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App for Foldable Smartphones

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Mobile devices are evolving and bridging the gap between the communication between different people across the globe. When it was first launched, its main usage was to facilitate audio conversation. But as the year passed, a large number of modern features were added to boost the quality of the mobile devices. With a huge revolution in mobile technology, there is large innovation made when it comes to improving the user experience. In the current scenario, most trending devices are foldable mobile devices. Such devices can be bent, open, and converted to a large screen. Hence it has become quite important to build mobile applications for such devices.
App for Foldable Smartphones


The usage of foldable mobile phones has been increased and the app development process needs to be enhanced. The mobile application development for foldable devices isn’t complex but the developers need to focus on the configurations such as the different sizes of screens. When it comes to foldable mobiles, developers need to ensure that the applications are compatible with the different sizes of the configuration of the foldable devices. The foldable devices give a mesmerizing effect and a greater user experience than the normal screen.

According to the statistics, around 90% of mobile users spent time on mobile phones, and on average, any mobile user uses a minimum of 20 applications. In recent times, the mobile devices industry has made quite revolutionary devices. Nowadays, people make use of mobile phones for different use cases.

How Do Foldable Mobile Phones Affect Mobile App Development?

Although for many users, foldable mobile application development would not be something new, it has changed the mobile application development process. It looks quite similar to creating a mobile application for non foldable devices.

Foldable mobile application development Processes have impacted several features of mobile phones.

Business : Users require a large number of business application features. Hence, mobile app developers need to consider the size that offers easy access and the best quality.
Banking : Most of the banks launch their mobile applications, which makes the work of the users more easily and offers the best user experience. With the foldable device, users can open all applications on many screens.
Creating content : Here content writers would be easily able to work as they wouldn't be required to close applications again and again. It will make the juggling from one application to another easier.
Videos : With the large number of extra features, you can offer best user experience with the help of foldable mobile application devices. You can make the videos look much clear and larger.
Calendar : A large calendar would offer the best content on the screen of a foldable mobile device. You can easily scroll the calendar events on the both of the screens. With such features, users can easily track data from the calendars.

How to Develop Apps for Foldable Phones?

Although foldable phones are quite complex to understand, the development of mobile applications is not very complex. But since the screen size and number of screens differ, the development of applications is not the same. Also the cost of app development and the amount of efforts required is quite more in foldable mobile phones application development as compared to other devices.
 Foldable Mobile Applications

Some of The Points to Consider While Building the Foldable Mobile Applications

Invest in a Resizable app :

One of the differences between the mobile applications is the screen size of the foldable mobile devices and non foldable mobile devices. Most of the foldable mobile devices do have the multi-window mode. If you are an app developer, you should ensure that your application is compatible with all screen sizes and should be able to open on all platforms.

It should work for both single screen and double screen :

What is the major difference between the foldable and conventional phone? A biggest difference is the foldable devices have all screen configurations. Most of the time, the screen configuration affects the functionality of the mobile application. Hence it is quite essential for you to consider the features that should work in your screen. Your application should be easy to navigate with different fingers. Also you should create an application that is optimally usable for both screens.

Adjustable Screen Ratios :

Most of the foldable smartphones are likely to vary. It depends on the manufacturer since some of the manufacturers look for long, thin and very high resolution mobile screens. Whereas some of the phones might be shorter in size and bulkier. It is quite essential for developers to test the mobile applications for different screen ratios as it will ensure the mobile application compatibility with different devices.

Multi Resume :

 It is quite annoying when a user needs to pause one application and launch another. And in order to eliminate such issues, foldable mobile screen decies are launched. In newer versions of the Android devices, most of the applications do not pause when the phone is locked.In Android 10 and higher versions, the glitch has been resolved and all applications resumed when the phone is locked in multi window mode.

A Mobile application should support Multiple Screens Simultaneously :

In the current scenario, foldable mobile phones do require one screen that supports at a time. Also there is no guarantee that it will remain the same. Hence mobile application developers need to work on mobile applications that work on multiple screens simultaneously.It wouldn't be difficult for the mobile application developers to work on such revolutionary changes. Newer versions of Android do support the simultaneous activities on both primary screen and secondary screen. If you are building a mobile application for foldable devices, you need to consider both the screens as the primary screen and the secondary screen.You should consider some factors while designing the mobile application like the context update, configuration change and window resize while your application moves from one screen to another.
Top Features of Foldable Phones’ Mobile Applications

Top Features of Foldable Phones’ Mobile Applications

An experienced mobile application development company can help you to build feature rich mobile applications that offer advanced user experience.


Mobile applications for foldable mobile devices should be quite capable of facilitating easy transactions from different screens. It offers the best user experience for the users. With continuity features, you can obtain the optimum and consistency in the mobile applications.


Another most important aspect of the foldable mobile application is the resizability. Most of the foldable phones are resizable that are easy to handle and carry. The compativity of mobile applications plays an important role. The mobile application should work accordingly to size and the movement of the foldable devices.

Foldable mobile phones have features that allow users to run multiple applications simultaneously. Such a feature is the multi window feature. With this feature users can run different applications without expanding their mobile devices. An application should be capable of running different applications.

Multi Resume Feature

With the multi Resume feature, the devolbers can ensure that applications do not get paused when multiple applications are running. Most of the applications do get paused when the user is not using them.

Screen Ratio

It is another factor that must be considered while designing the mobile applications. Your mobile application should be compatible with the different screen ratios. Users should be able to use them conveniently and it should enrich the user experience.

FAQs About App for Foldable Smartphones

How to make the foldable smartphone mobile application?

Here are some factors that mobile app agencies need to consider while building the foldable mobile application.

It should be resizable.
It should take care of two different sizes of phone.
It should be adjustable with all screen ratios.
Multi resume feature for the application.
It should support multiple screens.

How Does the Foldable Smartphone Work?

Foldable mobile devices make use of the OLED screens. Such devices have the flexible display that has the OLED screen printed on the thin layer of plastic. Foldable mobile applications do have the two screens. Users can make use of both the screens or either of them. In the foldable applications, you can use applications on all screens. It allows users to use multiple mobile applications.

Is a Foldable Phone Worth it?

Currently the foldable mobile phones are quite costlier. Most of them are quite thicker and heavier. Folding smartphones have the worst battery due to large screen sizes. Although it's quite expensive but good for people who want to use it for various purposes.


Whether it is iOS applications or the Android application, most of the users need to consider several factors while building the mobile application. Foldable mobile phones are the future of mobile devices.

Building the mobile application for the foldable mobile devices can be quite challenging for the mobile app development company. Although the technological advancements can enable the developers to build mobile applications effectively. You can hire a top mobile app development company for building the mobile application.
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