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With mobile innovations taking giant strides towards development, enterprises are increasingly feeling the importance of business applications. Irrespective of their services and products, enterprises are making themselves app-ready. And it is not just the customers, enterprise applications are of paramount importance for its workforce too. With a majority of enterprise workforce going mobile, mobile application development is no longer a choice, but a necessity for business establishments.

Referring to statistical data will reveal some crucial facts in this context. According to reports published by reliable sources, the year 2015 will record a massive hike in the number of mobile workers. With close to 1.3 billion professionals going mobile this year, the need as well as importance of business mobile apps will inevitably skyrocket.

Difference Between Consumer and Enterprise Apps

With such figures, highly reliable mobile app development services will emerge as the need of the hour. However, there is a need of considering quite a few aspects here. Robust enterprise applications are quite different from apps destined for app stores. Quite naturally, the mobile app development challenges for enterprises will considerably differ from the glitches faced during developing normal consumer apps.

If you wish to gain profound knowledge of the major enterprise app development challenges, and their probable solutions, this article will surely prove to be helpful.

The Real Story

The mobile ecosystem is a hard nut to crack. If market statistics are anything to go by, then you will find that of businesses have less than five applications. On the other end, the remaining of enterprises are yet to develop enterprise applications. Therefore, it goes without saying that enterprises need time to understand the mobile landscape.

Challenge 1: Platform Fragmentation

One of the major enterprise app development challenges is the platform fragmentation. As of now, there are two main platforms, namely Android (Google) and iOS (Apple). With specific characteristics and features, both these platforms require distinguished expertise and skills for app development. Now, gaining in-depth knowledge of both these platforms can prove to be quite overwhelming for app developers.

Solution: As the solution, enterprise app developers can utilize multichannel app development platforms like PhoneGap. With this particular platform, they will have the opportunity of deploying applications for multiple devices and operating systems.

Challenge 2: Choice of device

The next biggest challenge is the choice of the device. With different screen shapes, sizes, and resolutions; all the different devices leave developers with a lot of work. Depending upon the particular specifications of these devices, developers need to perform tweaking for making the applications responsive.

Solution: Segmenting and identifying your target customers will be the best thing to do, in this context. Find out their chosen devices and that will solve this issue to a great extent.

Challenge 3: Security

With a gamut of devices and different operating systems, application security management can prove to be a tedious task for enterprise app developers. There are possibilities for breach of security and enterprises fail to tap into the immense potential of mobile data.

Solutions: Restricting access to enterprise data by strengthening the corporate network is one of the effective solutions, in this context.

Challenge 4: Development approaches

The app development approach is another crucial challenge. There are hybrid apps, native apps and web applications. Developing these applications, according to their specific features will inevitably prove to be an uphill battle for developers.

Solutions: Using platforms such as Open Source Mosync SDK will help you develop applications by using HTML5 or C++. With these platforms, developers will enjoy developing applications by using single API.

Enterprise app development company process is not without a fair share of hassles and challenges. However, associating with leading app developers India will prove to be the first step towards overcoming these challenges and shortcomings in your mobile app development project.
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