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Optimal Platforms for Real Money Gaming App Promotion

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Real Money gaming apps are gaining a lot of popularity recently. This type of game is played through online media, and real money is won as an outcome of the game. It is like an online gambling game that uses real money prizes. Know about real money mobile game development and how AIS Technolabs, a mobile game development company, can help you make your business a success.


Have you heard of Real money gaming? Real Money gaming apps are making a profitable outcome in the gaming entertainment industry. Google Play remains the unmatched, and best platform where you can promote games; however, for your real money mobile games, you need to be a little creative.
Many APKs of real money mobile games are forbidden on a platform like Google play. Yet, they are proliferating because of the excellent use of digital media. Digital Marketing techniques for Real money gaming apps will help with ideal promotion, brand recognition, and awareness.
Real Money Mobile game development has enormous potential for success. It could turn out to be the ultimate business idea for anyone aiming to enter the mobile game development industry. With highly bright future aspects, these games are now bringing in billions to the gaming industry.
Best place to promote Real Money Gaming App

Best place to promote Real Money Gaming App

Not all games can be promoted on the Google Play Platform. But, what are the other ways by which they can be promoted? Take a look at how you can promote your real money mobile game on various platforms and get good recognition.

Best Landing Page Creation

Your gaming app's landing pages are the gateways. When building landing pages, you don't have to worry about departing from the game developers' best practices.
  • When creating a landing page, the most important thing you need to do is display the strengths of your game there along with the actual gameplay. For this purpose, the best choice would be high-quality screenshots and videos.
  • The convenience of your gamer Is your priority. Find out which buttons, such as "Subscribe" and "Download", perform the best with A/B Testing.
  • Your game's CTA phrases are critical to its success.
  • Check out your competitors' landing pages to discover what they're doing right and wrong. As you brainstorm fresh ideas and concepts, remember to keep an eye out for your competitors.
If you have the best landing page, there is no doubt that you will be flocked by users. Unlike other games, the benefit that real money games offer, i.e., earning real money, thereby selling itself.

Implementing Proper Analytics Tools

Like any other gaming app, implementing proper analytic tools is essential for real money gaming apps. Use Google Analytics 4 for free thanks to Google's new GA4 property!

Through GA4, Google improved its Web + App Property functionality, making it easier to track across devices. Many analytics tools cannot match that level due to its exceptional reporting ability and its feature to connect to Big Query. Lastly, as your app grows, you should also have the perk to send unlimited data.

Facebook Ads

You might say that Facebook forbids real money games like gambling. However, it does not forbid the promotion of such games on its platform. As long as Facebook gives explicit authorization, these games can be promoted on the social media platform.

A good strength that you can say about your game is that it is skill-based rather than luck. All skill-based games, even if they are real money games, are set apart from Gambling games, and their promotions do not have strict restrictions.

Influencer Marketing

Compared to digital distribution services and other ad platforms, influencer marketing is a little less regulative. As long as you can make the influencers believe that your real money gaming app is actually beneficial and they buy the same passion for its potential, there is a good chance that they will dedicate their time and effort for the promotion of your app on their platform. Nowadays, influencers are a big hit, and people tend to follow them. So, influencer marketing is a brilliant idea.

Influencers can hold gaming advertisement campaigns and make them more successful by learning from previous campaigns. You can even ask the influencer to encourage their audience by sharing an in-game video or demo while streaming the game. If you find influencers who show deep interest in your app, collaborate with them to promote it. Lastly, influencer marketing is about finding someone who can portray your game's value to the greater masses. If you find such a person, target them for influencer marketing.

SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram Marketing

Well, you are wrong if you think SMSs are no longer relevant when it comes to promoting your app. Know that people are bound to check their messages at some point. Messages may be delivered in a matter of seconds because of the restricted number of characters, which make them easier to read. Moreover, you are promoting games that offer to help people earn some extra cash. Who wouldn't like to check it out?

This similar concept is applied in the case of Whatsapp marketing as it also offers the same direct connection with your customers. If you have their numbers available, you can easily bond with them, make good client-company relations through regular engaging and promotional messages.

It's a unique advantage of Telegram marketing because of the channels you may set up there. As a result, you'll be able to communicate more intimately with your audience and undertake targeted marketing via private channels.

Quora and Reddit Promotions

Quora and Reddit provide great exposure to users, making it a good platform for promoting your gaming app. If you know the tips and tactics to tap into the users, you have millions to pitch your app.

However, refrain from doing any kind of blatant promotion. Subtly promote your app to interested people. In Quora, you can look for queries related to online money-making games.

In Reddit, wait for your account to grow and then be involved in the promotion of the game. Your aim should be to try and help people in every possible way, and bring in as much value as you can to the community.

Push Messages

Push notifications are a great method to keep players interested in real-money gaming. Use communication skills and creativity to hit the touchpoints and make your client interested in you. Push notifications are fun and exciting, so they compel the user to have fun rather than read another promotional message.

Use the notifications to talk about exciting features of your game, gaming tips, and time-to-time discounts.

Email Campaigns with Offers

If you even have a list of potential customers, email marketing is a great option for reaching out to them. Email campaigns work wonders to promote your real money gaming app.

Include unique offers in your promotional emails. Get customer insight and promote motivating factors of your game, like how it would benefit the users.

In the same way that email marketing requires you to know the best times to send an email, you should also know the ideal times to send an email. Delivering emails in real-time is also effective.

Magazine Ads

Not every promotional aspect of your real money gaming apps needs to be digital. Print advertisements, particularly in gaming publications, are a great way to reach a highly focused audience. Global gaming magazines are a great choice in this case.

More than 80% of customers rely more on printed promotions than any other kind. Moreover, with printed promotions, the value of your game will never diminish.
AIS Technolabs is the best best promotional platform for real money gaming apps


Looking at all the points discussed above, there is no lack of profitable platforms to promote your real money gaming app. The developers of mobile game development companies have various ways for promotion other than Google play services.

They will make you a featureful, easy-to-use app that your target audience will love. Hire our skilled game developers if you want your real money mobile game to flourish.
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