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How to publish an android app on google play store

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Android App Development is a lengthy process and requires a lot of time and engagement for the applications to be created efficiently. Once your Android application is created, you need to submit it on the Google Play Store to review. When you are ready to publish your applications on the Google Play Store, you must meet a few requirements for your software to be published. Publishing your Android apps on the Google Play store is not only thrilling, but it's also a critical part of The Android App Development process that affects the app's eventual succelace for Android program APK distribution. Undoubtedly, Google Play is the most popular platform to download Android applications.


The Google Play Store dominates the mobile software and applications released on its platform available for the users to download and use. The releasing or publishing of your android apps or software on the google play store platform makes it available for the users. When you develop an application, the Android App Development company conducts in-depth research on the development of the Android application. There is a need to complete the application to publish the application on the Google play store.

For decades, the Google Play Store has been the go-to pms for distributing, marketing, and selling AndroStore.
Create a google id application

Step 1: Create a Google id application

The process of publishing an app on Google Play is daunting for newcomers and beginners. Apps on the platform must adhere to standards and norms that apply to all app stores.

Here, we will provide you a step-by-step guide that you should follow for publishing your Android apps on Google Play e Developer account

The first step towards the publishing of your android apps is the creation of a Google Developer Account. For this, you can log into your existing Google account to create one. Furthermore, the entire registration process is also simple and efficient. The registration would require you to pay $25 as a one-time registration fee, and you can use your credit or debit card for payment. But before you move to the payment process, ensure to read and accept the Developer Distribution Agreement.

Then you would be required to fill in all the required information about your account details, including your Developer Name, which will be displayed to your customers on Google Play, to complete the sign-up process. It is pertinent to note that the registration procedure extends up to 48 hours for the entire processing to be done entirely. You can include more information later.
Register on the google play store

Step 2: Register on the Google Play Store

Creating the Google Developer Account would lead to your completing the registration process on the Google Play Store. The procedure of creating the Google Developer Account is clear and easy to understand. Google Play would guide you throughout the whole process. Thus, your registration on the Google Play store will get finished smoothly and efficiently.

If you wish to launch a paid app or sell in-app purchases, you'll need to create a payments center profile, often known as a merchant account. If you want to give your application away for free or sell it, you'll need to register a "Google Wallet Merchant" account. This merchant account will help manage your app sales and monthly payments on your Play Console and evaluate your sales reports.
Upload the android app to the google play store

Step 3: Upload the Android app to the Google Play Store

Utilizing your Google Play developer account, sign in to the Google Play Store and select "Add new app" to begin the registration procedure.

This shall be an excellent way to start by deciding on your app's title and language. Then you'll have to decide whether to "upload an apk file" or "create a store listing." By choosing the "Upload APK" button at this stage, you can quickly upload your app's APK file by following Google's instructions.
Prepare the store listing

Step 4: Prepare the store listing

After uploading your application, you can browse and look for the details on the store listing. The appearance of your app page in the Google Play Store will have a significant impact on how many users respond to it. At this stage, remember that you can always save the version or copy and return to it later because it isn't required to move on to the next one.

The stage where you explain the details and information that mobile customers will see when viewing your android apps on the store is called the store listing. In this phase, you can specify the content for your app's homepage in the store, including the title, descriptions, icon, category, contact, screenshots, information, and privacy policy. Some of these fields must be completed, while others are elective. Remember that this stage is crucial since a poor store listing can result in few downloads and invite bad comments. Thus, your store listing should be engaging, informative, and genuine and show do justice to your android app development.
Pricing and distribution

Step 5: Pricing and distribution

The pricing of your android apps and the regions in which they will be released are the final phases in the Google Play Store entry process. You must first select your app's monetization plan before filling out the details required in this phase. Furthermore, deciding on a price for your app is critical. If you want your app to be free, be sure your selection is final, as Google will not allow free applications to be converted to paid apps. The app's pricing, however, can be changed. To do so, you'll need to make a new app and establish a price for it.

You can also select the countries where you want your software to be distributed and opt-in to distribute it to specific Android devices and programs. The "publish this app" option on the site will be activated once you have supplied all of the required information.

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