Top Reasons Why AngularJS is the Best Framework For Web Apps

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AngularJS offers a range of benefits, like MVC architecture, two-way data binding, and many more. These features simplify web development. In this blog, we have explored similar advantages and reasons to implement the AngularJS framework for web development.


AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework. Google developed the framework to simplify operations related to web and app development. The technology follows a model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern that promotes organization. AngularJS provides a clean structure along with comprehensive tools and features. Due to the advancements of the framework, companies and individuals are taking the support of this technology and investing more in AngularJS development.

Developers can build single-page applications, web apps, enterprise-grade apps, etc., and load them with advanced features. The benefit of AngularJS development doesn't end here. They are countless and hard to describe in words. In this blog, we have listed notable advantages of using AngularJS for development. Look at them to comprehend why AngularJS is best for web development. But before that, let us tell you a little more about AngularJS and how it picked up the pace and became a favorite choice of developers.

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What Is AngularJS? How Does It Work?

AngularJS was first released in 2010, and developers adopted the framework as it had cutting-edge features that made the development hassle-free for them. Programmers can also use HTML and CSS for AngularJs web application development to extend functionalities. Apart from it, AngularJS had robust features that helped them create responsive websites with interactive elements. Below listed are some of them.

1. Two-Way Data Binding

The two-way data binding feature automatically synchronizes the data between the view and model, reflecting changes in each other. Through two-way data binding, the app simplifies and sorts out the presentation layer. It follows an intrusive approach and a simple process to display the DOM and create the user interface.

2. Directives

AngularJS has directives that function as HTML annotations and help extend the functionality of HTML elements or create custom reusable components. AngularJS has built-in directives varying from ngModel, ngBind, and ngClass. When the framework bootstraps the app when the HTML compiler cuts across DOM matching directives as opposed to the DOM elements.

3. Dependency Injection

AngularJS is known for having a built-in dependency injection system that supports managing and injecting dependencies into different app components. It functions as a software design pattern that handles the hold of components on their dependencies. The feature promotes modularity and testability.

4. Templates

AngularJS takes the support of HTML templates to define the structure and layout of the application's views. They contain specific attributes and elements on AngularJS. AngularJS combines these templates with data received from the model and renders the app view.

These features are tip-of-the-iceberg of the main features of AngularJS. The framework offers amazing benefits to make web development advanced and feasible. Let us explore them.

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Salient Benefits Of Choosing AngularJS For Web Application Development

1. Code Reusability

AngularJS has a robust dependency injection system and component-based architecture to support modular development. The framework enables developers to create reusable components that are easy to integrate in different parts of your application. Developers can reuse the existing or previously written codes for AngularJS web development. Code reusability is an advantageous feature that saves time and reduces development costs.

2. Support For Single Page Application Development

AngularJS offers dedicated support, comprehensive tools, and technology to back up single-page application development operations. Programmers can use these features to add and extend functionalities. AngularJS makes sure the page loads quickly and facilitate an excellent user experience.

3. Intuitive & Declarative User Interface

AngularJS takes the support of HTML templates along with additional directives to represent the app user interface. Its declarative approach simplifies code maintenance because the template describes structure and UI behavior with utmost clarity. Along with it, developers can also use the declarative UI to comprehend and manipulate codes according to requirements.

4. In-Built Testing Support

AngularJS provides built-in support for testing, making it easier to write unit tests for your code. The framework is designed with testability in mind, allowing you to ensure the quality and reliability of your application. It comes with advanced testing functionalities like dependency injection that generate web components and lead the way to solve their dependencies. It also allows developers to track errors hindering web app functionality. Apart from it, the framework also has outstanding features to eliminate or reduce the reliability of third-party tools.

5. Enhanced Server Performance

AngularJS framework supports caching and other adjacent processes to reduce the burden falling on server CPUs. The reduction leads to better server performance as the server only has to revert and attend API calls and serve static files. This improvement also impacts website performance and loading time positively. It allows developers to build web applications with required and technologically advanced features that cater to individual requirements.

6. Large Community & Ecosystem

AngularJS has an active and expert community of programmers to help understand complex topics like development, design, upgrade, and maintenance. It has abundant resources, tutorials, and libraries to support your development efforts. This community-driven ecosystem can help you with the AngularJS web development process, complex problem-solving, and finding best practices for development.

7. Legacy Compatibility

Migrating existing AngularJS applications can be the latest version of Angular can be a complex process. However, AngularJS is a stable and secure framework that continuously supports new technologies and updated features. If you have a legacy codebase, using AngularJS can be a viable option. Moreover, AngularJS is supported by Google, and engineers keep coming up with new updates and technologies. You can easily take the guidance of other programmers to understand and learn any concept.

8. Improved Productivity

AngularJS offers a structured framework that enhances productivity and reduces development time. It has a rich set of tools and features that help streamline development tasks. The framework offers data binding and a declarative amount of boilerplate code and makes development more efficient.

9. Code Merging

While working on any project, developers break down codes into three main components, including Model, View, and Control (MVC). Later, they merge manually, but AngularJS eliminates the need for this work. The framework itself strings the code together, whereas model components handle and maintain application data.

In AngularJS, the view component represents data and particular parts of data to the users. Whereas the control component establishes and maintains the relationship between the view and the model. AngularJS makes it easier for programmers to handle the UI part of the web app and its database with the support of an MVC pattern.

10. Powerful Framework With Robust Features

AngularJS offers powerful features, including directives, MVC patterns, and dependency injection to speed up front-end development. The framework is a common platform and readily available to use for developers. They can expand the HTML syntax to design and develop server-side applications. With its advanced features and functionalities, AngularJS makes the process straightforward.

11. Easy To Learn

Developers with knowledge of basic programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript can learn AngularJS effortlessly. There are tutorials and free courses available online to guide with AngularJS web application development process. Programmers can use these materials to understand the process and finish project development in less time.

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Summarizing the blog, AngularJS stands out as an exceptional choice for web development. It offers numerous advantages and features that make the process hassle-free and fast. Its features enhance productivity and allow developers to focus on core functionality rather than micromanagement. The framework allows developers to add interactive elements effortlessly that enhance web app capabilities. Hence, the adoption of AngularJS for web application development streamlines the process and helps develop high-performing web apps.


What IDEs AngularJS uses for web development?

Ans. AngularJS mostly uses IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Eclipse, Visual Studio, WebStorm, Aptana, and Sublime Text. These IDEs support various features and help streamline the process of AngularJS web development.

How many types of directives AngularJS has?

Ans. AngularJS mainly has Element Directive, Attribute, CSS, and Comment. These are custom directives that help execute various operations related to AngularJS development.

How can I hire AngularJS developers from AIS Technolabs within 3 days?

Ans. You can share your requirements with our team, and they will send a list of candidates according to your expectations. You can screen profiles, conduct interviews and communicate with our resources to hire AngularJS developers.

How will I know I have hired the right team?

Ans. AIS Technolabs also offers a 15-day risk-free trial to its clientele. During this time, you can work with our developers and plan how to proceed ahead. In case of dissatisfaction, we will change the team or refund the amount for dedicated projects.


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