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Are you planning for WordPress website development? Or do you want to start your WordPress career? If yes, knowing the current cost to hire a WordPress developer will help a lot!

Among millions of websites vying in the online world, only those with attractive designs and cutting-edge features can thrive. Surprisingly, 42.4% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

Experienced WordPress developers help you acquire top-performing websites. However, their service comes at a specific cost, reflecting the value they add to your business website.

This article reveals the average costs of hiring a WordPress developer and the factors contributing to deciding that cost. This information allows you to plan your budget and make informed decisions.

Brief Overview Of WordPress Development

WordPress technology was founded in 2003 and gradually became the world’s most renowned Content Management System. It is an open-source system that enables developers to construct appealing websites quickly. WordPress is the right fit for any website development, whether you are building a website for lifestyle blogs, mobile applications, professional portfolios, or e-commerce stores.
Why choose WordPress?
  • An open-source platform
  • Facilitates quick website development
  • SEO-friendly CMS
  • Supports all media types (text, images, and videos)
  • Better website security

Factors Influencing The Costs To Hire A WordPress Developer

1. Experience Level Of Developers

The major factor affecting the cost is the proven track record of developers successfully completing WordPress projects. Their experience has exposed them to many technical complexities and development challenges. As a result, they have honed their skills. And, they can now deliver websites with any level of technical complexities or plugin requirements.
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2. Project’s Complexity

How complex is your WordPress project? What features do you require? How many additional plugins do you want to integrate? All these elements affect the hiring cost of a WordPress Web Developer. Some projects are highly complex and require multisite development and many advanced features. For this, your website architect will charge you more.

3. Geographic Location Of The Developer

The developer’s location would also impact the cost factor. Those who live in countries with a higher cost of living and significant demand for WordPress development are likely to charge more. However, it would be best to engage remote developers, as you can get an opportunity to reach a vast pool of talented personnel at relatively reduced prices.

4. Project Timeframe

Project timeframe and urgency would affect the cost. If any business wants to launch its website quickly or needs to revamp it urgently, the project’s price will be high. And if you are ready to give flexibility to developers or let them set milestones, you can settle for less.

5. Customization

Project timeframe and urgency would affect the cost. If any business wants to launch its website quickly or needs to revamp it urgently, the project’s price will be high. And if you are ready to give flexibility to developers or let them set milestones, you can settle for less.

6. Maintenance And Support Needs

If you want your WordPress Web Developer to provide complete support and maintenance post-launch, these could impact your development package. However, it will be the right choice! Think about your site’s sustainability and scalability needs. Also, consider new updates and security patches that roll out rapidly. Ongoing maintenance keeps your website operating at its best.

Hourly Rates vs. Fixed Project Rates: Which Option Suits Your Project Better?

Businesses have to decide between hourly and fixed rates for their WordPress project. To make this decision, project owners need to consider multiple factors, such as risk tolerance, project scope, flexibility, and other specific requirements and preferences. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each payment method.

Hourly Rates

  • It ensures transparency as you can track the hours worked by the developer.
  • Get more flexibility in terms of project scope and timeline. You pay for the actual time spent, allowing for adjustments if needed.
  • An hourly rate is ideal for ongoing work like maintenance, updates, or additional features over time.
  • Estimating the total project cost accurately can be challenging, especially for more complex projects.
  • Additional tasks or changes increase the overall project cost.
  • You may worry about developers working slowly to increase billable hours.

Fixed Project Rates

As the project price is fixed, you know the total cost upfront for budget planning.
Project rates are fixed considering the defined scope – no risk of scope creep.
There will be less risk of unexpected expenses or budget overruns.
  • Businesses may only accommodate changes or additions to the project after renegotiating the contract.
  • There can be less transparency as businesses may not know how their budget is being allocated.
  • Any miscommunication or unclear project requirements can lead to disputes.
The choice between hourly and fixed project rates depends on your project’s scope, budget constraints, and comfort level with flexibility and risk. Make a decision after careful consideration.

Average Costs Of Hiring A WordPress Developer

Since there are no fixed salary standards, it varies depending on the factors mentioned above. It is usually between $15 and $20 per hour. If you go for experienced WordPress developers, their rates start at $2350 per month.
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Hiring Options: Freelancers vs. Agencies vs. In-house Developers

The overall project pricing also depends on the staffing option you choose. It basically includes hiring a freelancer, Agency, or in-house developer. Let’s discuss each option in brief.


Hiring a freelancer is affordable, as there are fewer overhead expenses. They offer more personalized services and work flexibly to complete your project. However, it can be a little tough to discover someone with the exact skillset you demand.


The decision to hire an agency is comparatively costlier than engaging freelancers. It comprises a team of top-performing developers who hold advanced skills and experience to handle projects professionally.

In-house Developers

It is the most expensive alternative where a developer is hired full-time on a salary basis. This option offers complete control over the project and ensures direct communication with the development team.

Tips To Find And Hire A Specialist WordPress Developer

Check out valuable tips and tricks that make your hiring process a bit easier.

Note Down Your WordPress Development Needs

Before initiating your search for a WordPress architect, determine your detailed project requirements. Decide whether you need a full-time employee or a dedicated freelancer. Finalize your budget and set specific timelines. With a clear picture of the project scope, you can explore and filter developers more efficiently.

Create A Job Post And Share It!

Prepare a comprehensive job post to find quality candidates. Include necessary information, such as the precise title, employment type, salary range, and what skills and experience you require. Then, share this post on different job boards and freelance marketplaces.

Shortlist Candidates And Conduct Interviews

After considering different factors, such as the candidate’s skills, qualifications, and salary expectations, shortlist a few that best match your job profile. Then, organize a comprehensive interview to gauge their technical skills. If required, share a coding test or conduct a presentation pertaining to the project to hire a WordPress developer with exceptional skills.

Assess Their Communication And Soft Skills

Along with technical competency, consider the candidate’s communication and soft skills as well. During the meetup round, analyze the candidate’s problem-solving capabilities, critical thinking abilities, and response to different scenarios.

Determine Pricing And Pay Expectations

Discuss pay expectations with prospects before making a decision. Some developers may be willing to charge less, but you can’t expect top-notch quality from them. However, developers with a remarkable set of skills may charge you more, but you’ll definitely get exceptional services.

Finalize A Candidate And Sign A Contract

Once you’ve found the most suitable developer, draft a detailed contract that specifies project deliverables, payment terms, timelines, and other appropriate terms and conditions. This will protect the rights of both parties and ensure clarity at all times.

Why Choose AIS Technolabs To Hire A WordPress Web Developer?

Approaching AIS Technolabs to hire a WordPress developer is the right decision. Our pre-vetted team will power your website with advanced WordPress features. We follow agile methodologies to build technically advanced websites that help businesses thrive in the competitive marketplace. Here are our USPs-

  • 12+ years of experience in WordPress development
  • Cost-effective and high-quality coding work
  • 15 days free trial facilities
  • Transparent communication throughout the project
  • Ongoing support and maintenance


Understanding the costs associated with hiring WordPress development services helps you fix your budget and set your project requirements. The costs usually differ due to different parameters, such as experience level, place of residence, and the project’s complexity. Also, consider the skills before you hire a WordPress developer for your site.


Ans: Yes, you can hire freelancers or agencies to build your WordPress website. Discuss the costing factor before hiring anyone to fulfill your needs.

Ans: A WordPress developer would charge between $15 and $20 per hour or more. However, it varies depending on your project scope and complexities.

Ans: Rates freelancers charge on Upwork vary from $15 to $40+ per hour.

Ans: The cost of building a WordPress website depends upon whom you choose to tackle your project: a freelancer, an agency, or a full-time employee.

Ans: A prominent WordPress developer helps you build a unique website with specific functionalities. They can accomplish the project on time and offer ongoing maintenance and security updates to keep your website safe and functioning optimally.
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