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Complete list of full stack developer tools to look for in 2024

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Every business from different verticals continues to move online and adopt the latest technology. It helps them tackle everything from design and front-end development to back-end development, along with data management. Therefore, full-stack developers' needs will increase significantly in 2023 and remain high for a few years.

It is essential to remain updated with the latest tools, frameworks, and technologies. Hiring full-stack lamp developers eliminate the communication gap between applications' different components. It also reduces the cost of hiring multiple developers. Developers who can understand the entire application are more efficient than someone who can understand a few components of an application.

In this blog, you will learn more about the complete list of full-stack development tools that every developer and business owner should know

Integrated Development Environment

Software developers invest most of their time writing codes to develop an application. It takes even millions of lines of code if the application is bigger in size and more complex. Writing code with the conventional method without inbuilt compilers and intelligence take a lot of time.

Integrated environment development (IDE) comprises compilers, library support, file explorers, templates, plugins, and other beneficial tools that help developers to write code quickly. You can easily install IDEs on your OS and access them on browsers too. IDEs that are installed on devices are known as offline IDEs.

Some of the top offline IDEs examples are

Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Microsoft supports various programming languages, and it is one of the most lightweight editors. Visual studio code facilitates a highly optimized source code editor for creating and debugging modern web and cloud applications. Most developers use VS code to write cleaner codes. It comprises intelligent code completion, syntax highlighting, code refactoring, debugging, and embedded Git. Consolas is a default coding font.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is another cross-platform IDE for developing lightweight software. It is a commercial editor tool for writing clean codes. It also supports many programming languages and markup languages. Community-built plug-ins also allow the expansion of its functionality. It is the best-fit tool for the python interface because of c++ and Python programming language. It offers lamp full stack developers a highly customizable command palette and discreet code writing mode.


GitHub has developed Atom, a cross-platform IDE for JavaScript support. It supports various things and has built-in integration and functional add-on packages. Atom is built on Electron, the most common tool for small projects and quick scripts. It is compatible with various OS such as Linux, macOS, and Windows with plugins written in Javascript.

Intellij Idea

Intellij Idea is one of the popular Java-based app development editors. Intellij Idea offers an integrated environment for web development. It is a lightweight editor and works as a text-like editor. Intellij Idea does not dispense the IDI editor feature. Though it is a popular tool for creating and modification of codes. It is a more reliable editor tool.


Notepad++ is a source code editor and does not offer compiler support though it is available in 90 languages. It is a free and open-source code and text editor tool. In a single integrated window, it allows full stack mobile app developers to work on multiple open files. It autosaves the important files and allows code folding, syntax highlighting, and plug-in support.

Online Integrated Development Environment

You can easily access the online integrated development environment in a browser with internet connectivity. For Example:

  • CodePen - Mostly used for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • JSBin - Just like CodePen this IDE is also utilized for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • StackBlitz - It is an online IDE that works with front-end applications in Vue.js, Angular, and React.
  • - This online IDE supports various languages.
  • NPM: It is a package manager that defaults to Node.js and is one of the largest software registry available globally. It is flexible and offers easy management of various processes and steps. The primary use of npm consists of discovering, publishing, developing, and installing NODE programs.

Browser Based Tools

Mobile full stack developers' work consists of working on both ends of the web application. Developers can easily debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on browsers easily. It helps you with performance monitoring, API calls, etc. It is essential to familiarize yourself with browser-based tools for developers.

Chrome Developer Tool

Chrome browser has an in-build developer tool. It assists in web authoring, development, reviewing, and debugging the website in the browser itself. Chrome developer tool is a flexible, user-friendly, and easily accessible tool. It tests web app platforms which get regularly updated to facilitate the most advanced features.

It offers more extensions for developers in Google Chrome Browser. Microsoft Edge Tool helps you with front-end debugging in Microsoft Edge Browser. Firefox also offers in build developer tool known as Firefox Dev Tool.

Source Code Management Tool

Source code management tools allow developers to work on large-scale projects across the globe. Developers can seamlessly write and share thousands of lines of code every day. You can manage, store code, and share with your, track changes in code, and enables you to revert changes along with other features. Git and GitHub are source code management tools that easily manage big projects.

API Testing Tools

API is developed in the backend of any application to serve clients on different front-ends. They are developed independently which is why there are various tools to test them. There are tools, like Postman, Soap UI, Insomnia, Apigee, Karate, and APIFortress that help with testing APIs.

Containerization System

A containerization system makes the software easy to scale, deploy and test. It increases the fault tolerance and does not impact the other containers. To create and manage those containers on a large scale, we need various tools like docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, and Docker Swarm, which help with container deployment, scaling the software, and container orchestration.

Front-End Developer Tool


Facebook created the front-end JS library. It is an open-source and javascript-based environment to build single-page applications. it helps to build a hassle-free UI. It also offers high readability and performance utilizing virtual DOM.


It is a JS framework developed by Google. It is a typescript-based application framework and helps to create single-page applications seamlessly. Testing and data binding are the essential features of this tool.


It is an MVVM framework that utilizes JavaScript programing language. It is an adaptable tool with easy integration with different libraries and projects or extensive HTML functionality.


This tool has become more popular as it compiles the steps. A front-end compiler of JS is a beginner-friendly tool that offers clear syntax. It is faster than other available options in the market.


It is a CSS library that supports JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Less, and Sass. It is a beneficial option for creating a mobile-first web system, and it is responsive, easy to use, and beginner-friendly. Multiple grid layouts and compatibility are its characteristics.


SASS helps write advanced CSS. It is a simplified front-end development language comprising various functions. Beneficial characteristics like color functions, and variable and import features make it the best and most diverse front-end full-stack developer tool.

Backend Developer Tools


It is compatible with different platforms and functions easily. It offers dynamic page creation along with altering options to develop, open, edit, delete, etc., the files on the server. It is beneficial in event-driven and non-blocking servers.


Express enables quicker and more orderly management of data layers and basic presentation structure. It also supports integration with vash, jade EJS, etc.


Django is beneficial for making secure and manageable websites. It makes the development process easy. It facilitates an easy web development process, python compatibility, and clean design with high efficiency in web applications.

Serverless Computing Tool

Serverless computing tools enable you to utilize the backend as a service. Wherein developers only need to write code, and the backend service provider looks after the server infrastructure. It helps to minimize the server management cost and offers scalability for your application. It also reduces network latency as you can select the server location.

Front-end Testing Tools

There are various tools and frameworks that automate the tests, such as Puppeteer, Vitest, Selenium, Cypress, WebDriverIO, Mocha, Jasmine, and Karma.

Backend Testing Tools

For backed testing tools, you can utilize JUnit, NUnit, XUnit, Pytest, and GoMega. It improves accuracy.

Mocking Tools

For writing pure unit tests, you will require to mock part of the application. You should mock any dependencies unit of code might have to write the unit test. Mocking tools help developers, freelance full stack developers, to create mock or fake objects of dependencies and configure them to facilitate results then it allows you to write unit tests.

Each programming language has its mocking libraries. Here are a few of them

  • Faker - Library to generate fake data
  • Moq - Mock Library for .Net apps.
  • Mock Service Worker - API Mocks for JS-based apps.
  • Unittest.mock - Mock library for Python
  • Nock - A mock library for Node.js.


The application development process is lengthy and developers have to look after many responsibilities. Starting from front-end codes and then moving to the backend. Wherein developers need to write APIs and work with the rational or NoSQL database. Developers also need to create unit tests as part of developing an application with a test-driven approach. Afterward, containerization parts come and you need to interact with DevOps tools like Docker. For developing an application with rich functionality you can hire a full stack developer from AIS Technolabs.
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