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Are you unable to make the right profits with your business app? Do you have a proper iOS app for Apple users? The Apple app market is very lucrative and one of the powerful ways to enhance revenues. According to Statista, Apple accounts for more than 24% of the global mobile app development industry. Also, the revenues per user are much higher than those of Android.

Therefore, to stand out in the Apple app market, you should hire iOS developers to build functional apps that promote business interests.

What Is iOS App Development And Why Do We Need iOS App Developers?

iOS app development is the process of creating applications that are compatible with Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. These applications are designed to run specifically on Apple mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.
The role of an iOS app developer is crucial in creating these applications. They are responsible for designing, developing, testing, and implementing iOS applications. Here are some reasons why we need iOS app developers:
  • Expertise in iOS Development: iOS developers have specialized knowledge and skills in creating apps for Apple devices. They understand the intricacies of the iOS platform and know how to optimize apps for performance and user experience.
  • Access to App Store: To publish an app on the Apple App Store, it must meet Apple’s strict guidelines and requirements. iOS developers are familiar with these guidelines and can ensure that the app meets all the necessary criteria for approval.
  • Customized App Development: Businesses often require customized apps to meet their specific needs. iOS developers can create tailor-made solutions that address the unique requirements of a business, whether it’s for internal use by employees or for customer-facing purposes.
  • Integration with Apple Ecosystem: iOS developers can leverage the features and capabilities of the Apple ecosystem, including integration with other Apple devices and services such as iCloud, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and more.
  • User Experience and Design: iOS developers are skilled in creating apps with intuitive user interfaces and engaging user experiences. They understand the importance of design and usability in making an app successful.
  • App Maintenance and Updates: After launching an app, it requires regular maintenance and updates to ensure compatibility with new iOS versions, fix bugs, and add new features. iOS developers are responsible for maintaining and updating apps to keep them running smoothly.
Companies can hire iOS developers either in-house or remotely through various recruitment platforms or support teams. Many professional iOS developers operate remotely, offering their services to businesses across different industries.

Steps To Hire iOS Developers Remotely

Hiring iOS developers remotely can be a bit challenging, but with the right approach, you can find skilled developers who are a perfect fit for your project. Here are the steps you can follow:

Contour The iOS App Development Needs

To start your project, the first step is to gather the functional and business requirements. These requirements will vary based on the industry and the expected output of the application. Make a list of all the elements that need to be included in the app, such as:
Suitable features that support the business operations.
Mobile app architecture.
Critical project development strategy.
iOS development isn’t only about coding but involves critical thinking. Following this very first step will be crucial to finding the right expert for the job. The hiring process also eases out once you have details of the projects.
For example: If you want an iOS developer who can assist you with architectural solutions, then an experienced guy will be the right choice. Not all remote iOS developers will have the above skills and thus picking a mid-level or experienced professional will solve the troubles.

Confirm The Key Skills Of The iOS App Developer

Here, it is essential to assess the experience of the iPhone developer. Based on their experience, they are typically categorized into three main tiers:
  • Junior iOS Developer: Such developers have entry-level to 2 years of experience in Apple app development. They operate under the supervision of a mid-level or senior iOS developer. Also, they are involved in tasks like app coding and unit testing.
  • Mid-Level Developer: These professional developers will have worked on multiple iOS projects. They possess 2 to 5 years of experience in the industry. They can operate independently and don’t require supervision all the time.
  • Senior iOS Developer: They have over 5 years of experience in iOS app development. Such professionals have the hands-on capability to deal with complex projects with perfection. They can also lead junior developers to ensure timely completion of development tasks.
In addition to experience, an iOS developer should possess strong technical skills, which are paramount for any development role.
  • Working Expertise on Swift 3.0
The ideal candidate for this role should demonstrate a proficient understanding and practical experience with Swift 3.0. Swift serves as the primary programming language for iOS applications, ensuring seamless performance on Apple devices. Renowned for its efficiency and versatility, Swift is a preferred choice among developers for crafting robust and feature-rich iOS applications.
  • Experience in Xcode IDE
When hiring a remote iOS developer, it is essential for businesses to ensure the candidate possesses proficiency in utilizing the Xcode IDE. Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) equipped with various tools and features for debugging, programming, automation, and more. Proficiency in Xcode significantly reduces both the time and cost associated with app development. Therefore, it is imperative that the developer has a strong command of this tool to create visually appealing and functional apps for the business.
  • Knowledge of Core Data
Developers should possess a solid understanding of Core Data, a crucial framework for building data-driven iOS applications. Core Data simplifies the management of model objects, allowing developers to streamline tasks related to the object life cycle and concentrate on other aspects of development. When hiring iOS developers, it’s essential to seek candidates who are proficient in utilizing Core Data to develop customer-centric apps.
  • Proficiency in Source Control
Developers should demonstrate proficiency in source control. Source code serves as the backbone of any application and is integral to the app development process. A skilled developer should be adept at source control to effectively track changes in the code. Hands-on experience with iOS development will enable them to streamline the entire app development process.
  • Use of Grand Central Dispatch
Developers should be proficient in utilizing Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) for efficient concurrency management within iOS applications. GCD enables iOS apps to execute computationally intensive tasks without disrupting the app’s responsiveness. This ensures smooth multitasking, including network data fetching, user input responsiveness, and seamless display of information on Apple devices. Businesses should prioritize hiring developers skilled in GCD to prevent app crashes and ensure optimal performance.
  • Designing Experience in UI/UX
The ideal candidate for this position should possess significant experience in UI/UX design. It is crucial that the developer can contribute to the aesthetic aspects of the application. An eye-catching design is essential for captivating clients’ attention from the outset. In addition to UI design, the candidate should have expertise in UX, ensuring proper navigation, branding, and usability of the application. It is advisable to hire iOS developer with a proven track record of creating attractive applications tailored to various business needs.

Partner With An iOS App Development Firm Or Recruiter

To get the best profiles of iOS developers, it will be crucial to find the best source for contacts. A partnership with a renowned or professional recruitment firm will ease your remote recruitment task. They will provide access to field experts who can develop quality iOS apps quickly. Also, hiring an iOS development firm remotely will ensure contact with world-class iOS engineers who will be suitable for the projects. This is also the way to get access to field experts who can perform on specific parameters.

Compare The Cost Of Hiring An iOS Developer Remotely

It is one of the vital parameters for hiring the top iPhone developers. The cost of hiring should meet the overall project budget. The best way to do this is to compare the experience and cost of hiring across different platforms. Make sure you select the right iOS professional for your budget and project needs.

Once all the parameters are checked thoroughly, pick the best iOS professional who can assist you in the development of functional apps.

Why Choose AIS For Your iOS App Development Needs?

AIS has the experience and exposure to build scalable iOS apps to advance business interests. The company promises 100% source code authorization and will use flexible work modules.

Let us look at some of the best reasons to select AIS –
  • The iOS app development service will help businesses grow and expand as per expectations.
  • The company offers a 15-day risk-free trial facility to make efficient iOS app development decisions.
  • They assist in building customized apps for clients and complete projects as per the objectives.
  • Professional developers have the expertise to use different development tools to create the best products.
  • Our iOS app development costs are very friendly, and they prepare customized quotes for varied clients.
Planning to embark on the journey of Apple app development? AIS can surely assist you in finding the app that best fits your business needs.

Final Words

iOS developers are playing a pivotal role at each stage of app development. They are responsible for the smooth scaling of projects to achieve the business goals. When hiring iOS developers, consider all the technical and non-technical skills of the developers for remote development. To implement the right solutions with your business tools, it will be very important to hire iOS Developer.


Ans. Yes, you can hire iOS developer remotely or book a freelance Apple developer to build your business app.

Ans. iOS app development is more profitable and provides higher incomes to businesses as compared to Android development.

Ans. The cost of an iOS developer will depend on the functionality of the apps and the experience of iOS developers.

Ans. Hire an iOS app development company remotely to develop the Apple apps or contact a top-rated freelancer for unique applications.

Ans. The freelancer will charge as per the complexity of the iOS app, the delivery of the project, and their experience.
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