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These days, Messaging Apps assume an exceptionally imperative part in interfacing individuals starting with one piece of the globe then onto the next. These applications have caused their clients to have the likelihood to trade records, recordings, photographs, and other such substances. With this flourishing innovative period, the sky's the limit through our cell phones. Notwithstanding, clients may be fulfilled if a couple of more alternatives are acquainted with the business. To make your work somewhat simpler, we have given a manual to help you inform applications or WhatsApp clone apps.


Currently, over 5 billion people worldwide can easily connect with their families and friends at any point in time. The developers had in mind the aim to start the app as an alternative to SMS. It also supports sending and receiving any media, voice and video calls, photos, audio, videos, documents, and locations. Besides that, WhatsApp has the provision which imparts massive opportunities for businesses. Hence, WhatsApp clone apps are developed. And certain apps are provided as WhatsApp clones for sale.

How to create a messaging app like WhatsApp?

If you are planning to create a WhatsApp Clone, you need to be well aware of the techniques and necessities of developing such messaging apps. With the high-end technology of AIS Technolabs, the job is made a lot easier for you.

For successful WhatsApp clone development, follow these few steps:

1. Define your platform

WhatsApp is quite active on various platforms, but it is crucial to determine the platform where the clone app would get displayed.

2. Form a team for WhatsApp clone development

Developers are the ones who tirelessly work to make a successful application. You must opt for an experienced team when creating your desired clone app service. A team that works with members can carry out the WhatsApp clone development without making mistakes. Along with this, acquire a proficient team of UX/UI designers, thereby facilitating the creation of intuitive and stunning designs for your WhatsApp Clone app.

3. Customize your features

Get an idea of how messaging apps work and the features and services they provide. The app you build should contain an extra factor that makes people choose to install it and eventually use your app. And don’t forget to make sure that your portal is relatable and user-friendly so that it should appeal to people from all age groups.

How to build a WhatsApp clone App?

While making this WhatsApp clone app, focus on developing the app in such a way that all the essential features are added without any sort of complications. It should not just focus on creating the required features but also accommodating specific innovations that may be needed and helpful in the future. There must be extensive application testing. As the messaging application is supposed to be used all the time, it should be prepared to be used in unpredictable conditions. Hence, app testing should be carried out under all imaginable conditions.

For all intents and purposes, ensure to meet the judicial requirements related to security and privacy. Backend as a Service (BaaS) platforms should help in terms of scalability as it facilitates the compliance process.

Features of WhatsApp Clone Source Code

Given below are some of the features that WhatsApp has to offer to its users:

  • Making Video or Voice Calls -

This famous messaging app lets you instantly make video or voice calls to anyone in this world. It enables the feature of group video calling, where the user can add eight users in a group call.

Last seen and Blue double ticks -

Using this feature, an individual gets to understand if the other person has received and read the messages or not. It also allows the user to check when the other person has been online for the last time. However, this feature can also be disabled through the privacy setting this app offers by just disabling the option of ‘Read Receipts.’

Voice messages and Image files -

This platform allows its user to record and send voice messages. And at once, only 30 image files can be sent.
Dark mode - The most demanded feature for WhatsApp was the Dark Mode. This helps offer relief to the eyes when the users are chatting at night or in a dark room. This feature is available for both iOS and Android.

Delete Messages -

The app had introduced a feature where the user gets to delete sent texts within the time frame of one hour. The option of ‘Delete for everyone' is used to delete a text that may or may not be already seen by the other person.

Make Payments -

Payments on the app are available in select countries. This feature enables financial transactions between accounts. The card and bank numbers are stored encrypted and are in a highly-secured network.

Status Upload -

In 2017, WhatsApp introduced a new feature that allows the users of the app to post any status and make it visible to their contacts in the form of texts, videos, or photos.

Why choose us AIS Technolabs for WhatsApp clone?

Through our WhatsApp cloning script, it becomes easier to develop an application, nearly similar to the exact WhatsApp application. With various features available, and some additional advanced built-in features, it becomes more efficient. We include a feature where you use the Map from Google Maps and share that accurate point of your location. Also, if you want to make sure that no one gets access to your WhatsApp messages, you can lock your chat with a feature of chat lock.

Benefits of using readymade WhatsApp clone Script

  1. 1.. Experienced app developers and companies promise to make high-quality custom WhatsApp clone apps. Messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat support Android or iOS platforms. Users can effectively choose the device of their choice to communicate with their loved ones through the internet completely hassle-free.
  2. 2. A readymade WhatsApp clone source code would save a lot of time, thereby being cost-effective and economical.
  3. 3. The apps are built using a readymade WhatsApp clone script. These scripts form the replicate version of the exact one. App cloning suggests the time when a developer tries to devise an app script with a design similar to the original app. This is why a ready-made clone app is developed by taking determination from a famous app.
  4. 4. And WhatsApp not just connects one with their friends and families, but it helps businesses with their potential customers and embodies a reliable business model.
Since you have found the ideal manual for making your WhatsApp clone app, set highlights on the stage, and plan for its execution. Since their establishment, specific informing applications have consistently been the promotion of the market. Each individual living away from their loved ones may utilize this complete manual for WhatsApp clone development for speaking with them. AIS Technolabs is a tick away from furnishing you with a wide range of help you need around here. With impeccable application making in all classes, they will help your business arrive at its blast.
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