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AngularJS is a go-to JavaScript framework for creating scalable UI. As demand for AngularJS skills grows, the question arises: how much will it cost to hire AngularJS developers in 2024? The price of hiring Angularjs developers varies based on several key factors such as developer’s experience, geographic location, project complexity and duration, etc.

Let’s study how much it costs to hire an AngularJS developer and the factors that affect it.

Factors Affecting Angular Mobile App Development Cost

Angular.js is a strong JavaScript framework. It has become a popular solution for businesses that are interested in the development of dynamic, responsive, and scalable UI for their mobile and web apps. This increases the demand for AngularJS developers.

1. Developer’s Experience Level

When it comes to the cost of hiring AngularJS programmers, experience is important to consider. A developer’s level of experience is a huge factor in setting up an estimate of the salary or an hourly rate, whether they are elite, advanced, or beginner.
  • Junior Level: At this level, the developers have 1-3 years of experience. They can handle basic tasks and smaller projects with some guidance. They’re a cost-effective option when budgets are tight.
  • Mid Level: The developers have 3-5 years of experience. They have a strong grasp of the framework’s principles and best practices. They can work autonomously and take on complex AngularJS tasks. They have high rates.
  • Senior Level: They have 5+ years of experience in Angular. They can perform complex tasks with ease and have experience in various different projects.
Understanding this experience hierarchy clarifies costs from day one. It allows organizations to assemble the right AngularJS team according to their needs and budget.

2. Location And Market Rates

When companies set out to build AngularJS apps, one of the biggest factors impacting the project’s cost is the location of the development team. The geographic location of the AngularJS developer you hire can significantly impact the overall cost.

Developers in huge tech centers such as Silicon Valley, New York, or London have higher rates and salaries as competition is high with costly lifestyles.

Getting developers from other parts of the world like Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia are cheaper solutions. But it is equally vital that you consider things such as time zone differences, cultural fit, and communication barriers when working with remote teams or freelancers.

3. Project Size

When estimating the budget for an AngularJS project, there’s no bigger cost factor than the size and complexity of the app itself. A simple app with basic functionality requires less development time and expense than an enterprise-scale system with complex features and integrations.
Let’s explore how project size influences AngularJS dev costs:
  • 3rd Party Integrations
Angular apps are relatively simple, but most projects today need to integrate with various external APIs and services. Each integration adds its own layer of development complexity, driving up costs.
  • Custom Functionality
The more unique features an app has that are custom-made, the more it costs to develop it. Features like multi-user functionality, real-time messaging, progress-tracking, calendars/scheduling, and special data visualizations demand intensive coding.
  • Platform Width
Many Angular projects start as web apps but later expand to mobile apps or even desktop apps using the same codebase. Supporting multiple platforms requires additional efforts and QA testing, increasing initial development costs.
  • Team Specialization
Large complex projects require input from developers with specialized skills – security experts, UI/UX designers, data visualization coders, and so on. The more the talent involved, the higher the cost.
Ultimately, project size affects every aspect of the project, including – coding, integration testing, deployment, and post-launch maintenance. Companies should carefully budget their Angular mobile app development requirements, analyze use cases, and project accurate development timelines.

4. Project Complexity And Timeline

The complexity and duration of the project also play a crucial role in determining the cost of AngularJS developers. When mapping out budgets for Angular projects, companies must carefully assess and account for complexity. If the project is complex with tight deadlines, then the development cost will increase.

While Angular aims to simplify web development, some projects involve layers of sophisticated functionality that increase coding and QA efforts. App features that require heavy computational work or dependence on technologies also increase complexity.

More complex projects need experienced developers who are expensive. Similarly, long-term projects will involve higher overall costs compared to short engagements. You’ll need to consider the ongoing maintenance, support, and potential changes throughout the project’s lifecycle.

5. Hiring Model

Whether you’re building an in-house team, engaging remote/outsourced developers, or freelance experts, the hiring model also impacts the cost of hiring a developer.

Let’s discuss the cost dynamics associated with each of these talent strategies:
  • In-House Development Team
Many organizations, especially large enterprises, prefer to keep Angular mobile app development in-house. This model provides control, streamlined collaboration, and eliminates linguistic/cultural barriers – but at a premium cost. Recruiting, onboarding, and retaining skilled Angular developers in markets like the U.S. commands very high salaries (easily $100K+/year).
  • Remote/Outsourced Teams
The emergence of reliable video conferencing, cloud collaboration tools, and globalized workforces has made remote outsourced development teams an appealing, cost-effective option. By engaging Angular specialists from regions like Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia, companies can access top-tier skills at economical price points (often $20-40/hour).
  • Freelance Angular Developers
For small projects and team augmentation needs, freelance Angular developers provide unparalleled flexibility and low-overhead costs. With extensive online talent marketplaces, companies can handpick highly rated independent contractors and ramp up capacity seamlessly. Freelance rates to hire AngularJS developers typically fall between $50-$150/hour.
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What Is The Average Angular Development Cost?

AngularJS’s initial development costs are an investment. But if done right, the ROI of scalable apps built on AngularJS frameworks rapidly adds up.

From sleek user interfaces to complex enterprise solutions, Angular’s capabilities are matched by the varying costs of development.

Let’s look at the average cost of angular development.

1. Cost Based On Experience

During the recruitment of AngularJS developers, it is important to maintain a balance between your budget limitations and the complexity of the project. Through careful assessment of the project requirements and skills of the candidates, you can opt for a developer who is fit for your project budget and goals.
  • Junior Level: As a junior-level, programmers get paid between $15 and $35 per hour, or $1000 to $3000 per month in case of full-time employment.
  • Mid Level: Angular developers with 2-3 years of experience and a good understanding of the framework, costs from $30 to $60 per hour or $3000 to $6000 per month.
  • Senior Level: Senior developers with knowledge of developing complicated apps may earn from $60 per hour or $6000+ per month.

2. Cost Based On Location

Developer rates can fluctuate wildly between regions and countries based on factors like living cost differences, local supply/demand economics, and overall economic conditions.
Let’s look at some of the key regional landscapes that determine location-based pricing for seasoned Angular experts:
  • United States
The U.S. has the top Angular development resources. In Silicon Valley, New York, and Seattle, the pay range is $100-$180 per hour for senior-level consultants or over $130,000 annually for permanent in-house hires. Cost-conscious companies can find lower rates, around $80-$120/hour, in regions like Denver, Austin, and Raleigh.
  • Western Europe
Major European cities like London, Berlin, and Amsterdam have developer costs of around $60-$100 per hour for skilled programmers. Countries like Poland, Hungary, and Portugal offer affordable EU-based Angular teams at $40-$70 per hour.
  • Eastern Europe
Angular developers in Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, and Serbia have costs around $30-$50/hour for expert-level.
  • India
India has affordable development resources with greater variability in expertise levels. The rates for Indian Angular developers range between $15 and $40/hour, and the price increases according to the developers’ skills and experience.
  • Australia / New Zealand
Auckland and Melbourne are home to some of the world’s top Angular experts, with rates ranging from $70-$120 per hour.

3. Cost Based On Project Complexity

Simple projects are budget-friendly. The complex ones need developers with the skills and abilities to perform them. As a result, the work level increases along with the cost. Businesses should take time to assess their project requirements and budget constraints in order to select the best Angular developers for their hiring options.
  • Basic Projects
For projects that require simple web developing tasks, like building the static websites or basic web apps, the cost of hiring developers is less. The rates charged for these projects vary from $20 to $50 per hour.
  • Moderate Projects
Developers who can perform moderately complex projects, like dynamic web apps with database integration, user authentication, and API integration, are usually the experienced ones. Therefore, hourly rates for such developers tend to be between $50 and $100.
  • Complex Projects
Projects that are complex and involve designing information systems, real-time systems, or highly individualized solutions that need experienced and skilled developers. The cost of hiring Angular developers for such projects is expensive, with hourly rates ranging from $100 to $200 and above.

Why Hire AngularJS Developer From AIS Technolabs?

AIS Technolabs recognizes that Angular mobile app development is a team effort. Our customer-centric engagement model emphasizes open communication and a partnership mentality to overcome challenges together.

At the core of our value proposition is the Angular development team of professionals having expertise across Angular’s robust ecosystem. Below are the reasons why you should choose AIS Technolabs:
  • We harness the full power of Angular’s modular structure and reusable components to drive efficient development.
  • We optimize performance through state management.
  • We implement secure, future-proof architectures using the Ivy rendering engine and Angular CLI.
  • We build dynamic, data-rich user interfaces with Material Design and Angular Elements.
  • We streamline development cycles through automated testing.
  • We provide 15 days risk free trial for your satisfaction.
Our expert Angular developers provide the perfect blend of technical prowess, proven process excellence, and laser-focused collaboration to scale your Angular project.


As the demand for an expert web app and Angular mobile app development continues to grow in 2024 and beyond, Angular developers will remain in demand. However, the costs associated with hiring and retaining them can change depending on the unique project needs and resourcing strategies.

Developer expertise, project complexity, timeline, collaboration process, post-launch support requirements, and other variables impact the cost.

The best way to understand and lower the cost is to scope the project needs, prioritize features, map internal competencies, and gain transparency to hire AngularJS developers.

With planning and the right partner or agency like AIS Technolabs, you can engage the Angular development resources to deliver web experiences without any budget constraints.


Ans. Yes, you can hire Angular Developers for either hourly-rated or project-based tasks. The cost to hire them will depend on your project needs and hiring model- whether you are hiring full-time or freelancers.

Ans. Yes, AngularJS is considered secure for web app development due to its many features. Some of its features are MVC Architecture, Testing Support, Community Support, Two-way data binding, and security, among others.

Ans. One of the major benefits is: remote developers often offer cost savings, access to a global talent pool, and around-the-clock development cycles.

Ans. Skills to take into consideration should be proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, and experience with Angular concepts such as components, services, and directives.

Ans. Some tips to maintain quality of work are: Prioritize communication, establish clear project requirements, and conduct regular code reviews to maintain quality standards.
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