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 WordPress Page Builder Benefits

Quick summary

With the availability of WordPress page builders, you no longer have to solely depend on developers and designers to make you a spot-on page for your business. AIS Technolabs, a WordPress theme development company can help you out in every way to design pages without requiring coding knowledge.

Are you seeking a simple approach to personalise and construct your WordPress website? The drag and drop theme builders for WordPress are one of the handiest plugins used for this.

The WordPress page builders allow you to create, customize and edit your website layout without having to write any codes. There were no graphic page builders not so long ago. This meant, anyone who didn't know and had a good grasp of coding was out of luck if they wanted to launch a simple website page for their business or a creative landing page to promote something new, they recently invented.

WordPress has revolutionized the design process by making it more visually appealing. Web developers are now able to create more sites and pages in less time, boosting their productivity, business and getting more customers.

Moreover, it has highly benefited beginners and start-ups, who no longer have to spend a significant amount of money on pricey web designers and developers as they can avail more affordable options. Hiring A Wordpress Theme Development Company is much more economical and beneficial for business owners.

 WordPress Page builders to design Websites

Need of a WordPress Page builders to design Websites

You don't need any coding abilities to use WordPress page builders to alter articles and pages. This extension is a very efficient and useful replacement of the standard editor as it also comes with customizable building elements like galleries, buttons, and text areas that can be assembled by drag and drop. In the WordPress industry, there are a number of page builders. Out of all the page builders, here we have assembled some of the best website builder software for WordPress and comprehensively reviewed it for your convenience. Choose the one that aligns with your requirements and get effective results.

Here are the 3 best WordPress page builders that will help you with customer WordPress theme designs.

Exclusive WordPress Page Builders

Few Exclusive WordPress Page Builders

1. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a powerful WordPress custom theme development page builder which is highly recognized by the WordPress community. It has over 200,000+ activations. Beaver Builder has been rated 5 stars by most users. It offers plenty of powerful readymade content modules. With the assistance of a simple toolbar, you can even personalise every module. You can get the Standard version of the plugin at $99/year, however, if you’re looking for more advanced features and additions, getting the Pro or the agency version is more beneficial.

Beaver Builder is a little more expensive but it is an Awesome Wordpress Builder compared to other page builders.

  • Simple, beginner-friendly page builder
  • Helps to create stunning websites without technical abilities
  • Offers highly affordable website solutions
  • Plenty of free custom WordPress theme designs and templates are available in the free version of the plugin.

2. Elementor

One of the best WordPress template builders, Elementor includes a slew of useful features. A drag-and-drop website editor, 40 widgets and 30 layouts are included in the free edition, as well as responsive editing. Its premium version is even more impressive with loads of different features.

Its efficiency can be known by how rapidly it has spread in the market. Even though it is one of the newest website builder software for WordPress, it already has over half a million customers. The rapid success is a result of a successful interface and excellent ease of use.

  • A large number of templates and designs are available in the free edition.
  • Flexible and precise
  • Fast, fluid editing
  • Real-time front-end editing
  • Supports translations with plugins like WPML.

3. GeneratePress

Elementor and other similar plugins are page builders, however GenerateBlocks isn't quite one of them. You may construct custom blocks to extend Gutenberg's capabilities with this block builder, not a page builder.

Bloggers, developers, and new webmasters alike will appreciate its simple page builder. This means that using GeneratePress, you can build a fantastic website in only a few hours. To put it simply, the plugin allows you to create a block, then add stuff to that block, such as text, headers, media and background colours. It's possible to use photos, links and strong text to highlight your product's benefits in a list design.

  • Focuses on accessibility
  • Dynamic CSS caching
  • Lightweight installation
  • Premium site library
  • Compatible Page Builder


For roughly $59 annually, you may upgrade to the premium theme, which includes Theme Builder, Site Library, and premium support, in addition to the free theme's many useful features.

4. SeedProd

SeedProd is among the best WordPress theme editors. The drag and drop feature of this builder makes it easy to design stunning web pages. To get started, you can even choose from tons of pre-made templates.

Coming soon and sales pages, maintenance pages, opt-in pages, and webinars can all be created quickly and easily with the use of a few simple tools. You can even avail live preview to see all the real-time changes made on the page.

Additionally, SeedProd's user-friendly and clean interface is what makes it the greatest WordPress page builder on the market today. Advanced technical knowledge is not required while using this plugin. With the help of its customization operations, many creative pages can be created.

  • Offers a powerful drag & drop page builder
  • Easy to use
  • With this, you can create mobile-responsive pages,
  • Avail premium integrations
  • Offers spam protection
  • A range of different customization options.
WordPress page builders

Trend of programmers using WordPress page builders

Using a drag and drop theme builder is a lot more efficient and saves the time of the client as well as the developer. Some of its benefits include:

Easy access to a wide array of features
Even if you are well equipped with coding knowledge, manually coding and programming are a lot more time-consuming and harder to implement complex features. WordPress custom theme development using drag and drop makes the entire process a lot easier.

Faster website edits and style variations
Now you will be able to implement edit requests from the client much faster than you could when hand-coding was the only option

Faster mockup creation
You will be able to speed up the process of creating mockups of the websites you make and provide the clients with more options of templates to choose from.

Create and reuse templates
You can make templates with drag and drop and use them again to make the website-building process considerably easier.

WordPress theme development company

Why should you hire AIS Technolabs?

AIS Technolabs is a top WordPress theme development company that helps businesses and start-ups to create attractive website pages with ease and efficiency. The highly skilled WordPress page builders are always at your service to provide you with the best results. You will be able to make any changes and edits easily with the help of these developers. One of the best benefits of hiring AIS Technolabs is its affordability and reasonable pricing.

Final word

The WordPress drag and drop theme builder is highly functional and time-saving. It provides the developers with easy and time-saving solutions to help you get the best results. Since there are free versions of this page builder available, you can even try these out without any expense to find the one that suits your needs. AIS Technolabs will further help you out with all the essential needs to make your website more prominent, attractive, and resourceful.
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