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How to Improve The Performance of Hybrid Mobile Applications?

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Hybrid mobile app development helps you create a single app for different platforms. It is one of the best ways to keep the app development cost in control while enjoying all the benefits of rolling out an app in the market.

However, time and again, a lot of people have doubted the performance of hybrid mobile applications. Is it technology, process, or development quality that hinders the performance of a hybrid app? We will find out how to improve the performance of the hybrid mobile apps in this blog.


Hybrid mobile applications are very popular amongst startups as well as small and large enterprises as it really helps them boost their growth. Frankly speaking, even if you are not in the bootstrapping phase, hybrid mobile applications are a pretty good option.

They help you reduce the development time, cost and also allows you to launch your apps together on the leading mobile app development platforms such as iOS and Android. If you have a mobile app development idea that is not very complex and just requires a simple (yet visually stunning) user interface with limited features, go for hybrid app development.

A lot of beta applications are made on hybrid applications. It helps companies launch the app with exclusive features and check the engagement of the people. Once they are sure and have all the data to analyze what has to be added, removed, or improved, they go for native app development. You can look for the best hybrid mobile application development company to build an eye-catchy app.
Improving The Performance of Hybrid Mobile Applications

Improving The Performance of Hybrid Mobile Applications

We recommend you don’t let performance be the major issue of completely chiding off the idea of going for hybrid app development. Here are a few ways by which you can improve the performance of your mobile application and engage more customers on a hybrid app. It is important to hire an experienced hybrid app development India agency to help you transform your vision into a reality.

Great User Interface

User experience is a primary concern; you can address this issue in your app by improving the looks and the functions in the app. It is very common for people to download an app and to uninstall it right away due to a bad UX. People usually don’t bother wasting time and would go to your competitors.

If you are about to undergo a hybrid app development in India or any other part of the world, make sure to stay in constant communication with the hybrid app developer. Go for the company that provides testing of the UX. Start seeing the app from the perspective of users that use different smartphones of different screen sizes to use your app. Optimize the app for different devices. And eliminate the design elements that increase the user input without adding any value to their experience.

Keep The Code Compact

A hybrid app performs optimally on all the platforms and loads quickly, keeping the coding file light and compact. Be sure to concat or minify your code. There are various ways to do so. A well-experienced hybrid mobile app development company would use the tools such as and to improve the loading time and optimize the performance of the application.

Front and Backend Data

Loading all the app data can decrease the performance of hybrid applications. A large chunk of data makes the server slow, and the app responds much more slowly. Consider the spilt-up assemblies to break down the data into retrievable information. The pre-loading and pre-fetching process make it easy for you to not load the server and provide much quicker loading on the app pages.

Faster App Loading Time

Apps that take too long to load are not just ignored by the users, but they are not well-trusted too. No one has the patience to wait for the app. People want things in less than 10 seconds. To make sure you deliver them that, you must not create a data-intensive application. Or if that cannot be avoided (given the need of the product), make sure to add a screen that informs them of loading, so they wait.

Use of External Libraries Wisely

3rd party API helps a hybrid app developer to get the task done faster and easier. They help them eliminate repetitive tasks, and they don’t have to code everything. Rather they can simply add the functionality, make a few changes to add the feature, and voila! It is done.

But while it is a great method of development, a lot of times, the 3rd party libraries or external libraries can slow down the application and degrade the user experience. The external libraries increase the potential risk of bugging multiple aspects of your app. If you do decide to use the libraries, you must make sure you test, retest, and verify the performance and functionality of the app.

The credibility of the service provider too, needs to be checked. If they are reliable makers, they will provide regular updates in the future, and it would ensure the experience of your app.

Other than that, avoid going for heavy external libraries like jQuery. The lighter alternatives such as Zapto.JS is one of the best. You can also go for Apache / Cordova plugins, Angular modules, Iconic Plugins, etc.

Cut-down on Features

As the app complexities increase, it becomes more and more difficult to handle the difference between two or three platforms. It is essential that you must choose the features very wisely while going for hybrid app development. If you have many important features that are complex to build on hybrid technology, go for native development. To know more, contact a hybrid mobile app development company for consultation.

End to End Automation Testing

Testing is a very necessary part of any mobile app development process, be it native or hybrid. If you are going for hybrid app development, testing will help you ensure that all the things that can hinder the user experience are well-handled before the launch of the application. Design, load speed, performance, etc. are well tested through automation testing. For unit testing your JavaScript code, use technologies such as Jasmine, Karma, Istanbul, and Mocha. Tools like Browser-Pref can also be used to test the performance of the app in the browser and New Relic for monitoring response and performance issues.

Wrapping Up

Hybrid mobile app development has many benefits. But it is a challenging task. To be honest, not every project can be built on hybrid technology, but most of the simple ones can be. The best way to ensure you don’t end up making a mistake is by going for AIS Technolabs’ 30 minutes free consultation call. Being a top hybrid mobile app development company India, we help you evaluate your app plan and find out the possible difficulties in the app-building process. We also suggest the right solution.
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