even after the project gets completed. .Net developers facilitate continuous support and maintenance services after finishing the project.
Hire Offshore .NET

Let's understand How You Should Hire Offshore .NET Development Team in India and What to Look for in .NET Developers?

Assess Your Requirements:

According to your project needs, think of a particular role that hired .Net developer will play in your software development project. Check whether your in-house teams need external development teams' assistance. It also depends on if you are extending the existing project or starting the project from the scratch.

Define your needs, objectives, and milestone before initiating the project. It helps to create relevant expectations, such as delivery time and approximate budget. After defining your needs you can give green light to your hired.Net Development company to build enterprise-level software and web apps.

Multiple Programing Language Knowlege:

Ensure you hire a .Net developer from India with various programming language knowledge since knowing one language is not enough. You must consider their knowledge pertaining to their various programing language and framework libraries like APS.NET, MVC, and Entity Framework proficiency.

Proficiency To Adapt Additional Frameworks:

Indian developers can seamlessly grasp the basic concepts and ideas of different frameworks. So, a candidate who does not know the required .Net framework should not be rejected. They can shift immediately and learn the needed framework in no time, irrespective of the library or framework they do not know.

Relevant Experience:

Ensure you do not exclude .Net developers based on their poor knowledge regarding frameworks. Note that you can compare the .Net framework, and if .net developers have a thorough knowledge, they can quickly gain insights into required frameworks. They can easily understand basic concepts and principles to identify the underlying issues.

Review Previous Project:

When you hire a .Net developer from India, check their previous project. Based on the size, quality, and other essential needs. Afterward, evaluate their performance. Check reviews from other businesses for more assurance. Go through their testimonials and case studies and check the scope of the previous project. Based on gained insights, hire .Net developers from India.

Select Trustworthy Partner:

If you hire .net developers from India, they can not perform testing in your office physically. So it is essential to conduct face-to-face interviews to build a trustworthy partnership with the developers. Selecting trustworthy partners consists of deep research, detailed interviews, and understanding their project management skills. You can check their internet presence and easily available work samples. Potential partners' websites can reveal much about their work culture and how they deal with offshore .Net projects.

Assess Technical Expertise

It is extremely essential to evaluate technical expertise while hiring .Net developers in India. Basic knowledge and understanding of necessary frameworks are critical. You should also check your project needs and consider the relevant .net developer profile for the same. You go through the company's website to check testimonials and LinkedIn profiles of their team members and previous projects and speak to their previous clients. You can ask for feedback about their technical expertise and working experience.


There are a number of frameworks, apps, and approaches available for .Net. So, you should hire .net developers who know using their skills right. You should pick .Net programmers who can adopt various approaches according to development project needs. To manage the .Net development project, the development team should employ a highly customized approach in defining methodology.

There are a few methodologies you can consider while hiring .Net developers in India.


In order to implement DevOps, business owners should improve the communications amongst various departments and bring in more transparency regarding the development life cycle. Quality assurance and seamless operations are one of them.


In this methodology, the development cycle consists of adding new functionality gradually. Some of the primary approaches are scrum, feature-driven development, extreme programming, crystal, etc.


In sequential stages, you need to gather requirements regarding design, implementation, verification, and maintenance. You can not move on to other phases until you finish the previous stage.
Hiring Offshore .Net Developers

Essential Skills You Should Consider While Hiring Offshore .Net Developers From India.

After determining the technology, experience, and expertise of developers, consider their skillset. You can consider the following skills while hiring .Net developers from India.

.NET Customization Knowledge:

You should hire .NET developers who have the talent to facilitate top-notch customization. They should have the talent to customize in a way to make the software your own and create a unique identity. You can pick .NET based web solution for a development project.

Migration Services To .NET

Offshore .NET developers who can easily migrate built systems from old to new.NET applications. It improves your app's ability to manage information all at once as you move to .NET. You can also use resources better and improve your performance.

.NET Web Applications

A thorough .NET web application is an essential consideration while hiring .NET developers from India. They should be aware of the development life cycle and maintain transparency while working on your project. They must have the ability to create secure, robust, and future-proof applications. They can help you build an application to simplify business operations for various industries.

.NET eCommerce Applications

.NET developer should also have a good knowledge of eCommerce technology in case you want to develop eCommerce solutions. Skilled developers enable you to create unique real-time and interactive applications. It allows you to set up storefronts and a marketplace.

Client-Side Web Development:

.NET developers should have the knowledge to develop an online application that can provide a seamless and engaging experience to users. Whenever you consider hiring .NET developers In India, ensure they have experience in client-side technologies, like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.

Developers who can write codes in different languages like C#, F#, and VB.NET should be your first choice when hiring .NET Developers from India. They should have the knowledge to use the database programs like SQL Server, No, SQL and Oracle.

.NET developers working with client-side technology can develop appealing and easily navigable interfaces utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

.NET Integration Skills:

.NET developers with integration skills make the data-sharing process seamless and efficient amongst different departments. .NET Developers who can easily connect your apps with Microsoft .NET frameworks needs integration skills. So, you should hire .NET developers with .NET integration skills.

Budget Management Skills:

When you hire a .NET developer team, ensure they have proven ability to manage software development within the given budget. .NET developers plan the budget before initiating the new project. They assess the requirements and what resources are required to complete the project. It helps them to measure the project scope.

When you hire .NET developers, ask them how would they cut the overspending and ensure quality throughout the development project. How would they forecast the cost in a software development phase?

Data Security:

Ensuring the data security of a developed web or mobile application is a must. .NET developers must be able to maintain data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. To maintain data security, ensure you discuss the following points:

  • .NET developers should write a cleaner and more secure codebase to prevent data theft. It consists of authentication, an access control mechanism, and authorization.
  • Look for .NET developers who have expertise in .NET data security from the basics of configuring HTTPS.
  • Ensure .NET developers can implement security content. Having these abilities in the .NET development team makes the software more secure.

Communications Skills:

Hire .NET developers from India who has excellent communication skills to avoid potential misunderstanding and convey precise information back and forth. They should interpret technical input and share ideas in context. Developers should have soft and hard skills, it makes communication easy with clients and developers and comprehends each other's needs.

Customer Support:

One of the primary skills .NET developers should have is customer service. So, check with them whether they can provide on-demand customer assistance or not.

  • Developers should provide customer assistance before starting the project and update them about how much time the project will complete and what features are feasible.
  • Once the .NET development process moves further, developers should provide a real-time picture updating what they have done. They should share upcoming tasks and their next steps toward achieving the next milestone while discussing the available and potential bottlenecks.
  • Once the project gets completed, .NET developers should provide courteous and professional customer services whenever you need them. .NET developer and client should periodically meet to evaluate the project's success and provide needed assistance.
Hire .NET Developers In India

How AIS Technolabs Help You Hire .NET Developers In India?

AIS Technolabs has a large pre-vetted talent pool. They offer a flexible engagement model as per your needs. You can onboard the industry experts within 48 years after completing the formalities. For dedicated projects, AIS Technolabs offers two weeks trial period with a refund policy.

Advantages of Hiring .NET Developers in India With AIS Technolabs:

Top 3% Of IT Talent:

AIS Technolabs constantly strives to find, cultivate and work with the best talent. The rigorous and proven screening process identifies the experts in their domain. AIS Technolabs typically accepts around 3% of applicants after thoroughly assessing thousands of applications every month.

Time Zone Aligned

The different time zone is never a constraint for .NET developers. The ultimate aim is to deliver quality results at your convenience. You can hire bilingual and dedicated .NET developers from India and make a remote collaboration according to your time zone, business objectives, and deadlines.

The Right Fit Is Guaranteed

AIS Technolabs can assist you whether you want to augment an existing development team or hire skilled developers. We have an exclusive network of talented .NET developers.

Our Pre-Vetted Developers Have The Below Core Skills:

  • Microsoft Azure, AWS
  • LINQ, Entity Framework
  • Xamarin, Web API, MVC, ASP.NET, .Net Core, C#
  • Entity Framework, LINQ
  • WinForms, WPF, Silverlight
  • AWS, Microsoft Azure.
  • DotNetNuke, SharePoint, Sitefinity, nopCommerce, Kentico, Umbraco


Companies aspiring to hire .NET developers from India must consider the above factors. Their key skills can significantly add value to your development project. Therefore, ensure you know and evaluate their keys to get the best outcome by employing their expertise and knowledge. You must not overlook their technical skills and theoretical knowledge before you hire an offshore .NET developer team from India.

Even a minor miscommunication cost a lot; therefore, ensure you hire skilled, excellent communicator and resilient .NET developers from India. Our .NET developers can easily create secure, feature-rich, and fully functional web applications with the necessary skillsets. As one of the highly reputed .NET development companies, AIS Technolabs has created a long list of satisfied clients in more than 35 countries while offshoring the pre-vetted .NET Developers.
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