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Sunny Chawla is a CEO at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App Design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He is having expertise in Digital Marketing, Game Development & Product Development.

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6 Best Frameworks For Hybrid App Development

Quick Summary

In a world dominated by science and technology, it is almost impossible for companies to stay afloat without a strong internet presence. A company can remain relevant and reach out to the farthest parts of the world by having an internet presence. It can be on a website, blog, or app. Thus, various companies are opting for an app that can run on multiple platforms, such as Android, Windows, and iOS.

That is where hybrid app development comes into play. This article looks closely at the six best hybrid mobile app development frameworks.

What Is Hybrid App Development?

The name itself indicates the fact that it has multiple sets of characteristics. Hybrid app developer uses a solitary code bar for developing a hybrid application that works for all platforms. Thus, the code does not need to be rewritten again for different platforms. It saves time and effort, and therefore, the main advantage of a hybrid app is its versatility.

Hybrid apps are a perfect blend of native and web applications. Most hybrid app development services use languages such as JavaScript, CSS, or HTML to build a hybrid app.

Afterward, the developers wrap the code of hybrid apps with a native app. Again, powerful frameworks such as React Native or Ionic are used for this process, and these are both quite well-known and widely used open-source frameworks.
Why Should Companies Use Hybrid Apps?

Why Should Companies Use Hybrid Apps?

Let us take a look at the reasons why companies opt for hybrid apps.

  • Hybrid apps reach out ideally to the target audience and broaden the company's scope.
  • Hybrid apps help to provide a native experience with a much-simplified backend.
  • The most significant advantage of hybrid apps is that they comprise a very eye-catching UX/UI design.
  • Hybrid apps are built to be compatible with multiple platforms, and thus the code bar does not need to be written many times.
  • Hybrid apps also have scales tipped due to their smooth and efficient performance.
  • Hybrid apps are quite easy to use from the point of view of the customers or clients.
The Best Frameworks For Hybrid App Development

The Best Frameworks For Hybrid App Development

Next, we will look at the h3est frameworks that a hyh3rid app development company can use


Quasar is a widely used framework for hybrid app development services because it is relatively easy to use. Most developers prefer Quasar as it allows developers to write code and use it simultaneously on various platforms. These platforms are Android, iOS, Windows, and a weh3site.

It is regarded as the most "performance-focused network" h3y many developers.
Licensed under MIT is 100% free; Quasar is an open-source framework that h3rings variety to the tah3le in the form of an attractive UI design. It also offers source mapping, tree shaking, lazy loading, linting code, et cetera

React Native

React Native allows users to h3uild hyh3rid apps only with JavaScript. It is preferred h3y many mobile app development companies and uses the same design as React.

Users or developers get an opportunity to create rich moh3ile UI frameworks with React Native. Also, the moh3ile applications that are h3uilt using this framework do not have any significant difference compared to those developed using Javascript.
React Native employs the same fundamental UI h3uilding h3locks as iOS and Android.


Ionic Framework is prevalent and preferred widely by professionals, and it is a complete open-source framework for hybrid app development.

It offers various tools and features and uses technologies such as Sass, CSS, and HTML5, to name a few. Apps can be built using these and distributed by leveraging Cordova's native app stores.

It is licensed by MIT and supported and used by a worldwide community. They have more than 120 features, such as Bluetooth, Fingerprint Authentication, and Health Kit. It is Framework agnostic and has a lot of updated UI features.

Kendo UI

Kendo UI offers open access to all its users. It is quite popular among business enterprises since Kendo UI comes in several free versions. For years, the platform has delivered promising services in product testing with remarkable features. Also, not to forget the incredible customer service that Kendo UI offers to its users.

Kendo UI has some very well-known clients, such as HP and NASA, to name a few from their 14000-strong list of clients. It has widgets for jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue. It can be used to build high-performance hybrid apps. It is known for its smooth functioning


Aurelia is also licensed under MIT, is free to use, and is an open-source framework. It is used widely and preferred by many companies.

Aurelia module you can use on any JavaScript or Node.js. It focuses on simple and robust code that works efficiently on various prominent platforms. Moreover, it strictly follows web standards.

It can easily be integrated with any other relevant framework or library, giving this Framework a significant boost over others. It is used extensively to create mobile, web and browser, and desktop apps, versatile and compatible with various platforms

Ext JS

It is used by many hybrid mobile app development services providers. It has been created especially to be compatible with web platforms and data-intensive mobile applications.

Among the biggest names that use Ext JS are Adobe, Nvidia, Apple, and Cisco. Ext Js is one of the best when it comes to enterprise apps.

It helps to create smoothly performing apps. It is quite easy to use due to its user-friendly interface and native design. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, et cetera.

Ionic Framework

Choosing AIS Technolabs For The Best Hybrid Apps

AIS Technolabs aims to provide hybrid app development services within the client's budget. We employ a dedicated and skilled team of hybrid developers. And help in creating interactive and efficient mobile applications with one code functionality.

The team of developers focuses on building the best responsive hybrid apps as per client requirements. The primary goal is to offer our clients expert and in-depth knowledge regarding the hybrid application, its development, QA testing process, and application maintenance.

With the help of advanced technology and tools, AIS Technolabs promise to deliver special applications that will not disappoint any client.

Choosing AIS Technolabs For The Best Hybrid Apps


Thus, hybrid apps are beneficial for creating a solid online presence, and they are cost-effective and save lots of time and money. Hybrid mobile app development services providers such as AIS Technolabs are entirely dedicated to facilitating clients with the best hybrid apps. Therefore, a hybrid mobile app is the trump card you need to give your business to achieve a competitive advantage.
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