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Apple recently had its first Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) virtually, announcing its latest updates and releases on IOS, macOS, and several other software developed in-house. The company continues to broadcast its further WWDC and even the important annual keynote, virtually throughout the year due to the prevailing pandemic. This time, Apple has revealed numerous changes/upgrades to iOS app development of version 14 that includes iOS 14 app upgrade especially for iOS developers, iPad OS- again for 14, AirPods, Apple Watch, Homekit, MacOS Big Sur and also newly introduced processors as well.

Let us have a quick rundown of all categories one by one now.

IOS 14

The successive version of iOS has been released for developers’ view and sometime in the month of July 2020, the beta version is expected to be launched for users’ view.

App Library

Now users can see a new home screen page after the end of the apps page screen. This screen automatically identifies and sorts all your apps and showcases the most commonly used apps.


You can now access widgets even on the alongside your home screen and separately too. Like the way widgets were hidden somewhere in the Today screen, you need not hide it anymore.

Picture-in-picture on iPhone

The picture-in-picture option on videos has been available in the iPad since the iOS version was 9. But it was not available on the iPhone from that time. You can now enjoy playing a video or have a video chat in a minimized window even if you switch between apps frequently.


No longer Siri takes over the full screen of your iPhone as it has been revamped in a better manner. It will now carry out speech-to-text transcription completely on-device to ensure high speed and privacy.


This we already know when Apple announced its launch of iOS14. You can now pin your important and frequent conversations on the top of your messages list. You can even mute the notifications of group messages and keep sound for personalized messages.


Currently, Apple’s new maps are likely to roll out in countries such as the UK, Ireland, and Canada. Very soon maps will be rolled out for cycling directions like bike lanes and hills, along with directions for electric vehicles as well which include battery range and charging locations.


CarPlay currently focuses on features like parking, charging, and ordering of food and gets some new wallpaper options as well. Concurrently, Apple has been aiming to make your iPhone as your car key, by working with carmakers.

App clips

This is a new one from Apple for iOS app development and a good challenge for iOS developers as well. You can now see small, fast, and lightweight Applets that display on your screen without forcing you for installation. You can convey messages on-the-go and it is recognized by your iPhone. You can trigger the message using NFC, QR code, or Safari/Messages.

iPad OS-specific

iPad OS gets most of the features as iOS 14 gets alongside for the iPhone; at the same time, it also gets few tricks individually.

New universal search

You need not see the full screen in your iPad search as the user interface of the search screen has been completely changed. You can even dig deeper into apps such as Messages, Mails, Files, and Keynote.

Apple Pencil/Scribble

A quick note now becomes very quick with the handwriting recognition working in any text field. You need not have to put your Pencil down to type on your iPad screen. Even the rough shapes you draw automatically turn into computer-perfect drawn shapes by holding your Pencil in places where you want to give finishing of the drawing.


Automatic device switching

AirPods are now in sync with any of your Apple devices, and this magic happens only with your iOS 14 app upgrade. You can now play a video on your iPad and hear the respective audio on your AirPods, effortlessly. In case you receive a call on your iPhone, AirPods can switch over the call by default.

Spatial Audio

Spatial audio works only with AirPods Pro and has a simulated surround sound. It considers the position of your head and using AirPods inbuilt accelerometers, it makes you feel that you are listening to the audio in the real world around you.
Apple Watch
Face sharing
Share your Apple watch’s face setup with others via Messages, Mail or Safari. The person, who receives your watch’s setup, gets guidance by the app itself and learns how to get it.

Multiple complications per app
Each app on Apple Watch can now offer multiple watch face complications, instead of just one per app.

Cycling directions
This is something we already looked at in the iOS 14 Maps feature; the same goes here as well.

Sleep tracking
You can now track your regular sleep schedule with Apple Watch. The Watch can automatically detect when you are sleeping and records the data accordingly, allowing you to track your sleep time effectively.

Handwashing detection
Cool! The Apple Watch can now recognize when you are washing your hands, with using the accelerometer and looks for corresponding motions. The microphone listens to the sounds of scrubbing and begins an automatic countdown timer to ensure you have washed your hands for 20 seconds.

Privacy Changes

1) Approximate location

If you do not want your app to know your pin-point location, you can now set your approximate location by providing the required access through new changes with iOS 14.

2) Mic/Camera indicator
You will be now notified if any app is accessing your microphone or camera, which can be for a good or not good cause. You receive an on-screen indicator if something happens so.

3) Simplified privacy policies
IOS app developers will now have to share a simple glimpse of what data they share with third-parties, to users. Users can view such summaries in the iOS/macOS app store before they download a particular app.
Flexible lighting
Homekit can now take the responsibility of adjusting the brightness/temperature of your smart bulbs throughout the day, without your intervention. During summer, it keeps cool lights and in the dawn, it sets the temperature to warm.

Face recognition
This update looks pretty. If you have connected your door-bell cameras to the HomeKit, the cameras can now identify easily the known faces and inform you who is at the door via your HomePod/Apple Tv notifications.

Activity zones
You can now limit your camera alerts to specific areas of the video stream if you have connected your security camera with the HomeKit.
macOS Big Sur
The successive version of Mac OS will be known as Big Sur, and it may include a very few tweaks that may look like changes made to iOS 14.

1) Control center
The MacOS screen will now have a drop-down in its upper-right area, which allows you to adjust the brightness, volume, dark mode, Wi-Fi controls, etc. all in a single click. This change has been replicated from iOS.

2) Notification center
The Notification Center gets a unified view where users will be able to clear up all notifications at a stretch.

3) New maps
Mac OS maps have got a new design that includes options like in-door maps, guides, favourite locations, etc.

4) Safari
Your favourite Safari browser now safeguards the saved passwords and looks for those who have been exposed to any breach. You get a Privacy Report button, by clicking through which you get all the information about the data tracked by the website you currently browse.

5) Modernized extensions
Safari gets new extensions that can limit/ convey what data developers can access. Developers now get access only for a short period even if granted.
IOS app development itself is a great wonder and when introduced to the amazing iOS 14 app upgrade, it looks even greater. If you have this latest iOS version, then access every single feature and let us know your valuable feedback on this blog as well as issues faced if any. We will try to come up with solutions.


The iOS 14 updates are new and it takes some time to be released on all geographical locations. Obviously, if your iPhone is compatible enough to adapt to iOS14, you will get a notification for a software upgrade. It should do what you need.

Of course, Yes. No Apple device has dependability on each other. As long as it is compatible, you can very well upgrade.

Yes, we can help you with the iOS 14 upgrade provided only if it is compatible

If you can do it on your own, well and good; else, you can approach an iOS app development company or iOS developer for help.
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