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Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for Small Businesses


The number of mobile users worldwide is increasing every day, which allows businesses to reach out to more customers and boost their business engagement. Progressive Web Apps or PWAs offer excellent support in this context, especially to small businesses.

PWAs help small businesses to achieve a lot of their goals efficiently and with reduced expenditure. For this reason, most companies prefer to hire android app developers that can carry out the complete process of progressive web app development and execution.

Follow up on this post to know how progressive apps can benefit your business and why they are worth investing in!
What are progressive web apps

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

You can’t explore the real advantage of a web app unless you know what exactly it is. Progressive web apps are advanced web solutions offering the rich experience of both mobile web and native apps.

These apps load from your web browser and comprise rich capabilities without consuming much storage space. It offers users web functionalities on their mobile platforms and renders an app-like experience. Hence, businesses can consider it as an extension of their mobile website.
Who Introduced Progressive Web Apps?

Who Introduced Progressive Web Apps?

This idea was brought to inception by Google engineers Alex Russel and Frances Berriman in 2015. Its quick and straightforward development process and implementation made it an efficient solution for businesses that want to harness mobile applications' power.
How Progressive Apps Are Different From Native Apps?

How Progressive Apps Are Different From Native Apps?

So, you would wonder whether it is better to develop a progressive app or whether you must stick to a native app. You can understand it clearly by knowing the differences between the two.

PWAs are developed on a web browser, and they run inside it. One progressive web app works both on iOS and Android platforms. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are web languages used in PWA. These applications offer seamless and fast navigation and can run even offline. Hence, they are a great deal of investment for small businesses.

On the other hand, you need to develop separate native apps for iOS and Android platforms. The development cost is more, but you get better performance and capabilities on your device. For this reason, native apps are preferred mainly by mobile game developers.

If you want a high-performing app with a single codebase and a tight budget, Progressive Web Apps are a great choice. But if you wish compatibility and speed and have a slightly higher budget for the same, you may go for native apps.
How Progressive Web Apps Benefit Small Businesses?

How Progressive Web Apps Benefit Small Businesses?

Well, it is not just low budget that makes PWAs a perfect choice for small businesses. These apps have more advantages to offer such as:

1. Requires Less Storage Space
These apps work as an extended version of your website and load everything quickly and fast. They occupy less storage space and ensure everything is visible to your customers in seconds. Hence, they help businesses to save a lot of their space.

2. High Performance
These apps are an ideal solution if you want to serve your customers with an optimized web experience. PWAs work on the caching technology that significantly influences the website performance and leads to high lead conversion and better retention rates.

3. Provides Offline Access
One of the best advantages of these apps is that they allow offline operation. They have built-in solutions to cache features and allow your users to access information even with no internet connection.

4. Push Notifications
Like native apps, PWAs offer your business the capability of push notifications, and it allows small entities to gain personalized communications with their visitors. These notifications enable businesses to boost customer engagement to a great extent.

5. Improved App Security
Security is a significant concern for both users and businesses. A lot of customers share their details on an app. For the security of your users, the customer details must be moved to HTTPS. PWAs are built in a safe environment, and it enhances customer loyalty and confidence in a business while they provide sensitive data into your app.

6. Multitude Of Features
Progressive web apps comprise numerous exceptional features, which are of great advantage to small businesses. These apps are discoverable by search engines and can be opened directly, and they are shareable and allow companies to share their information and details with the users quickly.

7. Requires No Installation
Users don’t have to download a PWA app from the play store, and they can directly add this app to their browser as an extension. It is like a mainstream application and functions similar to it.

Also, it mitigates user abandonment which means the users spend little time on a website. The users can download this app when they navigate to the respective website.

8. Needs No Manual Updates
Native apps require periodic updates, but this is not the case with PWAs. PWAs function on the ‘on-use’ principle just like a website. So, you don’t have to perform manual updates to keep your web app running.

9. Low Development Cost
Developing progressive web apps involves a low cost of development compared to mainstream apps. Also, one app can be used for both iOS and Android platforms. So, you don’t have to develop two different apps for various platforms. It is a boon for small startups.

10. Responsive
The responsiveness of these apps makes them suitable for all mobile screens, and their fit is customized to all screens, be it a tab, desktop, mobile, or any other device.

PWA – A Great Tool for Small Businesses

New trends in the technology field will continue to emerge. They are used only if they offer excellent usability, features, and better customer reach for businesses.
Progressive Web Apps have everything that a business needs. Though they have a few limitations, the benefits will outweigh the cons if you get the app developed by a skilled developer.

Final Words

With so many varieties of apps available, it is difficult for businesses to pick the right app. The best way to figure out a solution is to be fully aware of your needs before deciding.

PWAs are the best solution for small businesses. You can exploit it to its full potential only if you hire an android app developer from a reputed company like AIS Technolabs. We aim to help our customers to scale their business with the efficient use of apps. If you are confused about which tech stack you must use, call us for a free consultation today.
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