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In the recent few years, there has been huge growth and innovation seen when it comes to wearable technologies. Several wearable technologies in medical healthcare have made revolutionary advancements. The application of wearable apps in the medical sciences is huge. Smartwatches, patches, and various other monitoring sensors are worn by the people these days. Such products use GPS technologies and advanced AI technologies that help to extract the data like respiratory rate, body posture, diseases and symptoms, and much more.


Many pharmaceutical and biotechnologies companies are focusing on developing wearable devices to bring revolutionary changes in the healthcare sector. According to the statistics, in 2019, around 1400 clinical trials were conducted using various kinds of devices. Such devices have proven to be beneficial during the time of Covid-19 pandemic since it contributes to conducting trials virtually and extracting data. Several tasks like good management of the trial, remote monitoring has become quite essential to bring success to trial.

Health tech companies and researchers building new apps and wearables

Several healthcare tech companies have made a wide range of contributions, some of the companies have used such wearable devices to track the fertility and overall health of women. Companies with gym wearable watches help people to build custom workouts and analyze movements of the visual feedback along with audio.

Flood of tech tools

Wearable technologies are quite cost-effective and it leads to the personalization of mobile healthcare management and monitoring of the parameters. The mobile wearable devices use technologies for allocating resources.

Benefits to patients

Such wearable devices with mobile applications have assisted lots of patients in the tracking of data. Based on such data they can get further assistance and guidance from the doctors.

Benefits of the Wearable Applications

Contactless monitoring

Wearable applications and various sensor technologies are evolving and innovating. Many wearable applications use advanced technologies like pattern recognition, sensor technology, wireless communication, and computing. Such devices have led to the contactless monitoring of the parameters.

Several skin interfaced sensors could be used to access symptoms. Although there could be some privacy and data security issues, still it has led to easy tracking of the Covid-19 symptoms and helped many individuals.

Self Reporting Systems

Now, with the help of ePRO platforms or Electronic patient-reported outcomes, you can track the patient symptoms, checking vital singles, collection of health information, making appointments, and managing prescriptions.

According to various statistics, the self-reporting system has evolved a lot, now you can easily integrate it on wearable devices using wearable mobile applications.

Another advantage is that such platforms can be implemented across several cities and countries. It has assisted many healthcare institutions during the Covid-19 for classification, identification, and managing the non-critical patients remotely in order to keep the health care system unsaturated.

Contact tracing

Healthcare wearable devices hold the true revolutionary potential. Contact tracing is the best approach to stop the virus from spreading. With contract tracing applications, people from different areas can share details such as the name and the telephone numbers of the people with whom the patient got contracted. But since here patients may or may not give the correct details, it is problematic.

In order to address such problems, many companies are working on innovating and improving the contract tracing application to gather the data. With the use of modern technologies like Bluetooth, GPS, gyroscope, and many other smart devices features, you can collect data. Also, with the help of the online surveys, you can gather personal information about the patients like location, gender, symptoms, age, and contact with covid 19 patients.

RFID for tracking immunity status

With RFID for immunity tracking, the government can issue a physical certificate or digital certificate that proves the result of any covid 19 antibody test or the antigen test. With RFID one can issue a certificate at the government level that contains the test restaurants and aid the patients at their work. Most of the certificates can be issued as a secure QR code or as a smart card.
Any patient can register on the wearable mobile application and get a unique id. Based on that id, all the results can be added.

Realtime parameter tracking

Wearable devices and wearable mobile applications have totally changed and evolved. Different mobile applications are integrated into the wearable devices that have offered an interactive and efficient user experience. Such devices are capable of tracking real-time data.

It helps a lot of people who are looking for healthcare devices. With such innovation in wearables, it has made it easy for people to take care of their health. You can use devices like a smartwatch and integrate it with the mobile application to track the parameters of yours. Even such parameters can be shared with your healthcare doctor so you get proper guidance.

Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Monitoring

Different systems are designed in such a way that they make use of applications and sensors to track the oxygen levels in the covid 19 patients. With the rapid development in monitoring technology, it has become possible to track the oxygen level. It makes use of different technologies like Wifi, GPRS, or Zigbee. The accuracy of the tests is quite high and quite stable.

Temperature monitoring using wearable devices

Temperature monitoring would help the people to capture the body temperature using the sensor. Wearable temperature sensors are available that are analogous to the digital thermometers. It provides the clinical grade accuracy that is used with the ultra low power operation to support different medical applications and wearable fitness devices.

Wearable thermometers quickly and accurately measure the skin temperature that are used for wearable technologies. If we compare the same with discrete sensors, the integrated temperature ICs offer the clinical grade accuracy, smallest size, lowest power consumption.

Respiration Rate monitoring

In covid patients there is high risk for the patients to have low respiration rate. Hence with wearable devices, one can keep a record of data of the respiration rate of the patient. Such do prevent the need of using the devices that do come in contact with different patients. There are many devices available that use various parameters to do continuous and non-invasive monitoring of the respiratory rate. It uses sensors like inertial sensors.

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The major problem that we are facing is that every one of us is locked down. Using wearable medical devices in the healthcare industry is a must, and we should use them. Different wearable devices are proven to be efficient and could be used as a powerful tool that constitutes the perfect sensors for health results.

Such wearable devices offer a centralized solution, that tracks the covid 19 data and leads to the individual details. Customized wearable devices, will allow users to make use of IoT that can transfer the covid 19 data in realtime.
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