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How To Hire The Right Android App Developers For Your Project


Due to today's digital era, mobile apps have become a must-have for every business, so thus, a need to hire a dedicated Android app developer. In this blog, we will discuss in detail how you can hire the best Android app development company to help you develop a thriving app that will break away from the crowd. So let's get started.

Quick Summary

In 2023 android users will download 299 billion apps, leading to more revenue generation, i.e., up to $936 billion. This data projects a doubling of the total worldwide revenue for the global mobile app market from previous years. Doesn't it sound impressive? But not every app can thrive in the market and generate revenue.

The gaining traction of Android has made businesses easily reach their customers. But at the same time, the vast nature of this Android platform has made Android app development one of the most challenging tasks.

However, hiring a dedicated Android app developer will help you develop a market-centric Android app that will break away from the crowd and forge a good amount of penny.

Whether you are looking for an Android app developer for hire to bring your vision to life or you're just looking to get started in the Android market, we've got you covered. In this blog, you will go through all the necessary information you should consider while hiring the best Android app development company.

Why Hire Android App Developers?

There are many reasons why one should hire Android app developers:


Android app developers have the expertise to create high-quality Android apps. They are aware of the latest technologies in the app development industry and can utilize that knowledge to curate an app that meets your requirements


Android app developers are experts in customizing your app according to your needs. They ensure that their design can meet your unique requirements, which can help you stand out in this crowded marketplace


Hiring an Android app developer can save you money by avoiding mistakes that can cost you a lot


Android app developers can save you time by taking care of the complete app development process for you. From the initial stage of designing to the testing and deployment, they can look after everything.


They can provide steady support for your app even after your projects get completed. They can also update, bug fixes, and take care of the other maintenance tasks to ensure your app stays updated and functions properly

Essential skills for Android developers

Developing a successful Android app is easier said than done. It's a complex process that demands a lot of time and effort. Hence, it requires a highly skilled developer to build the project. Therefore, finding and hiring an experienced Android app developer is a must to create a thriving Android app.

Following are the top required skills you should consider in an Android app developer for hiring them:

Strong Grip on Programming Languages

One of the primary skills employers should look into in Android app developers is their command of the programming language. The two main programming languages highly used in developing an Android application are Java and Kotlin.

So while hiring, it is important to check whether the developer is well-versed in these programming languages. And a programmer who lacks this and has a firm grip will always fail to build a thriving Android application.

Android SDK or Software Development Kit

Android SDK or Software Development Kit is a predetermined group of codes that can speed up the development process of Android applications. Software Development Kit are important things for all Android developers. For instance, let's say you want to link your app with Facebook. Here comes the use of SDK. Your developers use an SDK from Facebook to fasten the processes of development

Android Studio Knowledge

Android Studio is a necessary IDE for Android that helps the developers to create and test various modules of the application separately. It also gives support for an extensive display of Android SDKs.

Android Studio is a significant IDE that eases the development of apps and runs them with automatic code completion and syntax emphasizing.

Proficiency in APIs

To connect applications with any other apps or third-party services, one can use APIs. So, the developer has to be proficient in APIs. For instance, you can employ Google APIs to discover your users, help them search for local places, or add a map within your app.

Use of databases

Firebase - One of the most chosen ways for app developers to stock data in the cloud and make it available across devices. Thus, every developer should be aware of the knowledge of the SQLite database.

Basics of Material Design

In its initial stages, Google never maintains a uniform design across different apps. But in recent years, Google has released a pack of design guidelines which is known as Material Design. It’s used as a basis for UI/ UX design.

Knowledge of SDLC and business processes

Developers should have the power to understand the reasoning behind all your business decisions. If the developer has this power, they can help your business grow. It helps them identify all the necessary features, create the development process, and deliver a mobile app solution that completely satisfies all your business requirements.

How to hire dedicated Android app developer

The most important resource you need when creating an Android app is a development team. But for businesses, finding and hiring a dedicated Android app developer is a real problem. So here we list down all the development aspects that you need to look into while hiring the best Android app development company for your project

Outline your projects requirements

Before you start searching for an Android app developer for hire for your project, the first thing you need to do is to create a file that holds all your project's requirements and business needs.

Mention the app type (native, cross-platform, or hybrid), hardware access, and data usage. Now you can share this file effortlessly with app developers while searching for an Android app developer for hire. The following aspects will nail down the language and frameworks for your app
Choose the most suitable model
You have few options available for getting your app produced, i.e.,

1. Hire an in-house Android app development team
2. Outsource an Android app development agency
3. Hire a freelance app developer

But if we are talking about the cost, then hiring an in-house Android app development team is the most expensive approach one can opt for. On the other hand, hiring a freelancer can also have some disadvantages.

As a result, outsourcing is the option that the majority of business owners go with. Outsourcing provides a larger pool of developers. This broadens the scope of developing your app speedily while saving your bank.

Your idea needs a team of qualified developers, for which you should hire an outsourcing development company like AIS Technolabs. At AIS Technolabs, you can get a “15 Days Risk-Free Trial” to view our quality and commitment.

Conduct technical interviews

While hiring an Android app developer, you should carry out technical interviews with the developers and check their portfolios. It greatly helps in nailing down the preferences of your developer. Customer testimonials are also a powerful way to assess a potential outsourcing partner

Finalize and sign the contract

At last, when you stick to one profile, discuss all the important elements of your project. Specify timelines, arrange all the time and format of your meetings, also request prior project estimates. Talk about the security concerns, and don't forget to sign NDAs
Choose the most suitable model

Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring An Android App Developers

Hiring an Android app developer can also become a nightmare if you're not aware of the technical aspects of its role while hiring an app developer. To help you pick the right app developer for your project, here we've listed the mistakes you should avoid. Let us study them further:

Choosing Cost Over Skills

Yes, you read it right. While hiring developers, many companies, like small businesses and start-ups, consider cost over skills due to their tight budgets. However, you should avoid making the mistake of putting skills after your budget while hiring talented android app developers.

Lack of Knowledge Of Cross Platform

Avoid hiring app developers or agencies who do not possess cross-platform skills.

The majority of successful mobile apps are those available across platforms. While you want to begin your app to launch on Android and iOS, you may also want them to be open across other platforms, like Windows, in the future.

Ignoring to Test Technical Knowledge

As we discussed previously, developing a thriving Android app requires technical expertise.

The Android developers you may hire must be technically skilled. And the best way to check their expertise is via technical interview.

Failing To Confirm Expertise

Always check the development firm's portfolio. Also, try out some of the apps they developed. This will help you get an idea of whether your prospective developers can build the application you want with all the functionality you want.

Avoiding Confirming Ownership Of The Source Code

Ownership of the source code is one of the essential factors you should never avoid. This is an important element that needs to be discoursed in the contract, particularly if you will be taking care of ongoing maintenance.


Now, as you piled enough knowledge on "how to hire Android app developers" who will help you transform your vision into reality, we guess you are keen to build your first Android app from scratch! However, due to the abundance of app developers, hiring and keeping the best Android app development company and keeping them can be challenging.

With AIS Technolabs, you can hire Android app developers with top-notch software development expertise in the market. We're integrating cutting-edge technologies and ideas to build A-1 software products. So drop us a line today to discuss your project and witness how we can bring your visions to life.


 If you want to hire an Android app developer, consider the given below points:

  • Outline your complete project ideas and business requirements.
  • Choose the most suitable model for hiring a freelancer, hiring an in-house Android app development team, or outsourcing an app development agency.
  • Before hiring an Android app developer, carry out technical interviews.
  • Finalize the agreement and sign the contract.

Yes, you can hire an Android app developer to develop your app. You can hire an app developer with job platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, Reddit, and even Upwork. Like many happy and happy clients, you can also hire Android app developers from AIS Technolabs.

Before you hire an Android app developer, ensure that you take their technical interview and check their portfolio. Ask them for case studies that exhibit their work or live apps that you can use to get an idea of their quality.

AIS Technolabs is the best company to hire Android app developers.
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