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Hire PHP Developers


The tech world has recently witnessed an increasing demand for PHP developers. PHP is an open-source coding language primarily used for server-side programming. It is used to develop dynamic applications and web pages that operate well across different operating systems. Launched in the mid-90s, it is now the 11th most-used programming language, with 18.58% of developers using it for successful app development.

Many businesses want to Hire PHP Developers for their web app development projects. But the question is how to find the right one for their unique needs and requirements. In this blog, we’ve specified some steps that can somewhat simplify your hiring process. We have also included some important skills that a PHP developer must hold and mistakes to avoid while making a choice. Let’s dive in.

What Are The Functionalities Of PHP Developers?

PHP developers may be a helpful addition to the team if you want to acquire dynamic web apps. They mainly engage with the back-end components to build a solid foundation for web apps. Let’s understand the basic functions and responsibilities of PHP programmers in brief:
  • Develop, test, and deploy new web applications while working with co-developers to fulfil data acquisition and other requirements.
  • Maintain applications and address issues that arise on different platforms and browsers and are determined by customer feedback.
  • Explore applications to fine-tune performance by improving the app’s architecture.
  • Keep abreast of the latest updates to ensure apps are compatible with the newest technology and work appropriately.
  • Add new features to improve the app’s functionality.

How to Hire PHP Developers For Your Projects?

It can be challenging to hire dedicated PHP programmers due to the presence of many developers in the marketplace. Here, read the 6-step process to effectively hire PHP professionals:

Outline Your Needs For PHP Developers

Before searching for a PHP developer, you must know your project’s demands. At this step, start exploring your requirements.
  • What skills do you want in your PHP developer?
  • Do you require a core PHP programmer?
  • What level of expertise are you seeking: beginner, mid-level, or senior?

Jot down the necessary details and search for professionals for PHP software development.

Draft a Framework List

Prepare a list of PHP frameworks. Several PHP frameworks exist, such as Symfony, CakePHP, Laravel, etc. You must select the right one, considering your unique development scenarios. It simplifies your hiring process to a great extent.

For example, raw PHP is a suitable framework to create a software product swiftly to receive user input at an early stage. And, if you’re developing large-scale projects, choose the Laravel framework for rapid app development.

Select Between Outsourcing or in-house Hiring

Determine your needs, whether you want to increase your in-house team or outsource the project. In-house developers are stable employees who stay within the organization and perform the coding tasks. On the other hand, outsourcing is a remote-friendly option that allows you to pick developers from a large talent pool globally.

With an in-house team, you must build adequate infrastructure and purchase the necessary software licenses and tools, which require a huge investment. It is a preferable choice only if your firm has many PHP projects. Otherwise, go with Outsourcing.

Use Online Platforms

Once you have prepared the job description, it is time to leverage the right platforms to publish it to attract PHP developers. You can utilize well-known job boards like LinkedIn to generate leads, access PHP communities, or contact staffing agencies for assistance.

Hiring a seasoned PHP developer can’t be easy. You must test their skills and qualities before calling them for the final interview. Share technical assignments with them and also scrutinize their work portfolio. It helps shortlist developers with the exact skills required to complete your project.

Schedule an Interview

This step clarifies whether the developer is the right fit for your unique PHP assignment. Here are a few technical questions you should ask:
  • How do we allow PHP’s error reporting?
  • Do you know the differences between print and echo in PHP?
  • Have you ever used HTTP headers in PHP?
  • What is a composer and its benefits?
  • Have you worked on projects similar to ours?
Besides these, ask every query rolling in your head. It helps you make the best decision in your company’s favor.

Make an Offer and Sign NDAs

Once you have finalized the right candidate, it is time to sign the contract. It must be well-documented and contain all NDA conditions, expected delivery time, payment terms, penalties, etc. Developers must adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract.

These steps can help you hire dedicated PHP programmers for your unique projects. If you have queries, contact AIS Technolabs for dependable solutions.

What Skills Make An Outstanding PHP Programmer?

To obtain the best results, onboarding a good development team with relevant skills and competencies is important. Let’s dive in to learn some skills that a PHP programmer must possess:

Solid Grip on PHP Framework and Design Patterns

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple frameworks utilized to develop PHP applications. Having a solid grip on these allows developers to boost productivity and precision while doing the coding task. Furthermore, design patterns in PHP software development aid in speedier code creation. Some common design patterns in PHP include Strategy, Singleton, and Factory.

Knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

A solid knowledge of the PHP framework and familiarity with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML can simplify the task. They must know how different coding languages work together on one website. Well-versed programmers are capable of pinpointing and rectifying errors in web design and aid in acquiring high-performing websites.

Understanding of Database Languages

When you hire PHP developers, ensure they have a good knowledge of database languages. They must be competent in creating, maintaining, and updating databases to complete and efficiently complete tasks successfully. Even knowing best practices with data is a plus when looking for PHP developers.

Proficient in Graphic Design Software

In PHP software development, programmers usually collaborate with web designers to develop visually appealing and user-friendly web applications. Knowing graphic design software enables them to better understand and collaborate with the designing team, leading to more engaging product delivery.

Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL Expertise

Proficient developers must thoroughly know Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL, as these tools help create dynamic web applications. Ajax ensures an interactive user experience, whereas jQuery simplifies front-end development tasks. MySQL helps design compelling database queries and manage data successfully.

Technical Questions to Ask During the Interview

Along with basic knowledge, test the technical skills of the candidate. Here are some questions that you must ask-
Q.1: What are the common content management systems in PHP?
Expected Answer: The potential developer must know some popular CMS in PHP. It includes-
  • WordPress: It’s an open-source Content management system built on PHP and MySQL. It is widely used for blogging and supports other types of content. This user-friendly CMS allows you to access integrated themes, plugins, widgets, and more.
  • Magento: Developed by Varien Inc., Magento is perfect for an independent eCommerce platform. It is a versatile CMS with various control alternatives and employs the E-trade stage for massive network support.
  • Joomla: Joomla is the second biggest CMS, followed by WordPress. This Free platform uses a Model View Controller (MVC) web application framework and splits extensions into plugins.

Q.2: What is the difference between static and dynamic websites in PHP?
Expected Answers: The candidate must be well-versed with Static and dynamic websites in PHP. Static websites can’t be modified unless you manually edit files on the server. On the other hand, Dynamic websites can be altered based on several factors.

Q.3: Tell us the difference between “echo” and “print” in PHP.
Expected Answer: A competent developer understands that PHP Echo is a language construct with no return value, whereas Print is a function with a return value of 1.

Q.4: What are the different types of variables in PHP?
Expected Answer: There are eight data types utilized to create variables. Here’s a list-

  • Integers are whole numbers without a decimal point.
  • Doubles are floating-point numbers.
  • Booleans has two possible values that are true or false.
  • NULL has only one NULL value.
  • Strings are character sequences.
  • Arrays are indexed set of other values.
  • Objects are programmer-defined classes.
  • Resources are variables with resources external to PHP.

What Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A PHP Developer?

Not Reviewing the Developer’s Portfolio

The first mistake you may make is failing to review the programmer’s portfolio. PHP development is challenging, so you must hire the right team with the desired skills to accomplish the assignment. To gauge their skills, it is advised to assess their work portfolios carefully without fail.

Skipping to Test the Technical Knowledge

Getting recommendations for hiring a particular PHP developer can be quite convincing. But making a decision considering only this factor is not the right approach. You must test their technical know-how through tests during the recruitment procedure. Ask questions relevant to your specific project.

Prioritizing Cost Over Capabilities

When hiring the right PHP developer, do not prioritize cost over skills. Numerous developers in the marketplace may offer services at throwaway rates, but do you think they can provide up-to-the-mark services? Of course not! Choose someone with enough knowledge and previous working experience.

Not Considering Offshore Developers Hiring

Don’t limit your hiring within the geographical boundaries. You may consider offshore outsourcing that is equally convenient, budget-friendly, accessible, and helps you achieve your project goals seamlessly. So expand your wings and choose the best talents from the global tech world.

How Can AIS Technolabs Help With Your Software Development Needs?

AIS Technolabs helps you stay ahead with top-notch PHP software development services. Our team of pro developers power your website with PHP functionalities and satisfy your particular business goals. With us, clients receive well-performing digital products timely at competitive prices. Our 15 day risk-free trial policy aids in confident decision-making. We offer-
  • PHP web app development
  • PHP-based CRM solutions
  • PHP API integration services
  • eCommerce PHP solutions
  • PHP social media websites
  • Enterprise portal development
Schedule an appointment with AIS Technolabs to Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers for A1 assistance.


PHP is a prevalent coding framework for developing performant websites that seamlessly accommodate your growing business needs. To acquire superior websites, hiring professional developers is significant. There’s no shortage of PHP programmers worldwide. However, picking the best one with the specific skills you need may be challenging. Going through this guide can ease your task to some extent. Follow our 6-step hiring procedure to appoint the right candidate for the job. You can contact AIS Technolabs if you have any queries related to PHP development.


PHP websites are more flexible with unique features and functionality. Therefore, many businesses prefer getting PHP websites, increasing the demand for PHP developers.

When you hire PHP developers, you must look for both technical and soft skills. Programmers must have a solid grip on PHP frameworks and other important programming languages.

The decision entirely depends on your project’s scope. Considering your needs, budget, and goals, you can select between in-house employment and outsourcing. Outsourcing may be slightly more inexpensive than hiring an employee.

Employers should broadcast the job offer on various recruitment platforms, like LinkedIn, Workopolis, Upwork, etc. Additionally, you can access online PHP communities to locate the right candidate for the job.

Dynamic content in PHP changes considering data and user preferences and behaviour. It ensures a better user experience while increasing conversion rates. And there’s no need to maintain the content.
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