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Due to their diversified features, speed, consistency, and comfort, on-demand applications have become increasingly popular in the past few years. In these busy times, people search for apps that would make their work smooth, and handyman app like Uber, Zomato, and Airbnb are making customers feel at ease with their efficient services.

On-demand applications are platforms that connect consumers with qualified freelancers, private persons, or businesses to do a task or provide a service. As per research, the online home service business is valued at USD 869.95 billion, with a 52 percent annual growth rate between 2018 and 2022. Customers can now easily avail themselves of services like food delivery, plumbing, prescriptions, medicines, and other such services with a mere click on their phones.

There are several techniques you should employ to keep ahead of your competitors. You should find strategies to stay one step ahead of your competitors to build a successful business.

What Is An On-Demand App?

On-demand applications are better defined as middlemen between the business and the customers. It allows the customers to request any services that it aims to provide in a matter of minutes. The software connects clients with various service providers and vice versa, charging a fee for each service. According to Harvard Business Review, the on-demand economy attracts around 22.4 million customers each year, spending $57.6 billion.

On-demand applications are a boon during the pandemic. People remain locked inside the homes, and on-demand applications made delivery easy and efficient while maintaining social distancing norms. On-demand apps are popular among millennials since they help avoid continually talking and bargaining over the phone or keeping a laborious excel sheet record for money collection by using the handyman app.

How On-Demand App Benefits To Business?

The adaptability of on-demand apps remains undeniable, i.e., this notion can be applied to a variety of sectors. Thus, here are some of the most compelling reasons to invest in your company's on-demand app development:

1. Scalability

You can begin by developing on-demand apps just for your company. However, you can eventually include other businesses to turn into an on-demand marketplace. Furthermore, you can monetize your platform by getting a commission from every transaction happening in your on-demand marketplace.

2. Customer Satisfaction

On-demand mobile apps encourage client loyalty by supplying utilities on demand within a set amount of time. Furthermore, internet-based on-demand services are progressively being superseded by on-demand apps. Almost 3.80 billion people have cell phones, which have turned into a gift in disguise by allowing them to access on-demand services from wherever they want.

3. Competitive Advantage

Customized on-demand services are more client-friendly and give users the most relevant on-demand services. On-demand applications aim to meet the demands and expectations of the customer to keep them engaged with their business. As a result, businesses might gain a strategic advantage and beat their competitors.

4. Enhanced User Base

Customers are more willing to make orders frequently when they become accustomed to your on-demand service, and this is how you establish a dedicated user base. A satisfied customer would go to lengths to promote your app within their community and give good reviews. This shall help attract more user base and hence, help in increasing your market sales.

5. Data Management and Storage

On-demand app solutions are generally designed with cloud space storage. This ensures that the data analytics can swiftly examine consolidated data storage in a centralized cloud location to recognize trends in on-demand app utilization and develop better approaches. It enables easy data storage, and you can easily access vast amounts of data smoothly and efficiently from any location.

6. Flexibility

Without further efforts and with mere clicks, customers can get their favorite food or get services available at their doorsteps. On-demand handyman apps generally process the order instantly and easily get the product or services delivered to the customer. As a result, an on-demand solution provides flexibility for both the business owner and the customer.

Features To Make A Successful Handyman App

Consider these below-mentioned features to make your handyman app a success in the competitive field:

1. Search Filter

Uber for handyman app development would mostly have a "search filter" to provide the users with a solution easily and efficiently. For example, if a user is seeking a plumber who can fix a specific type of pipe, you should create a drop-down search box that includes nearly all types of plumbers with varying levels of competence.

This feature enables the users to conveniently search for different types of services such as food, medicines, cleaning, plumbing, and others using the 'search filter.' This feature saves time for the users by shortlisting the required services, and the users do not have to waste their time navigating to find the required service. If a customer searches for some specific type of service, the drop-down search menu will list down the service for them.

Moreover, the customers would also get the privilege to use the search bar with filters to find more qualified and certified handymen. Adding this feature is also a way to attract new customers and grow your business. You can find a handyman in your region by advertising a handyman's work demand on the app.

2. Prioritize The Users' Convenience

Providing the best and excellent customer service to the users enhances the customer experience and earns customer loyalty. Furthermore, this shall help you set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.

Hire employees who have knowledge and expertise of the products and services you deal with. Your customer support representatives should always remain courteous. Customers must not hesitate to reach out to you, and you should be able to solve their problems efficiently. Sometimes customers might get caught off-guard and would have to cancel their plan due to any emergency. And to effectively the situations, you must integrate scheduling and cancellation options in the app for user convenience.

Client-centric businesses rely on dependable employees to increase customer happiness. Engage with the customers to understand customer demands and expectations. Moreover, ensure to get customer feedback to understand the flaws and work on them to make your services more convenient for the users.

3. Secure Online Payment Gateway

Handyman app like Uber would generally include an option for the users to smoothly move to the online payment facility, enabling users to track down their payment methods. You'll be able to keep track of tips, payments, and overtime compensation and keep all financial records consistent.

A seamless payment gateway in your application will not only facilitate a simple money transfer but also aids in the development of a trustworthy relationship between you and your users. In addition, service providers get guarantees regarding a paid and secure project for the day. Because consumers may pay in advance and hire their favorite specialists for the service they require, they can save time and money.

Why Choose AIS Technolabs For Handyman Development?

AIS Technolabs is one of the leading platforms for developing on-demand home services apps. We offer the most up-to-date and personalized handyman application features, such as staff administration, scheduling, bookings management, and automatic billing. Our team consists of expert professionals dedicated to providing a seamless service with ensured better engagement.

We create a beautifully designed and flawlessly operating Uber for Handyman app that may serve as a conduit connecting users and providers. Each handyman app developer on our team is a visionary who understands the ins and outs of the technology they use to generate great handyman app source code for the iOS and Android platforms. With our on-demand handyman solutions, you may enable your next multi-service offering business. We provide the best online handyman service with innovative features.

Our handyman app solutions are highly suited for all types of businesses, from single-store owners to multi-store owners. With the support of qualified Android and iOS developers, we published over 25 handyman service mobile applications in the play store. Our development process is agile, and clients may track it at any time. We are also known for delivering apps on schedule.


The world is moving so quickly that we barely have enough time to finish our household tasks. Today's generation lacks time to get their domestic work done and requires additional help in all aspects. In such times, handyman app development services come to the rescue in this situation. In the future years, on-demand apps will grow in popularity.

They have made life much easier by boosting customer satisfaction. Customers can now avail all types of products and services easily from the comfort of their homes. On-demand mobile app development would certainly aid businesses and companies in improving their internet presence, thereby increasing sales. This is an excellent investment opportunity that may help you increase your revenue. Handyman applications can assist your business in various ways, including cost reduction and helping it easier to obtain clients to expand.
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