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Hire Golang Developers

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The digital world is constantly evolving, with new innovations and technologies being introduced to simplify work processes. To keep up with the intense competition, businesses choose coding techniques that ensure fast app development while maintaining top-notch product quality. And the Golang framework can fit the description correctly. It was introduced by Google with the aim of improving the software development process. Currently, this framework is highly praised by developers worldwide who want to create performant software products for different operating systems.

As of 2023 data, Go is the 13th most used programming language with a 13.24% market share. The language has quick learnability and a clear syntax structure. It allows coders to write, maintain, and debug codes faster. In this article, learn more about the Golang language and how to Hire Golang Developers.

Golang Language: A Brief Overview

Go is a high-level programming language introduced in 2009 by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, and Rob Pike at Google. This open-source language uses packages for program assembly to efficiently manage dependencies. In fact, it also supports the environment that adopts patterns similar to dynamic languages.

The main goal of this technology is to eliminate the slowness faced in app development during that time and facilitate fast and error-free coding. It features garbage collection, memory safety, and CSP-style concurrency. This statically typed framework is perfect for creating scalable network services, command-line tools, and web applications.

Steps to Hire Golang Developers

On a quest to discover the skilled Go developer for your team? This guide helps you understand the steps to hire Golang programmers. From understanding their special traits to assessing their technical knowledge and cultural fit, there are many factors to consider.

Outline Your Project Requirements

Before commencing the recruitment procedure, clearly defining your project needs is vital. Jot down the skills and expertise required to carry out your specific project. Identify the programming languages, technologies, and frameworks relevant to your project. Also, specify the specific experience you require and soft skills that align with your firm’s values and mission.

Craft a detailed job description

Prepare a well-defined job description to attract top talent from the world. Mention all the responsibilities, capabilities, and expectations for the job role. In addition, highlight the company’s mission and vision and be transparent about the opportunities and challenges. It helps them set realistic expectations and determine whether this role is right for them.

Source candidates from different platforms

To hire Golang programmers, you must employ several channels to reach potential candidates. For example, you can share the job post on popular job boards, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Plus, use social media platforms to let the world know about the job openings. Explore specialized Golang forums to discover the right fit for your project.

Review Resumes and portfolios

Once you’ve recieved candidates’ resumes, review them to shortlist a few based on your precise requirements. Seek candidates with relevant Golang experience and explore their completed projects to understand their technical skills. Pay attention to the tools and technologies they have knowledge of and any appropriate certifications they may have completed.

Conduct Interviews

Once you’ve shortlisted the candidates, conduct a technical interview round. It’s the critical phase of the hiring procedure that helps you assess candidates’ technical capabilities. Ask them about technical challenges you encountered in your project and analyze solutions provided by them.

Assign coding task

Provide a practical coding task to the shortlisted candidates. It helps you gain insight into their coding approach and problem-solving capabilities. Also, assess other factors as well, such as professionalism, punctuality, and communication skills. This practice helps you locate the gem to join your special team.

Final offer and sign NDAs

Send an offer letter specifying all the details and job conditions to the one whose task impressed you the most. Furthermore, never forget to sign NDAs to ensure better clarity.

Once the candidate accepts the offer, onboard them seamlessly and ensure they settle in quickly to start delivering A-1 services.

Technical Questions to Ask During an Interview

Q.1: How would you create a custom testing suite in Go?

Ans: The potential developer must know the steps mentioned below.

  • Create a file and give it a name with “_test.go” in the end,

  • Utilize import testing commands to import the package.

  • Write the test function: Func Test1234(*testing.T).

  • Place this file into the package.

  • Execute the command ‘Go test’.

Q.2: What is static type variable declaration in Go?

Ans: The Interviewees must know about static type variable declarations. It assures the compiler that there is one variable exists for the provided type and name. So, the compiler doesn’t require every detail of the variable and can proceed with the further compilation task.

Q:3: What is Go Interfaces, Lvalue and Rvalue?

Ans: The developer must know that this concept enables them to determine a set of method signatures without specifying their execution.

Lvalue is a memory location that signifies a variable identifier, whereas Rvalue denotes a data value stored in memory.

Skills that Golang Developer Must Possess

Understanding of Goroutines

These are functions that allow developers to operate multiple tasks in Go simultaneously. This means operations will run independently with other Goroutines in a program. Every Go developer must have a good understanding of Goroutines.

Expertise in Go Channel Patterns and Frameworks

Basically, there are two channels in Go: Unbuffered and Buffered. Go channels facilitate concurrent Goroutines for communicating and sharing data. Thus, familiarity with the various types of Go channels and how to properly use them is important.

Knowledge of Godoc documentation

Godoc is a built-in documentation tool in Go that scans the Go source code for comments. Then, it automatically collects them to draft the package’s documentation. A developer must have knowledge of the Godoc tool for seamless operations.

Familiarity with the Go Template

When you Hire Golang Developers, ensure they are proficient in Go template syntax, parsing templates from files, and executing templates. This feature enables coders to produce dynamic content and personalized outputs for various media, such as emails and web pages.

Proficiency in versioning tools

A skilled Go developer has experience with versioning tools like SVN, Git, and Mercurial. These tools let developers revert to earlier code versions and operate individually, utilizing a common codebase.

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Golang is a high-level, open-source language that ensures speedy and error-free app development. However, you should hire Golang developers with appropriate experience and skill sets for top-notch outcomes. This guide has shared some steps that can ease your hiring task to some extent. If you have any queries or want a consultation related to Golang project development, AIS Technolabs is just a call away.


Ans: There are several reasons to choose Go for your subsequent project, which include its speed and efficiency, concurrency, scalability, rich standard library, and more.

Ans: You can start by preparing a detailed job description and sharing it on different online platforms. Once you’ve started receiving candidate applications, assess their skills and qualifications to shortlist a few. Finally, conduct an interview for better insights.

Ans: It will depend on your project scope and your chosen firm for assistance. Different firms charge different costs for app development based on the functionalities you demand. It is advised to never make a hiring decision solely based on the cost factor, but check their experience and qualifications.

Ans: To find the ideal candidate, prepare a well-outlined job description that must include the job title, company overview, roles & responsibilities, skills, experience, and qualifications, and compensation.

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